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  1. This nice explanation of the 'overlap' of responsibility explains the need to tweak the rules. These boats don't react like the ones the rules were written for. Therefore, the rules should be adjusted to the behavior of the boats in question.
  2. Oh.. maybe because keeping people alive is a bit more important that keeping your entertainment from being dull. And if impact is all that keeps it from being dull for you... then.... you figure it out
  3. Just a guess, but I'd bet TJ is probably ok. BAR hit them with the round of the hull. Soft and as thin as possible so they got destroyed. TJ's impact point was the gunwale equivalent, plus the foil box. Both of these are hardened relative to the hull skin. Same can't be said if the crew had gotten into the impact equation. Of cours, not sure, but if asked to bet, I'd say they are much liklier to be out tomorrow.
  4. I couldn't agree more, and I believe that if they don't adjust the rules, we will see it again... hopefully with the same amount of good luck that made this only fatal to some carbon fiber. The maneuvers by both were totally normal for sailboats. Aggressive - yes. after all, its the AC. But if these AC boats are allowed to be that close, then bad shit is eventually going to happen. It could be accomplished as simply as a rule defining contact as getting within say 1 or 2 meters of the other boat. Then set the boat up with the things they have in the bumpers of cars to sense the approaching object. If the alarm goes off, the umpire sees it on his displays, and penalizes just as if it were 'real' contact. To not do so risks peoples lives unnecessarily. This is especially important in situations like the TNZ crash where the hull that hit was the one farthest from the helmsman, and shrouded by the sails. This would force some conservatism without changing the game.
  5. Perhaps the answer is that the definition of "Room to keep clear" needs to be specified as a certain minimum for these boats as you never know what can happen with a little gust, or whatever that can make the move sideways. Something! because there are Six guys on soft bank that were very close to dead. 10 more degrees of turn or Foil shears off or TJ drops it hull lower. ETC.... Within the bad luck, they were incredibly lucky. incredibly
  6. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/sport/other/watch-he-did-again-ben-ainslie-slams-into-dean-barkers-japan-in-pre-race-blunder-his-bar-ends-up-top-boat?auto=5450840465001
  7. This picture shows how close we got to an indefinite postponement. If it weren't for TJ's foil blocking the sweep of the deck by BAR's hull, there would be fatalities i reckon. Ben is a good sailor, just not good enough to account for all the uncertainties that these boats add to the equation. Rules will have to change is say.
  8. I'll clarify, its not really the speed that makes me say this. Its the unpredictability of the boat's behavior. In my Finn, I knew exactly what it was going to do if i jammed the rudder. The stern would kick out and hit someone. The greatest uncertainty was if a wave moved me a few inches one way or the other. And the consequences were 'damn, a protest'. Here, because of the many variables at play, the boat popped out of the water, it slid sideways and there rudders were not effective because there was no wetted surface. This combination may be a 'perfect storm' so to speak, but I'm saying, when there is that degree of uncertainty, the boats can't be allowed to play russian roulette with the crew's lives. The picture of the crash from the front is outright scary.
  9. The comment about Finns and lasers is spot on. When we were out there, the "good" sailors had ugly boats. There was simply tons of rubbing in that racing. Those that didn't engage didn't win. That being said, in this day of AC50s and especially with the potential of side slip it does seem to me that there should be some changes to the rules. While in this case, it is clear Barker came in totally legally albeit aggressively, it seems to me that the rules need to be changed to make things such that you can't get within a certain distance of the other boat for any reason. In this case I don't think he should have been allowed to swing in under and within a meter of BAR. I know this would change the game and I know I need to think about this more, but this interactions of boats was so close to fatal that I think rules should be tweaked to lower the chance of this. The hulls pop up and slide and take off so quickly that I don't think it is reasonable that people get within 1meter of another boat. They are just too unpredictable, and someone could pay the ultimate price.
  10. They could get pro cyclists I'm sure. The question is whether they have duties other than turning pedals. If they do, and they are control related, then I doubt you teach anyone to make that control professional grade in time. Even "Sea legs" counts in this. You don't want one of them running off the trampoline like many of the sailors have... and they are more used to the dynamics. I'm not sure if this is the case, but I think TNZ has two that do nothing but turn pedals, and two that have controls duties. But need someone who knows to confirm that. If that's the case, then the real Hybrid they are talking about could be 2 cyclors and two pedestal grinders? I doubt it is just having one in the back.
  11. The discussion about who is copying who is BS. Nobody who knows the AC doesn't know that the Swedes tried it. The conceptual breakthrough here was both how to get the cyclors to fit into the rule limited size cockpits, and how to manage the controls with the crew in a completely different setup. And how to move them around and get them in place in the right order. TNZ made the compromises and got the breakthrough. Clearly, their 'trick' is plainly visible to someone who wrestled with the tradeoffs... like oracle. To not see that they might copy the 'Solution' that TNZ found is simply naive. And to say that the inspiration was the swedes is Trumpian alternative facts. Related, but irrelevant. Good on TNZ for coming up with a solution. Oracle would be stupid to not copy it if they have the time. Mechanically they might have time, but leg conditioning wise, unless they started a long time ago, I think they are toast.
  12. TNZ not signing was absolutely brilliant negotiating. It was the equivalent of holding out owning the last house on a block that a developer wants to build an apartment building on. By doing this, they have all the benefits of the agreement, and total latitude to change it as they wish. The reason is that all those that signed it have no incentive to not let them 'in' if they change their minds. In fact, they would have a strong incentive to make whatever adjustments they wanted in order to get in. This way the signors investments would be protected, and TNZ would get the adjustments they wanted. Whatever, TNZ grabbed sac. Jimmy is bitching now because he's worried his balls might soon start to hurt.
  13. My guess is that there is a tradeoff that isn't fully obvious. In particular, the size of the cockpits are rules restricted. The cyclors are on top of each other in a way that I can see making people prematurely discard the idea. When pedaling, they literally put their faces in the small of the back of the guy in front, and his handlebar well ahead of the guys butt. Obviously it can be done as TNZ demonstrates, but it is the sort of thing that when you look at accepted spacings for Tandems and then see the space available in a boat, you might discard prematurely. This is a very difficult cognitive bias to overcome. It is just so easy to take simple measurements and say "doesn't fit". The also probably had to make logistical accomdodations. I would bet they have to get in in a particular order which complicates thing further. But that is conjecture. I think it speaks really well of TNZ that they overcame this bias and were able to think outside the box of accepted measurements.
  14. I haven't seen them so can't say. But if they are training with rotating pedals, I would bet almost any amount of money that that is what is in the boat... for all the muscle dynamics reasons I was mentioning earlier.
  15. NCS and Matt17 are right. There are 'dead spot' issues with pedal setups (as there are with grinding stations). But these are easy to engineer around. Eliptical chainrings are the traditional solution, but in a hydraulic pump setup, it would be even easier by changing the relative length of the piston links in the different orientations around the circle. Whatever the solution, I can't imagine that TNZ didn't think about that issue in pursuit of the well-understood need to get cyclists 'spinning'. The fact that the watt bikes aren't engineered like that is unlikely to be indicative of what is going on in the boat. The watt bike when they show the vids of them at exhaustion clearly is stumping them at top dead center, but this is equivalent to lugging an engine. You would never do this if you were trying to go fast. You would shift gears... either to one low enough to make the dead spot not matter, or would have some leverage accommodation like elliptical chainrings, if you really needed to operate at a low cadence high pressure rate.