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  1. Check out this product from the Tindie.com website, it certainly has all the features for building a great instrument dataway system on your yacht at a good price. The unit is provided in a reasonably splash proof enclosure. Has anyone installed one of these as I would be interested in some feedback before I buy one? The following is from the website: KBox is packed with interfaces and sensors to bridge together existing networks and equipments on your boat: One NMEA2000 interface, Two NMEA0183 inputs (one of them can be used as a Seatalk input), Two NMEA0183 outputs, One WiFi interface that can connect to an existing network or create a new network on your boat, Three analog inputs to measure voltages between 0 and 23V (batteries, solar panels, generators, etc), One shunt input to measure current consumption of your main house battery, One barometer, One inertial measurement unit providing a magnetic compass, an accelerometer to measure roll, pitch and yaw as well as a gyroscope, An SDCard to record data.
  2. Does anyone have a reply video link to the Etnz vs OTUSA race? I am located in Ozzie and do not have Foztel!
  3. Why are some teams having foil failures given they undergo load and stress tests before they are sailed with? it appears the testing carried out is not able to 100% simulate all sailing conditions.
  4. Simply Expensive
  5. The down wind Polars in the photo do not look correct for a 40 foot assy boat, they more look like a symmetrical type kite set up. Whe sailing assy kites as a general rule of thumb is your windex should be pretty much on the beam or slightly forward as you need to sail apparent wind angles, particularly when your MHU offset is not set up correctly. You need to ensure your instruments are all set up correctly ie MHU offset and log to ensure TWS and TWA are reading correctly.
  6. No foils No DSS Remove CBTF Single dagger board Racing to Southport
  7. I agree Stingray, ETNZ might be hiding these foils as they just wanted to test them and then cover them up from the competition!
  8. Given the Pac's are build for offshore racing, they will have plenty of life in the future for handing down the line to the boat owners who are not able to buy new boats, ie Sydney owners who like to race TP52s in the offshore series including the Sydney Hobart race with a good chance of winning overall handicap. Most of the TP52s (certainly the 2nd generation and above) end up being significantly modified ($$$) to cope with off shore racing. They will certainly be a blast to race offshore down wind with the big rigs and extra draft keels I assume these Pac's will also be good IRC rated boats like the TP52s!
  9. The race organisers should consider safety audits after completion of the race on the boats which score podium positions. This will sort out the boat owners who remove the heavy safety items after the pre-race audit!
  10. Go Conrad, what an amazing effort! He should be able to charge is batteries at the speeds shown
  11. What type of hydraulic systems are installed on these AC50 boats? I assume the grinders/pedals drive some type of hydraulic pump for the directional solenoid valves to allow the various hydraulic rams to move the main sail, foils etc? Also is there some type of hydraulic storage allowed using some large spring in a piston arrangement? If the manual hydraulic pumps stop, ie during a tack/jibe no changes are able to be made to the mailsail/foils?
  12. A recent IRC notice (2016/01) has been recently issued regarding 'Spinnaker Luff'. It appears they wish to change your rig rating (and therefore increase your rating) for any code zeros which are rated as a kite and sail up wind as a jib. They require a photo of the sail which I assume to check the sail is an upwind code zero! I would say there are a lot of boat owners who have spent many $$$ on new code zeros to comply with IRC regs as a kite and will now get totally shafted with their rating.
  13. The same issues mentioned above is happening here in Melbourne. The Festival of Sails in Geelong, only 19 boats entered in the W/L rating series (mainly TP52s, B45 and other known IRC rating boats). The most popular by a huge amount is the passage (or Cruising series) which has 47 competitors (AMS - local most popular measurement handicap ) and 85 competitors (performance handicap). The types of boats entered in the passage series is all types from production to racing type boats. This indicates that most yacht owners prefer to sail to fixed marks at all sail angles instead of the up and down type racing, also easier to handle if you are not fully crewed!
  14. Dick is in between King Island and Tasmanian shown on the AIS Marine traffic. Interesting to see if he sailings through Banks Strait (Between Flinders Island and Tasmania mainland). The weather looks ok with some nice westerlies in 24 hours for him to sail South as he exits Bass Strait. Not sure why he decided to sail through Bass Strait for flatter water as Bass Strait in over 25 kts with the shallower water will have some horrible swells from the Westerlies!
  15. I am after a J133 used race main sail with preference for off shore racing use. Please pm me for details or if you know any sail loft which may have one for sale