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  1. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    ^ Ah, you mean crash videos - now those are always popular.
  2. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Of what? That generic little non-foiling, wingless, sailless speedboat? Oh yes, I can just see thousands lining the rails to film that. Seems to have decent batteries at least - most important. Is it a Macgregor? Onwards and upwards....
  3. Oracle Team USA

    for the Jimmy worshipers (+arms vs legs, AC36 venue, new class , Oz teams, LarryVision, S->H, Comanche/Crichton etc) from the man 'who wrote Jimmy's autobiography' (sic) just a smidgen dated......& interesting to compare with a Clean hour
  4. Oracle Team USA

    If you had followed the development you would know that after their own disastrous design attempts OTUSA (not OR) gave up and simply copied the critical specs directly from ETNZ Just stop: no formal decision was made despite the little addendum in their report- the protest was refused (ETNZ was late - and appealing the wrong thing anyway) Facts (rather than repetition) required when it makes up part of your/others argument, i.e. claiming better aero on OB2 - (while ignoring the bigger beams and the extra hull)...... or 'they used actuator XYZ' etc etc. Otherwise it's "I guess" or "I presume".
  5. Team NZ

    "Stingray in anti-kiwi spin shocker"
  6. Oracle Team USA

    ^ Maybe you could head off there then - you bring little enough to this forum
  7. Oracle Team USA

    sadly most of those chipping in have no team to enable anymore... < complete control = will not compete
  8. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    ^ we posted plenty of photos of the various iterations of 'Tuke's controls' as well from reveal day onwards "Nah mate, we've checked it out- waste of bloody time" none so blind etc
  9. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    No no, hang on....they looked into it, but it was not advantageous.
  10. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Maybe because more recently when he was in o/a charge he was on the receiving end of a much bigger butt kicking??
  11. The oracle has spoken.....
  12. That kills one of the favourite narratives here.....according to ^ PB wanted it more radical!? Well done Clean - & it's not even Monday.
  13. first surrogate

    zzzzzzz read what he had to say about the AC75s instead...which is what sparked my comment - he being one of a long line of "It's really a multi-hull you know" dinos. I mean it's a binary world right, it simply must be one or the other! Duh..... ...trimarans .... which essential what this boat is but without the armas. (sic)