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  1. FromTheRail


    Was just thinking that, not for him, but for me
  2. FromTheRail

    Caption Contest

    Who says guys can't multi-task....
  3. FromTheRail

    NZ 2021: Whos In?

    Have been planning it since before the last cup
  4. FromTheRail

    Caption Contest

    I wonder if I'm looking as bored as the people watching the racing......
  5. FromTheRail

    Caption Contest

    I've seen where that thumb goes.......and what comes after it.....
  6. I remember people scrambling over Aussie built mast sections that made it to the UK due to this, it's just down to the age of the dies, back when I was in Lasers you could easily tell them apart due to them having white sleeves instead of the European black ones, then there were those how covertly changed them to black to not let people know what they were using.....
  7. I have heard stories about this happening in the UK as well, some guys spending days weighing and measuring hulls, and it's not a recent thing been going on for years that I know of (earliest I know of was mid 90's)
  8. FromTheRail

    Brexit, WTF

    I sometimes wonder if May took/or was placed in the job to fuck it all up and force a 2nd referendum or to revoke Article 50. The problem is that they can't have a 2nd referendum as this will open up the flood gates and it would be hard not to allow Scotland to have a 2nd referendum on independence, all they have now is to revoke Article 50 and go against the wishes of the voters or keep going with leaving with a deal or without.
  9. FromTheRail

    Hearing aids

    Handy to know there are things out there now, I usually just take mine out, it's only one ear after an accident when I was a small child but only been wearing an aid for the past 10 years, the wind noise really annoys me so will be looking into the more higher end aids again.
  10. FromTheRail

    Roll Tack gym workout

    I used to have a hiking bench in my youth, used to watch tv from it, read books, study etc, was the exact dimension of my Laser, I even set up a fake mainsheet with bungee system to replicate sailing and the loads as much as possible. If you want a real workout though, go out sailing on a day when there is no wind, set up a small course and get your way around the course by only roll taking, you'll learn a lot about the technique you need and it's very hard work so will be a great workout.
  11. FromTheRail

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    Away out for a dive today as it’s great weather, lovely looking boat
  12. FromTheRail

    Bareboat charter WA?

    Cheers, didn’t know about them, might use them in the future
  13. FromTheRail

    Bareboat charter WA?

    You don’t even need to be into diving, first you go to Turquoise Bay, you park the car, walk to the beach, walk into the water to you knees, stick head under water, loads of fish right there, go a little further and see a lot more. Go during turtle mating season and you see turtles shagging all over the place, plus if you wait to dusk and are quiet you’ll see them come up the beach and lay their eggs. You also have the humpy’s, whale sharks and manta rays, plus all the other sea life. If you are into diving there are some amazing spots to see even more, the Murian Islands and the Navy Pier stand out. I love it up there, try to get up at least once a year. Have a look at Young Bloods Spearfishing on YouTube it shows a lot of the larger wildlife.
  14. FromTheRail

    Bareboat charter WA?

    As far as I know there is no bareboating power or sail in WA that is of any decent size to make it worthwhile, I was told once it was something to do with the states insurance rules or something along those lines. Biggest I can think of is a ~8m boat for fishing, still no accommodation on board though.
  15. FromTheRail

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Just what I was thinking.....