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  1. nav

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    "FIFY" .......seems both modern and accurate
  2. nav

    Second US Team

    ^ Sure, they could just do a coin toss for that matter - or au courant, accept whoever makes the biggest investment in their 'club programs'.
  3. nav

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Sounds like he thinks the green space requirements within developments are being 'met' in very questionable ways. A public park nearby does not obviate the developers obligations....
  4. nav


    Wouldn't surprise me at all to hear that PB had assured everyone that there would be a 2nd Italian team competing.......and yes he will provide a package, if that is what it takes to get the team to Auckland.
  5. nav

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Check out Clause 34 ANTI-AMBUSH OBLIGATIONS specifically 34.3 Ambush Regatta
  6. nav

    Second US Team

    Nope, don't see how.... (Not that this is happening anyway but) while the Protocol does not ban a competitor racing any particular does stop teams from racing in any boat over 12m (without permission of COR/D) that could give meaningful data in terms of AC75 design and sailing. So AC50s are out. See Protocol amendment #1 Article 58 Surrogate Yacht
  7. nav

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    But yes - early foiling could well be a deciding factor in AC36 races.  And so might faster top end foiling, smooth turns, not crashing off the foils every 2 minutes, having a fast main that doesn't break and can do tricks, not getting lost, smart starting tactics, not capsizing while at sub-foiling speeds, not sinking at the dock, keeping your wing flaps attached, getting the most from your heads'ls, not running out of electrical juice before crossing the finish line, not being on the course when Beneos has another Ben Hur moment, etc, etc, etc.....
  8. You'd be wrong. Lots of words, but not much reading it seems.....Surftrump
  9. nav

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    A perfectly straightforward reply to a polite inquiry But it seems many ^ are so cowed by sports-persons in their societies that they find such an exchange simply unbelievable - so it's tinfoil hat time
  10. nav

    Second US Team

    try reading it this way...... "Canfield et al want to find sponsors and an appropriate club - once a base location has been decided upon, under which to challenge the defender RNZYS - and so join the New York Yacht Club who are also a challenger to contest the 2021 Cup in Auckland
  11. nav

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    That's not what the Mayors considering hosting are being sold apparently, but carry on To think that those involved haven't and wont continue to milk the AC pedigree for everything they can get out of it short of reaching the limits of RNZYS's patience over IP rights is naive and totally ignores the past and their 'sport is business' and 'business success via scorched earth' attitudes.
  12. nav

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    The 'surface' of both hulls and wings of the AC Class was exactly specified. No wiggle room or 'box' as far as wing shape went - except for the extensions down to the deck IIRC
  13. nav

    Second US Team

    So many opinions, so much supposition, so much attitude - based on what? Just misplaced ego it seems That BS above is nothing but an anti ETNZ talking point, dragged out to excuse some shocking mis-management, rule rigging and emotional blackmail. Clever of JS to make the offer (it allows for the misinformed like you to make this claim - the whole point, as was obvious at the time )but it confirmed if there had reamained any doubt that OTUSA/IM were willing to set the limits up and down according to OTUSA's perceived advantage - not for 'safety' as claimed. It's been done to death, not that I remember any contribution from you at the time. Now you come along years later trotting it out again, proving how little real insight you have. Carry on with the smug certainty, try not to trip too often....