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  1. Chucky

    Suggestions for MF/HF Radio

    I would not be investing in a new HF radio as AS are looking at changing their regulations for race communications to Sat Phones. Here is Victoria (Aus) offshore races allow boats to use Sat Phones only. The Sydney Hobart race is one of the few races in Aus that still require a HF radio!
  2. Chucky

    Smart Regulator for LiFePo Battery charging?

    No Problems, I already had the Balmar MC614 smart regulator installed for the previously installed AGM batteries. The hardest part with this units is the programming which was solved mainly from the marinehowto youtube video clips which helped me using that magnetic screw driver for the programming. The other thing that helped me was the settings provided from the Victron website from another boat which recently used a Balmar smart regulator and Victron Lithium Ion battery setup.
  3. Chucky

    Suggestions for MF/HF Radio Great Japanese quality, I had an older one in my first keel boat 20 years ago and it was a great unit. Furuno I believe stock all their gear out of Sydney so contact your local marine shop but I would say their HF radios are not cheaper than Icon.
  4. Chucky

    Smart Regulator for LiFePo Battery charging?

    Just an update, I used the website youtube videos to help re-program my Balmar MC614 smart regulator. I removed the Balmar regulator unit from my boat and sat down in my garage with the unit connected to a spare 12VDC battery and managed to set up the target voltages to 14.1VDC (float voltage set to 13.4V) to suit my Victron Lithium Ion battery. After installation with the engine running, the smart regulator appears to control the battery voltage successfully and once fully charged switches to float voltage set at 13.4VDC with no current into the battery.
  5. Chucky

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Nice set of working sails, also like the dodger set up.
  6. Chucky

    Smart Regulator for LiFePo Battery charging?

    I had a read of the Wakespeed smart regulators on their website and they have a couple of nice features which I will need to investigate further by contacting them. One feature is a Seamart phone App for configuration on the regulator settings and the other is a data link to Victon BMS Equipment. The Vitron data link will save on shunt equipment and assume the charging current will be available and other voltages, battery temp to save on having to buy accessories for the Wakespeed regulator. There seems to be a lot of discussion on the Victron gear which I spent many hours integrating all their equipment being a DIY installation. There is no direct technical assistance here in Australia from Vitron as I was only allowed to funnel all my queries though a local supplier who is also an installer and unfortunately they new less about the Vitron gear then Indo. I will post some photos of my installation once I get the photos from my iPhone. There are some unusual actions with the Vitron BMS, ie on high voltage the loads anew disconnected which I am chasing Vicrron with this query.
  7. Chucky

    Melbourne to Devonport

    I have had reports from boats that they registered at least 50 kt gusts on the race track!
  8. Chucky

    Melbourne to Devonport

    I noticed the King Island airport had the SW front come through with gusts to 70 kts so hope the race fleet are prepared. I notice from the tracking some boats have obviously been hit hard by the font with some boats pointing at the Prom and others heading back to the heads.
  9. Chucky

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I was thinking the same as the old HB would also be further optimised with new foils and using the new foil controls as allowed with the revised OMOCA rules. It was a pity that a VD globe sailor did not buy the old HB boat for this race.
  10. Chucky

    Vendee Globe 2020

    From the weather forecast shown on the tracker, it appears the first 8 or 9 boats may restart the race so its going to be very interesting in the next couple of days once the leading 3 boats get their parking tickets!
  11. Chucky

    Vendee Globe 2020

    The routing/chart software does not look like Expedition, does anyone know what software he is using? That is a great insight into an IMOCA routing software and his comments!
  12. Chucky

    Melbourne to Devonport that’s one fast 33 foot boat and will break the Elliot 47 record, recheck your routing you arm chair sailor!
  13. Chucky

    Melbourne to Devonport

    The race looks like being on the nose for the last two thirds of the race based on the current forecasts, will be not very comfortable for many of the boats and likely no race record being broken especially looking at the list of boats.
  14. Chucky

    Christmas Regatta

    Agree with your comment but remember where Ken Read comes from, he certainly had no positive comments for ETNZ!
  15. Chucky

    Smart Regulator for LiFePo Battery charging?

    Thanks, these marinehowto website articles are perfect as the Balmar smart regulator target voltages do not allow low values but this website provides many tips on how to set up the settings for the Lithium batteries.