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  1. Hydrogenerator - Installation help

    Thanks for the replies. I am now considering turning the engine into a generator by installing a new 200A alternator and replacing the LA batteries with LiFe batteries. This will save weight and provide less charging time and end up costing the same as a new hydro generator option with the no hassles of operating the hydro generator off the back of the boat just start the engine. Rail Meat, could you message me to ask you a few more queries on your class40
  2. I am buying a 600W hydro-generator for a Class 40 yacht. The unit I am buying is the Watt & Sea cruising (sorry our budget does not extend to the racing version) version with the option of the 970 length and two of the removable U support mounting kits for the transom. These mounting kits allow the generator to be mounted on the leward side due to the wide two rudder arrangement on the class 40 transom. I am also looking at swapping the standard prob for the 200mm adjustable version which is rated for up to 20 kts boat speed. I am not sure how these probs are adjustable as I assume you are able to adjust the pitch? If anyone out there has experience with this type of hydro generator I would appreciate your comments and hints and lessons learnt before I install the unit.
  3. What's the Latest on Firefly Oasis Batteries?

    I have a query on these batteries. It has been quoted that you are able to use up to 80% of the capacity of these firefly C31 batteries which are rated at 116Ah. Does this mean that if you have one of these batteries fully charged, ie 100% SOC and then load one of these up with say 23.4A for 4 hours the battery voltage will be 10.5 VDC? It appears from the test reports I have seen that the 0% SOC is taken at 10.5V and the 100% SOC is taken at 13.2 VDC (Float charge voltage). From my experience with my boat, the usable voltage is taken when you turn off your charger and the voltage drops to around 12.80 VDC and you turn back on your engine at 12.0VDC, therefore this is the usable capacity of the battery in this range. In my view the amount of current you are able to use between these voltages is how I would determine the performance of the battery and I would prefer to use more than 50%, ie more than 58A for this firefly battery. Could some one who has used these Firefly batteries provide me their personnel experience with this type of battery as far as the performance of them?
  4. It appears Hoppy is looking at buying a racing boat for fast and fun times! A SO40 is a cruising boat and to buy a new set of sails and sail this boat well to win on IRC may still be slow and not much fun. Down here in Melbourne most of the yachts race using the AMS handicap which is far better than IRC for rating cruiser./racers against racing boats. I see the old MBD42 Secret Mens Business is for sale, that would be a great boat for $80K
  5. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Anyone have the story on the bad ass looking 38 to 40 foot canting keel race boat on the hard at SYC?
  6. Broken gooseneck casting

    I just replaced by goose neck boom attachment due to a similar issue. My approach was to replace the complete fitting by designing the replacement parts using Autocad 2D and then having the parts cut using a water jet cutter with Aluminium plate and the welding all the parts together. This approach is very cost affective and produces a quality product. Ensure the Aluminium is 6000 marine grade. Also consider using ss bushes where the gooseneck bolts are on the Aluminium ears to avoid the holes wearing.
  7. VOR 2017-18

    Who is going to be Chris Nicholson's navigator for boat no 8?
  8. On the beach at Byron bay

    This yacht was in nice condition before the grounding, hope she is recovered but will require new keel, rudder and some structural work around the keel floors. I am sure the insurance company will probably offer some type of settlement offer which I hopefully does not disappoint the owner! What is the design of this boat, looks like a MBD type design?
  9. PAC 52

    The two Pac 52's cleaned up the Transpacific race which has to be a great advertisement for this class. Gavin Brady certainly had some positive comments about the winning boat (invisible hand) and still reckons they had more potential to go faster as they learn how to sail the boat to its potential. It did appear the conditions did suit these type of boats being reaching and running but there were other boats in a similar situation. Are there any more builds being started?
  10. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    The ORCV have obviously made a mistake with the winter series schedule. I also consider their decision with the final race to Geelong being the wrong move as I would prefer to make the last race (with double points) being a short race out of the heads to Western port and back to the heads with a finish line off Port Lonsdale. This type of race will give many ocean race newbies a chance to taste some ocean type racing and then go back to Blairgowrie for a night at the yacht club with a few beers. The Hastings race many years ago used to be a great place to stay after the Hastings race until the marina was filled up with cruising boats but why not use Blairgowrie for celebrating the end of the ORCV winter series.
  11. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I see the ORCV winter series race 1 was yesterday with a small fleet size of only 11. Most boats from Brighton and the squadron with no SYC boats? This event a few years ago was the largest winter series event in the bay and appears to be fading in numbers. The SYC local club winter series appears to have far more boats racing during the summer! I have been racing in this series for years but this year my boat is in the shed having some TLC Why don't all the Melbourne clubs all get together and run one combined winter series every two weeks to make sure the fleet numbers are up, ie a winter club marine series and maybe mix up the courses between fixed and laid marks and a two handed series?
  12. Check out this product from the Tindie.com website, it certainly has all the features for building a great instrument dataway system on your yacht at a good price. The unit is provided in a reasonably splash proof enclosure. Has anyone installed one of these as I would be interested in some feedback before I buy one? The following is from the website: KBox is packed with interfaces and sensors to bridge together existing networks and equipments on your boat: One NMEA2000 interface, Two NMEA0183 inputs (one of them can be used as a Seatalk input), Two NMEA0183 outputs, One WiFi interface that can connect to an existing network or create a new network on your boat, Three analog inputs to measure voltages between 0 and 23V (batteries, solar panels, generators, etc), One shunt input to measure current consumption of your main house battery, One barometer, One inertial measurement unit providing a magnetic compass, an accelerometer to measure roll, pitch and yaw as well as a gyroscope, An SDCard to record data.
  13. Team NZ

    Does anyone have a reply video link to the Etnz vs OTUSA race? I am located in Ozzie and do not have Foztel!
  14. The winning foils

    Why are some teams having foil failures given they undergo load and stress tests before they are sailed with? it appears the testing carried out is not able to 100% simulate all sailing conditions.
  15. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Simply Expensive