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  1. Team NZ

    I'm with you. Trying to contain it. Even worse, I have to go on media blackout today while working and hold it in till tonight. If they win, some moron is going to announce it in the general media and screw up my race watching tonight! In NZ, that would be expected, but here, nobody give a shit unless its the final verdict. Hope to finally meet you when I make it back to NZ.
  2. Team NZ

    Except the guy in the first picture Regardless, it suggest they are friends. Good luck tomorrow. Wish we could have met in Aukland all those years ago ! I'll be really envious of your party tomorrow. Go TNZ
  3. Team NZ

    If you are skeptical about who is going to be COR... check out the brand of GD's glasses.
  4. Their restraint will be in full display tomorrow on on the water. NOT!
  5. Team NZ

    To the idea that Jimmy calls it like he sees it. Bullshit! He calls it like he wants you to see it! That is what a BS artist does. For the intellectually minded, I recommend the following, and it is not the politics part that is so interesting. It is about the approach As for JS, his complaint about soft penalties was an attempt to insult Pete. To say, you really aren't that good. It didn't work. Pete gave him a sincere laugh back. I say JS scored a psychological 'own goal' with that one because Pete's answer was so from the heart. The rest of the story about speed just rang hollow to me. They barely won a race by seconds. One during which they lost a 250m advantage, and now they are speed demons? Don't think so. Not as slow, but not the show Jimmy is trying to project
  6. The Presser

    My take is that JS was trying desperately to get under PB's skin... and failing. The complaint about the soft penalties got a sincere laugh out of Pete.. but was intended as a backhanded insult/challenge that didn't land. Otherwise, all the schtick about newfound speed just rang hollow. They eked out a 10 second win and are now a rocket?... on the same day they had been blown out by 2 minutes, and earlier in the same race had lost a 250m lead. C'mon. its yacht racing. Once in a while the shifts favor you... even if you are slow. Clearly, Pete was unconvinced. But I like the JS mindset. Suggests weakness. Go TNZ
  7. The winning foils

    I remember an interview somewhere that this is all about keeping the hull from fully splashing down if there is a wobble or mistake. The foil makes much less drag than the whole hull. Apparently the choreography of this was quite a challenge in the beginning, but made a huge difference in the early days when foiling tacks and gybes were not so reliable. Even with more reliable maneuvers, it is good insurance because a full hull down not only slows them down, but requires them to take a dive into the wind to get the boat foiling again... soaking both speed and distance to the mark.
  8. Team NZ

    i have another first hand experience with his lack of humor about these things. During the World Series race in SF several years ago, I was invited to the Oracle hospitality tent right on the bank next to the start/finish line. Naturally... I attended. But also amazed at how many people I knew were invited that thought.. ho hum. Anyway... You probably remember that during that race RC got run straight into the committee boat by none other than JS. It was quite a crunch. So in the post race flesh press, RC was in saying hi to the Oracle guests and my host introduced me. I joked that it was higher stakes than back when we both sailed Finn. I also joked that he wound't remember me as I was too far back in the fleet. But then I said jokingly that it was amazing to watch him go try to sink the committee boat for not penalizing Jimmy. Either he is always frosty, or that pissed him off. The joke was not deemed amusing. Conversation was over. Oracle marketing goodwill messaging failed.
  9. Team NZ

    Clearly, perfect interpretation of my request. Well, almost. Can't see the tits butt the rest is so good, i'll let it pass. Now how about some racing!
  10. Team NZ

    I'm saying... get her on the bike (straight from the shower) Have her stand on the pegs with her tits hanging. Take the picture from behind and post. I don't know what direction the turn will be, but I know it will be toward the screen - assuming you are proud to have her as a girlfriend.
  11. Team NZ

    The bike vs flying the boat analogy I believe is flawed. First of all, a bikes handlebars rarely move much at all... unless you are moving at very low speed. In fact, if you are at a gyroscopic speed on a bike, it may seem counterintuitive, but you actually turn the handlebars to the left in order to turn right. You don't notice because it is all muscle memory, not a conscious thing. Try it next time your ride your bike. Gently push your right hand forward (which turns the bars toward the left) and the bike will turn right. The reason is that when pressing, your bike momentarily turns to the left which moves your weight to the right. Once this happens, you subconsciously straighten the bars, and now the bike turns not because the bar is turned, but because you and the bike are leaning and the angle of contact of the tire with the ground creates the turn. It is too subtle to notice... but try it and you will be surprised. The fact that most have never noticed that is testament to how subconscious the control of a bicycle is for us humans. Now why is that relevant here? Because handlebar/wheel control of flying these boats is VERY different. It is NOT an automatic result of geometry and the way the boat is leaning and of our muscle memory. On a bike, steering does not require conscious input at all. The system is so stable, and the mode is so ingrained in our balance and muscle memory that we don't have to think about it. We just look in that direction and we and bike just goes there. Then, if we have another task like to shift gears for instance, or activate an accelerator, these motions are stable. They do not require a feedback loop. So both tasks on a bike are fundamentally different, and fundamentally simpler. Doing both is easy. In the case of the AC50, the helmsman with the OR setup is effectively doing one of those marble mazes with the two knobs on the sides. He's trying to keep this thing that is not naturally stable (by design of the rules cause it could be), on this foil from which it wants too fall. This requires constant adjustment. Steering too requires constant conscious input though much less so than the foils but still much more than a bike. This is why separating the tasks is so helpful. It is not without cost however. The helmsman can do something unexpectedly which doesn't give the foil trimmer time to react. See example of the pitchpole. But in most cases, the amount of attention required by the two tasks is why separating them with the TNZ approach is so brilliant.
  12. The big call...

    First, your question... No I would not. Such an approach would yield no victory, just a hunk of silver. Second, I don't think it would work. Even if you have right away, if you are deemed to have intentionally caused harm, can't you be disqualified from the regatta. Rule 69 as mentioned above? Or did they remove that in the protocol?
  13. As has now been proven time and again... the deed's intention only matters in a DOG match. Otherwise, mutual consent makes the only intention that matters, that of the defender and the challenger's agreement. And as we all well know, this is usually the intent of the defender since they (unless stupid) will always have a compliant, deed conforming, challenger lined up as they cross the line. If you think this constitutes mockery... they I posit either you haven't been involved in this game very long, or you simply haven't been paying attention
  14. Caption... @ 4 zip

    oof, jes,. ya... ummmm.... well...... un hunh... aaaaaaaa dunno........ click. SHIT!