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  1. Chucky

    B&G H3000 GFD failure

    The h3000 have problems with gfd water engress so the only solution is to mount the gfd below ie in the Nav station and use ffds in the cockpit and 20/20s. You need at least one gfd or pilot display for a h3000 to operate.
  2. Chucky

    B&G H5000 Pilot calibration

    I experienced a similar issue with the unit steering like a snake. My suggestion is to carry out a factory reset from A Zeus unit. This fixed my problem but before you do this write down all the settings to ensure you use all the same setup settings after the reset.
  3. Chucky

    Two Battery Switch

    Recommend you remove this switch and buy three separate switches one to isolate +Ve from each battery and the 3rd switch for an emergency parallel switch to allow the house battery to assist with starting the engine in case the starter battery looses its charge. You will also need a voltage sensitive relay to provide charge to the house battery when the engine is running and voltage output is greater than 13.5 (typically), this Arrangement is not applicable to lithium ion batteries when a dc dc charger will be required instead of the VSR to limit current.
  4. Chucky

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    Agree with your comments about routing using GFS based weather grib files after spending several weeks racing to Osaka (5,500 nm) across the equator. Expedition was fantastic for routing but we experienced the H5000 Ethernet connection causing Expedition to freeze several times a day which we think was caused by the H5000 Ethernet connection being faulty (Expedition may be able comment on this issue and/or if Expedition tends to freeze when this Ethernet connection is lost). The wind instruments also lost it's data input form the MHU and was rectified by turning the H5000 processor off and back on again so between these two issues we concluded our H5000 was faulty and will require replacement under warranty. We also noticed the GFS model wind direction was 20 degrees out but the wind strength was reasonably accurate, so with routing software the accuracy of the wind models is critical to the accuracy of the optimum routing provided. I do like the routing boat to compare your current location with as we considered we were always racing the little red routing boat. The other little issue with Expedition was the 'Tidetech' grib files after being downloaded sometimes not being displayed on Expedition as one of the nice features of Expedition is the ocean current interface using 'Tidetech'. One of the unusual experiences with Expedition routing was when racing up along the East Coast of Australia was the routing Expedition showed with a optimum route straight into the eye of cyclone Iris and then back out again. The route also showed us sailing along the edge of the great barrier reef in 50kts, maybe some automatic cyclone danger messages from Expedition would be nice! From my experience, the Expedition routing settings are important as there are many features that are able to be provided in the routing results including the optimum sail selection which will depend on the accuracy of the sail chart provided in expedition.
  5. Chucky

    Melbourne Osaka 2018

    I believe Lord Jiminy and Nexba are out of the same Verdier moulds and to me they look pretty much identical. Both of them have aappear to have a pretty good North wordrobe so I do not see much speed difference between them. Given there will be plenty of light conditions I would say the fastest of these two boats will be how they handle the light conditions and their routing directions. The start for the main group looks also light but the second starts looks tricky exciting the heads with 40kts westerly but will be one hell of a ride down to the prom and across the paddock while the gale force westerlies are in play. The race organises may delay the start as it may not safe for these smaller boat being two handed to excite the heads in an ebb.
  6. I am having trouble finding the 'Ignition' wire connection for the installation of a new smart regulator on a Volvo D1 30F engine. The engine has a DVC start/stop interface unit and tachometer. I have searched for wiring diagrams with Google and have not found any wiring connection drawings which match the colour of wires from the DVC and tachometer unit. It appears these units are NMEA2000. All I require is the colour of the wire which I need to connect the 'Ignition' on when the DVC 'On/Off' button is turned to 'on' . I require this wire for as a 12VDC signal to my smart regulator (Mark Grasser R210A) .
  7. An Elliot 1050 is still a floating caravan like your current boat, suggest you look at offshore racing boats, ie NSX36, Inglis 38s etc Also suggest you look at A kite boats as they are easier to race offshore if you find the right boat which suits A sails.
  8. Chucky

    VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Most of the fleet are looking at plenty of parking ticket off Cape Reinga! The previous races in the volvo 60's had similar situations with plenty of wide berths taken around the boats with plenty or tickets
  9. Chucky

    Vestas 11th Hour recovery

    Is the current Vestas boat the same one (rebuilt version from the reef collision) from the previous race?
  10. Chucky


    I have seen a mast at Royals with the owners name on it so I assume this is the spare mast being referred to. This mast appears to have some damage near the top and not covered at the ends so would still be a bargain at the right price. Nudge who looked after the old living doll would know the full story on this mast as he helped the current owner set up this boat before it left Royals for the trip to its new home in Sydney
  11. I also use a Vesper AIS/VHF splitter and dual-band antenna with no issues. Another boat I sail on had a marine electronics technician install separate AIS and VHF antennas on top of the mast next to each other and the AIS affects the performance of the VHF radio. I spoke to an Icom technician who does NOT recommend installing two separate antennas as they will interfere with each other being so close to each other.
  12. Chucky

    Australian Yachting Championship 2018

    Does this protest result send the message to us that it is okay for windward boats to bear down on a leeward boat while the leeward boat is not changing its course when racking up at the start line? if you are asking yes I was in a position to witness this incident on one of the other boats closer than the committee boat. It also appeared that the trimmers on HB stalled the boat when they bored away and then got sucked into primitive cool.
  13. Chucky

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    This guy knows how to spend $$$ on boats. New Hick 40 with Farr mast and engine with lots of $$ spent, sells the boat even though in partnership and buys an older 40 footer! Will Hickie be steering the new boat as per Avalanche?
  14. Chucky


    Not what Ray Roberts would be interested in........dealing with the insurance company will only be a long drawn out affair. I'm a boat owner and have gone through a major claim last year which took 10 months to settle.
  15. Chucky

    what is it?

    US140,000 is very reasonable according to the website. This boat ticks most of the boxes for me, but a 42 foot version would be great!