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  1. musicman

    RIP Doug Peterson

    Rest In Peace. Had many years of fun racing the Peterson 42 "Settler" such a great boat....
  2. musicman

    J27 predomonent sailmaker?

    yes that is correct. If you haven't heard it listen to the new EP here: Most of what we played that night was off this release.
  3. musicman

    J27 predomonent sailmaker?

    All sails are made on the planet Tralfamadore. Happy trolling!
  4. musicman

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    The boats that did not sail the course need to withdraw, end of story. Letting this stand as currently scored is REALLY bad for the event....
  5. musicman

    J27 predomonent sailmaker?

    Thank you, always happy to help. I've done tons of 27 sails over the years.
  6. musicman

    Long Live Gregg Allman

    A huge influence of mine and a tremendous loss.... Rest In Peace. I never had the honor of meeting Greg but had a pretty epic night with Dicky Betts once! Here's a version of Whipping Post we did a few years backs (I'm the one in the Tigers hat playing the first solo).
  7. musicman

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Last years FI race was my favorite direction, clockwise into the tide beating. If you get it wrong you pay BIG TIME if you get it right you're gone. The Ram island Race last year was also super tough with very light conditions and tide with the race restarting 1/2 way through and then being shortened. Close to 1/2 of the fleet did not finish. Neither of these are good races to study regarding PHRF ratings as the ratings themselves had very little to do with the results.... This is us just before the finish of the FI race.
  8. musicman

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Totally true, 4-5 knots of current & rock dodging.... makes for some interesting races!
  9. musicman

    mystery main

    Thanks for the shout out but not one of mine.
  10. musicman

    J-29 tips

    To get the best out of the 29 be prepared to sail it with 15-1600 lbs of crew weight. Having driven one quite a bit that sails with this weight range I can say first hand it makes a BIG difference. Near zero impact downwind and dramatically faster upwind.
  11. musicman

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Cool little boats, you don't see many of them around.
  12. musicman

    Help me I can't decide which boat is right

    Totally, they are very underrated boats. VS everything on the OP's list I'd pick the E 26.
  13. musicman

    Help me I can't decide which boat is right

    Great boats, for sure add this one to the list.
  14. musicman

    New #3 sail problems

    Do the them a favor and take photos of the main shot from the angle shown below (50% of the foot length) wth the camera turned if needed to fit the sail as much as possible in the frame. Make note of the amount of backstay, outhaul, checkstay & cunningham. Also try to make note of the pre bend you started with. Take 3 photos: minimal backstay on, medium backstay on & full backstay on. Giving them 3 ranges of how the sail looks, light air, medium & heavy. **To be clear I have nothing to do with these sails just trying to help the OP** So the notes for this photo would be: -Soverel 33 mainsail -15knots TWS -70% backstay -med/firm cunningham -firm outhaul