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  1. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    +1! An amazing victory to inspire us all. Congrats Stevie!!
  2. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    if there isn't video or photographs it didn't actually happen...fake news
  3. Eight Bells - Bill Ficker

    What an amazing person, fantastic sailor and part of our yachting history. Fair winds Mr. Ficker, fair winds. They simply don't make 'em like that anymore. Very sad day. For those that may not remember... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niWmIDOAFMU
  4. Jim Clark's fire sale continues

    was just looking for something more recent.
  5. Jim Clark's fire sale continues

    Not sure about the whole "fire sale" notion, but Comanche was one of the most interesting things to hit the water in some time. There has been little info coming from the Comanche camp since the rumored "incident" between JC and KR last spring (except of course the Transatlantic record last June). Does anyone know where the yacht is and upcoming plans? There hasn't even been a Facebook post since December.
  6. RIP Victor Stern

    RIP A. Victor. A polarizing figure to be sure, but Vic was one of the smartest, kindest humans that I ever had the pleasure to have in my life. He plucked me off the dock in the late 60's to paint, sand and do any odd job needed, with the hope that one day I would have the chance to race aboard IMI LOA (Distant Wanderer). I was fortunate to sail with Vic and his crew for over 10 years, and learned a lifetime of lessons. My youthful years were spent with Vic, the boat, racing and his crew of great guys that were so important during my formative years and I will be eternally grateful for that. Eventually I became quite the competitive multihull sailor thanks to Vic. Vic, you will always be remembered and deeply missed. For those interested, I have put together some video footage from early in his sailing career, articles about his exploits, but a few pixels cannot do justice to this fine man. Sail on my friend, sail on https://www.ratherbe.com/collection/vic/MHRQ_0QpXM
  7. Hey Clean, Do you plan to write an article about Comanche breaking the Transat record or are you more comfortable just lurking in the corners talking about rumors and stupid, "what is this" posts? Hey Clean, Do you plan to write an article about Comanche breaking the Transat record or are you more comfortable just lurking in the corners talking about rumors and stupid, "what is this" posts?
  8. Ronstan Upper Keys Sailing Club A-Class Event Media Coverage

    Drone footage up! Thanks to Drone pilot Nick!! Enjoy folks! More coming. https://www.ratherbe.com/video/a-cat-day-one-key-largo-editors-extended-cut/NVVFvteadj.NzvtJfRpAx
  9. Australian A Class Nationals

    For me, boomless is well and truly proven. Besides the performance of the Brewin sails, I had a long chat with Nathan Outteridge about his views on the boats as they are now and one of the things he said was that there was no need for a boom. He is sailing with a Landenberger with a boom. It was also interesting talking to Darren Bundock about this. He said that as soon as he saw photos of the deck sweepers being used at the last worlds, his first reaction was to believe booms wouldn't be needed. Guys like Bundy and Stevie come from Nacra 5.5's which have always been boomless with a similar looking sail. They instinctively knew it would work on the A. For others, including myself, it was not at all instinctive and goes against what you would expect, but it works really well and I can't see myself getting a boom any time soon. The other interesting thing is to see 1 year old foils up at the front of the fleet (Z2 and original Exploder T rudders). The simple fact is that for most of us, we don't need to chase the latest stuff. However, the big issue is set up. I have been really shocked at how much difference a small change can make. In particular, you need to get the rudder foil angles very precise, coupled with the right amount of rudder tuck under. For months I have watched Stevie foil for literally a mile at a time without coming off the foils. I thought he had god like skills i would never possess (well, he does..) because all I could manage was a few hundred yards without touchdown and it was a constant fight. But after he set up my boat, everything became (relatively) easy. In a variable 11-15 knots of breeze, the only reason I stopped foiling was when I ran out of space or when my back gave out! It's exciting times and it has made me go back to the physio and I have already started a program to get my back strong enough and overall properly fit enough. There have been a number of milestones in my sailing that have got me really excited - first season in 505's (1982) first season in 49ers (1997) first season with foiling Moths (2007) first season in 18' skiffs (2007/8) but I think that at this moment, I am more excited about the foiling A than any of those. Simon, I'd love a little insight into the tweaks that Stevie made to your boat. On the west coast of USA and it's a bit of trial and error (at least for me). Sailing a 2015 DNA.
  10. Australian A Class Nationals

    Simon Don't get bummed. For every jerk that posts there are many of us that appreciate what you and w&w bring to the discussion. Why do you always have to have a go? Do you work hard on being nasty or is it natural? I got the results texted to me before they were posted anywhere. I thought some might appreciate seeing them before they were made available online but clearly you don't.
  11. A Class Cat with UptiP Foils

    Not sure about the "asshat" comment.... but CS can you please take a moment and read the topic of this thread?
  12. A Class Cat with UptiP Foils

    I never expected the boat to show up at the Nationals-it was just launched and, as best I can tell, surely wouldn't be ready for a Nationals this quickly. Last pictures on the Carbonix site showed a conventional rig but said a new decksweeper would be ready soon or words to that effect. Ok, so let's make sure I have this correct. A boat gets designed, molds built, boat constructed, foils built, boat rigged, boat advertised, boat sailed, boat photographed, website created.. all in time to compete in the largest A Class event in the country (two hours away) and somebody forgot to order a competitive main? Huh, sounds logical to me..
  13. A Class Cat with UptiP Foils

    Doug, Was hoping to get an update on how the new platform is doing at the Nationals? Did it turn up, measure? How was relative performance?
  14. Boss Sinking?

    yes, but the dark paint reflects...