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  1. nav


    ^Why odd? There seems to have been consultation right through, even when decisions were solely at the discretion of the COR/D. There was a bit of 'We haven't been included' from IBAR early on, but it has been (publicly) harmony and brotherhood ever since - regardless one shocking iniquity after another being pointed out here
  2. nav


    You conveniently fail to mention the little clause stating that the rule couldn't be changed without unanimous consent - the basis on which they entered But spin it your way......if you are lucky no one will notice.
  3. nav


    Great to have the sailmakers back in - the gossiping hairdressers of the AC world!?
  4. nav


    Better informed than us - that's for sure
  5. nav


    Think of it as an ACC-like collegial effort - as opposed to the self serving and contentious rules under the last 2 trustees......
  6. nav


    ^ That's awkward ....... Is this true? These guys say that RM from the WW foil now ~is~ allowed? They don't actually. They say that the rule will soon be changed - in light of experience and concerns expressed in an attempt to give a more stable and controllable (safer) result Sounds perfectly likely...
  7. my 2c Maybe it's just time to rethink your definitions, rather than whine about them - I mean wasn't the last cat really a thinly disguised tri? But if the AC75 is a 'tri' after all - so much the better, a nice continuum from AC35 then and one that should be comforting to those who cry "Back to a mono? - All is lost!"
  8. nav


    Denying fact is what they do now, more openly than ever
  9. nav


    Priorities mate....they need to be juggled anew each time Yours ^ was clearly not considered preeminent - by those who earned the right to choose or there was a screw-up.......
  10. nav

    Team UK

    Radioing for de-watering pumps after ramming the dock?
  11. nav


    Sure, it is partly a matter of which point in the past 160+ years you want to declare 'traditional'. There will always be some aspect you can use to beat on the COR/D if that is your aim I agree in general that the defender supplying 'a package' to anyone is not ideal. Obviously they are hurting for numbers - they have out-teched almost everybody But applying sportsmanship and transparency as the basis for competition is still a huge step forward IMO Trying to fit traditional, cutting edge, affordable, great match races, performance, fair, best in the sport, multiple teams, DOG legal, international, 'popular timezone', wide distribution, sponsor friendly, elitist, non-elitist etc etc all under one umbrella is a big ask....... better is a start - 'cause perfect for everyone it can't be.....
  12. nav


    Got a quote from the current DOG to support that.....sounds like spin to me Just the facts m'am
  13. nav

    AC36 - The Venue

    ^ that's good news, anyone objecting that you know of?
  14. nav

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    ^ (ANSA) - CAGLIARI, 5 JUL - A conference of services for to decide the future of the base of Luna Rossa to Cagliari. The appointment is fixed for tomorrow: at the moment, the realization a part of the headquarters of the Pier Ichnusa is blocked pending the definition of some details on the volumes. Already expired the term of delivery of the work, which indicated the 30 June. Some of the scaffolds have been dismantled pending of verification: but the go-ahead for the re-assembly may be given tomorrow. It will be a matter to four The municipality of Cagliari, the port Authority, Office for the protection of the landscape, and, of course, the Luna Rossa. There should be no big problems: the maximum you will have to provide some retouching of the original project. The city Council he had given the go-ahead for the nulla osta for the installation to Ichnusa quay, headquarters of the team that has chosen Cagliari to train for the next America's Cup. Until 2021 will then be used in the area external and internal to the cruise Terminal. In particular to the outside are arranged two structures, one of the dimensions of 30x21,80 meters and the other of 45x21,80 yards, made from galvanised steel structure and cladding with waterproof cover. Inside the Terminal you plan to use a portion on the ground floor for the creation of an environment intended to cafeteria with kitchen, gymnasium and dryer, area for relaxation and hospitality. The the first floor will be the setting up of the offices for the designer the secretariat and the administration. Also on the program the construction of a wooden jetty for mooring and launching of the boats. (ANSA).