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  1. Surly they'll ask ACE to do all the management, so they'll be able to kick back......
  2. nav

    Prada Cup

    Would you say the same for Goodi's repeated mentions of BIG Mr Brittel?
  3. OK, I'll bite Strider, the COR (commercial arm) sponsored the whole shebang this time - ACWS, CSS & Match, why do you think if they were to become the defender they would not be ready to do the same again especially when they would have even more control - to leverage their investments
  4. nav

    INEOS Team GB

    Oh boy, rough. Ben slammed Max's invitation to tune up back in his face. Has to be the COR dream....
  5. nav

    Prada Cup

    He's got a bathroom to finish
  6. nav

    Prada Cup

    (c) C Gregory © COR 36 | Studio Borlenghi
  7. nav

    Prada Cup

    I raised my concerns about the umpiring back at the beginning of the year... But I was assured that Richard Slater took his job very seriously, that the umpires are professional and practice a lot - making mistakes or their being casual about wiping penalties extremely unlikely Another view of the incident immediatly before (c) C Gregory
  8. nav

    Prada Cup

    spectacle is about all they have to trade it sometimes seems with the constraints they have placed on themselves in terms of design, courses and timing
  9. nav

    Prada Cup

    bigger version of 'taking a bath' (c) COR36/Studio Borlenghi
  10. nav

    Prada Cup

    Have a listen where this starts. Giles is clearly using software and is therefor very precise in the info he gives - this seemingly less so (doesn't mean 'aided' info is always better of course)
  11. nav

    Prada Cup