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  1. nuttyrave

    by the numbers

    Vitali, your stability calculations are all wrong. Moreover, the bow fell off! F.
  2. nuttyrave

    what is it?

    the pictured object is a lot smaller than 111ft.
  3. nuttyrave

    what is it?

    some yard in Ipswich?
  4. check out the drawings at:
  5. nuttyrave

    Team France

    Cammas has proven again and again that he can commit Groupama to a project and succeed. Since 2010 his track record is exceptional in high profile events, except in Extreme 40ft series, winning on his first Volvo and Little AC attempts. But I still question if Groupama's EUR20m budget will be enough, and how much the Marine Nationale can commit to match the technical capabilities of other well funded teams. What is certain is that the top tier French sailor/designer/builders offer unmatched expertise, but a few have already been poached, so Mr. Cammas has got a challenging recruitment job coming up if he wants to make this a French team, and a smaller budget than his 2011-2012 Volvo campaign to do it with.
  6. nuttyrave

    New Cubed - First Supermaxi Since Speedboat

    Part of the development came from Macif (mast step location and daggerboards I would think) the lines seem very "VO70" to me.
  7. nuttyrave

    New Cubed - First Supermaxi Since Speedboat

    I tried my best to give you a decent translation in English language. Read: