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  1. nav

    Team NYYC

    ^ Me like.......
  2. nav

    Foils fail.

    Right, foils being home builds - foil arms being supplied.....
  3. LR testing the rig. Looks pretty slick already...... There's one heads'l missing though isn't there?
  4. nav

    dutch ac entry

    Wow, ok let's see how that goes!?
  5. nav

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    It's the AC72, in the video above - the start of all that followed
  6. nav

    Team UK

    "Yeah, most of your money went that way I think Mr Frack"
  7. nav

    Team UK
  8. nav


    There's more to 3. (Tactics) than just 'wind and current'. Dare I say it 'match racing tactics' too of course - and yes superior skill in that area can see the slower boat win (Note: the fact it finished first and in the shortest elapsed time - does not make it 'fastest' - much too simplistic)
  9. The Protocol and the Class Rule are obviously written in such a way as to (theoretically) preclude anyone gaining an advantage by 'hacking' the supplied gear
  10. nav

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    America's Cup Class actually..... If you insist on bringing size into it - it was an AC15.00
  11. nav

    Team NYYC

    Well we have seen the rig (of the mule) - and it certainly doesn't have spreaders attached as per the last diagram ^^
  12. nav

    Team NZ

    A few days ago you were assuring us ETNZ had a test boat, now what? You've leap-frogged to the next bit of tinfoil hat(e)tery
  13. nav

    Team NYYC

    ^ The AC boats aren't sailing offshore - but they are sailing with higher apparent winds (at times) than anyone else, so it's possible that what has not made sense elsewhere might still be the 'best-fit' for this application!?
  14. nav

    Team NYYC

    Mast base here.....