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  1. Hobart Scene

    I will leave that up to you to work out SteveOf course, work it out myself!! Why didn't I think of that? Kind of makes these forums irrelevant. So much bandwidth to be saved. Haha it did seem more humorous after a few beers, I was hoping that the new owners would reveal themselves. However I think they are too busy playing with their new toy.
  2. Hobart Scene

    Cleopatra (Mumm 30)?? I see there is also a new (around here) Northshore NSX arrived too. Who has bought Cleopatra? And what will Mr Sharp buy as his 8th new boat in 16 years? I will leave that up to you to work out Steve
  3. Hobart Scene

    Cleopatra (Mumm 30)?? I see there is also a new (around here) Northshore NSX arrived too. you could be on the money Weyalan Yes I had a look at the new NSX Foreshore the other day, I reckon she will scrub up pretty well. Looking forward to racing her in the 38 c
  4. Hobart Scene

    It's great to see another boat being purchased with intent to race in div 1. We just delivered her from port houn to bellerive yesterday. Nothing like sustained 40knts on nose. It's not my boat so I will leave it up to the new owner to let you know what boat it is.
  5. Hobart Scene

    I agree the crown series was excellent as always. We ended up with a win in both phs and ams in our devision, I am a little bit suprized that I had to protest two yachts in th last two races. Both of these protests handed us the regatta win in our division's. I believe both of these yachts would have won these divisions if the had of completed penalty turns and continued racing. So that leads me to ask. At what point do you admit fault and do some penalty turns and try to make up the distance or risk being scrubbed completely at a protest hearing?
  6. Hobart Scene

    I never said these guys didn't have pior training or skill some of my crew with out a regonised sssc, have over 50,000 miles at sea sailing on family yachts and sailing super yachts and are master 4 quilified, but according to YT that's not expirenced......
  7. Hobart Scene

    Yes I do understand some of those points, however it is impossible to ask these crew members to give up 2 weekends and several hundred dollars at the last minute to do a safety course, also the course at the maritime the course at the maritime college may not be As yacht specific but it's pretty close. Also this course is held in conjunction with coxswain's, master 4/5 or deck officer courses. These courses also provide you with far greater detail on subjects as damage control, fire fighting ( a 2 day course by its self), weather forecasting, radio operators course and most of the other details you have mentioned. Now would rather have 6 crew and 50% with ya ssc and 1 with stcw95 ssc aswell, or have 8 crew with 3 with ya ssc and 4 with stcw95 ssc. Now I know which crew I would rather race with. Also with the prior learning acknowledgment it was indeed a total and utter muck around. Sorry if this seems like a rant but it really pissed me off all the back and forth comunication with the yacht club in the middle of exam period. ,
  8. Hobart Scene

    I agree with you here. When I was putting a Maria island race crew together, I had 4 crew members who had completed the stw95 elements of ship board safety at Amc recently, and 3 who had the YA sea survival. Now the rule from the ryct is 50 % the crew must have the YA sea survival qualification. This rule effectively made me reduce my crew from 8 most with some sort of sea safety cert ( my raft limit) to 6 @ 50% YA sea survival. In my eyes this was fairly crap rule as I would rather have 8 crew over 6 as it would certainly limit crew fatigue and many other hazards. I doubt I will enter any more long races run by the ryct such as the Maria or Bruny, due to the need for the for the Ryct to exceed the category safety requirement set by YA. I know some people say how can you argue about safety. Well I don't think it's about safety anymore and it's about making money from the courses that are so conveniently run just before these longer races.
  9. Hottest Women

    I don't care if she is a little older than me, Elle makes my day every time!
  10. Hobart Scene

    Thanks mate, it sure was a great weekend, The PCSC sure know how to hold a great regatta, We had a Variety of different crew over the weekend and it all seemed to work well. I am thinking the old man might enter the boat in the dover Regatta. i will be interstate though
  11. Hobart Scene

    Fairly crazy race today for us. Started with a nice 10 -12 kite run down to the pot, after dropping the kite the breeze built to over 30 knots ( wind gear is a tad sad atm). We then Proceeded harden up for the beat to Black Jack rocks to bust all the lugs on the mainsail end of race for us. Galapagos Duck Then Proceeded to Drop her mast in a gybe. Luckily No one was hurt. Hope they get her sorted out quickly and without to much grief from insurance.
  12. Hobart Scene

    It certainly does look indeed you will get some kite time! Have fun ladies and gentlemen!
  13. Hobart Scene

    Cheers Oedipus Its great to Hear that it was a good weekend and it was a bit of a drifter on Friday. I haven't heard from my old man yet but is does look like he had a good weekend. hope this is a start to a good season for us. anyway i am off to the Beach!!
  14. Hobart Scene

    Hey all have fun on the pipe opener!! hope its not too cold!! I will be thinking of you from my flight to Thailand!!!
  15. Hobart Scene

    Its never a good thing to see anyone busines go into liquidation.