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  1. 20/03/2017 Int 83 Drain holes 10/04/2017 Closed 03/04/2017 AC Class Interpretation No 83 20/03/2017 Int 84 Rudder rake range 10/04/2017 Closed 03/04/2017 AC Class Interpretation No 84 23/03/2017 Int 85 Fairings on pod sides 13/04/2017 Closed 17/04/2017 AC Class Interpretation No 85 21/04/2017 Int 86 Oil movement 12/05/2017 Closed 15/05/2017 AC Class Interpretation No 86 21/04/2017 Int 87 Manual input of pedetals 12/05/2017 Closed 08/05/2017 AC Class Interpretation No 87 21/04/2017 Int 88 Rigging fairing 12/05/2017 Closed 16/05/2017 AC Class Interpretation No 88 21/04/2017 Int 89 Rudder rotation with rake 12/05/2017 Closed 16/05/2017 AC Class Interpretation No 89 23/04/2017 Int 90 Jib modification 14/05/2017 Closed 06/05/2017 AC Class Interpretation No 90 26/04/2017 Int 91 Sequence valve 17/05/2017 Closed 16/05/2017 AC Class Interpretation No 91 06/05/2017 Int 92 DB fairing size 27/05/2017 Closed 16/05/2017 AC Class Interpretation No 92 09/05/2017 Int 93 Slack wing rigging 30/05/2017 Closed 20/05/2017 AC Class Interpretation No 93 16/05/2017 Int 94 Mid point hinge 06/06/2017 Closed 20/05/2017 AC Class Interpretation No 94
  2. No they wont - as that would leave them open to a legal challenge. The 2 Commodores watching in a bach in NZ (if it's on live ) and signing after the last race makes sense to me /mockers
  3. ^^ ^ Straw man much? One sets it up and then together you knock it over. At least steve is getting to grips with AC history - another couple of threads and he'll get it. Others have insisted nothing new was added!? But sure have it both ways, whatever suits the argument eh? The book containing the accusation was written by an American IIRC but carry on with this baseless attacks guys or maybe teamgbr can find us something positive and post it in the team uk thread?
  4. Seems to have forgotten everything he learned. 'Product' ... you moron "Increase the popularity"? What about getting it back to say 10% of what you basked in in your heyday Lets face it ACDUH = abject failure in reaching any of even their own selfish goals
  5. Course you can.
  6. All teams have a pod if that is what you mean by "keel". Varying amounts of fairing under the wings. Different fairings over the beams. Permeable tramps. But does it make any sense to 'end-plate' the wing with a deck fairing - if you have a pod underneath to extend the wing? The different set-ups seem to suggest different takes on this question from team to team.
  7. You are slowly catching up with the RRS AC Steve....but not quite Here is Ver 1 from 2011 on Propulsion 42 PROPULSION 42.1 A yacht shall compete only by using the wind and water to increase, maintain or decrease her speed. Her crew may adjust the trim of the wing, sails, rudders, daggerboards and hulls, and perform other acts of seamanship 42.2 (a bit about towing) So no important changes between AC34&35 You seem very invested in proving that the use of the ETNZ flap is for more than trim. Why is that?
  8. If you have anything to add feel free....
  9. ^ or that - but one takes the whole wing and uses the sheet/traveller (any sign of it yet?), the other, (just the top flap as per OP), is not going to achieve the same thing - nor is there any sign of it being used in that way so far AFAIK??
  10. Sorry about the 12°/15° mix up, thanks. But the point remains that you cannot gain any 'increase' over the maximum rake specified in the rule - by changing the shape of your board. As to your (and others ^^) suggestion about a helical board - sure that is possible*, but again is there any sign of it - not that I've seen. And is it what is supposed to be unique about AR's foil according to Jack, or just another wild guess? This whole discussion is ridiculous. Someone gave a speech, which was relayed here by someone else in a garbled manner and everyone has been chasing their tails ever since trying to make some sense of it. Click bait! Clear explanation with photos - or forget it * can't you achieve the same thing by simply pointing the whole boat at the desired angle anyway? This is another suggestion that seems to add complexity to duplicate an existing system - i.e. rudders!
  11. Moving the entire wing to get up on the foils early or in marginal conditions, like the windsurfer examples ^ seems reasonable, likely even. It may even be an added advantage to those teams with adequate power if they are set up to do it - but has there been any sign of it yet by anyone (not counting OTUSA in AC34 - as you no longer have to 'restart' after each manoeuvre)? The movement of the ETNZ top flap, as per the OP, is a different (and smaller) kettle of fish and seems like part of normal trimming to me, especially given when and where it occurs. I very much doubt they have predicated their system on pumping their way around the course in light winds - and with the just released change in the wind measurement protocol really sticky conditions are less likely now than ever.
  12. ACC 11.10 (b] (ii) restricts the range of board movement in the rake axis to 15° No one has explained how using system 'b' to drive the board forward* as it's lowered (at least that's the direction it normally goes to increase AOA so I assume that is what you are all on about - although no one has actually said clearly 'what' they think is happening) takes less energy than using the purpose designed system 'a'. Also if the board is curved on one edge, so narrower at the top - how do they cope with the resulting 'slop'? Technical explanations please...... * forward at the bottom
  13. Don't worry about it being dark, the racing is secondary to the pomposity
  14. More great photos from Weta, but he's still hiding the good bits!
  15. Shut up and hand over your money - Russel's kid needs a ticket to Bda!