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  1. Yeah sure, not for all though it seems.
  2. ^ Things are looking up for the Auckland region then - Cryinginmybier4ever always has it backwards
  3. You could have a look here... https://www.servustv.com/at/Sendungen/America-s-Cup-2017/Videos
  4. ...... to follow in November + La Stampa confirming lots of wrong guesses.... The finals for the Cup will be in Auckland in 2021. Various countries will host pre-America’s Cup racing: when and with which yachts? «In 2019 and 2020, with the same yachts as the finals». ..... But that way you lost the advantage acquired with the catamarans. «Let me start by saying that we believe our design team is capable of giving us another great yacht, and that catamarans wouldn’t be ideal for the chop in Auckland. But I want it to be clear that winning the America’s Cup is a privilege, a privilege that includes the duty to safeguard it’s sporting value. That comes before individual advantage». ..... What kind of America’s Cup will it be? «Fair, with clear rules. And for the general public. Not alienating like Bermuda, there even the sailors didn’t understand what was going on». So that sounds like new RRS - or just use the same ones as every other sailor *good scoop SR
  5. Here's an idea... Have the Defender seek sponsorship for the supposedly 'team-neutral' and very marketable AC, then take same for themselves and for a poodle team as well!? All perfectly legit apparently.....
  6. Had AR not taco'ed the one above - it could probably have been converted into something useful (but compromised - like the ex-AC monos mentioned) as well.
  7. I think it would probably be safer to go with GD's take on what is and is not required to gain sponsorship today over your simplistic view. 2 weeks....
  8. Greenhouse? Coffee tables? Ice boat planks?
  9. Pounds, Euros, US dollars, NZ dollars - heard of them? Get back to us when you have figured out how to do fx conversions.
  10. Surprise, Bermuda has to pay more than anticipated .....allegedly
  11. ^ Lost your LE gig along with all the rest eh spinboy... Shame - and pimping for Gulf Harbour now? Nice hats I hear, good luck with that
  12. ^ Ahhh, sweet nostalgia...hey do you remember that time....... he raced am adulterated one design?
  13. (Mostly) Wrong about this ^ bit too. The Trustee 'owns' (holds in trust) everything AC IP etc RNZYS is the current trustee, so.......
  14. Ginger Jimmy's Cracker SUP Rentals Bondi PTY
  15. He's last years news at best, (hopefully a better author than helm), but it's clear some Ozzies can see the future even if you can't and are talking instead to the guy who should have been helming in AC35 Showing off your incisive lawyer's skills again TC? PB said monos, monos it is, the rest is clearly still being worked out by those best fit, so Protocol in September, with some ACClass generalities - details to follow..... Alles klar?