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  1. Chucky

    2018 Big Boat Challenge

    The CYCA coverage was pretty good considering the budget and the small viewing audience. The drone coverage appeared to be excellent with some nice coverage from behind of the sails almost as good as the helicopter coverage. I just muted the sound so not to put up with expert sailor Gordon Bray calling the pressure!
  2. Chucky

    Carbon fiber hull - corrosion

    I had a similar problem with my carbon fibre race boat with my Yanmar SD20 sail drive. There are four preventitive actions I did to remove the problem which I believe eliminated my sail drive being eaton up : 1. I found that the carbon fibre plate installed around my sail drive was making contact with the sail drive and causing electrolysis through to the sail drive as this is the area being eaton up and disappearing. I removed the carbon plate and replaced with fibre glass plate to provide an insulator to the carbon fibre haul to the sail drive 2. Installed a 0VDC isolator from all my batteries to avoid any stray currents from the batteries to the carbon haul. 3. Installed anodes on each side of the boat connected to the sail drive via a cable to one of the bolts. This was only when moored. 4. Use probspeed on the prob which is a 3 blade Gori racing version the problem has all gone away as a result of these changes with minimal loss of anodes on my sail drive. The carbon fibre boat next to me had a similar issue and the owner only installed 0VDC isolators on his batteries and I believe his issues also went away.
  3. Chucky

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Lou did have the Hood Melbourne sailmaker as his core crew for many years which probably why his sails were Hood. Later in Lou's sailing life his S38 used North. I believe many of the sort after race boats logos are influenced by their core crew with many top boats spending up big on sails normally have their sail maker as crew as part of the deal. Interestingly the former Melbourne Hoods sailmaker son who jointly runs the Doyle Melbournes loft also sails on Chutzpar which uses Doyle sails. my opinion is that the quality of relationship with sailmaker is as important as the logo on the sails
  4. Chucky

    Which TP52 would you buy?

    Agree that the PAC52's would make a great Hobart racing boat designed for the ocean so minimal modifications, higher free board and dryer below!
  5. Chucky

    Which TP52 would you buy?

    Your thinking does not make sense based on Matt Allens experience when he spent big bucks on a new 60 footer IRC boat to find he was not competitive against the TP52s. He bought the old Shogun and cleaned up most IRC races and then must have worked out a TP52 is the sweat spot for IRC racing boats ordering a new TP52 type boat with some more IRC tweaks. Just look at the recent Hobart rsesults!
  6. Chucky

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    I agree about the Codan HF radios, the HF unit I have on my boat is always one of the best transmitted signals when we are racing in fleets of around 12 boats compared to the others with Icom radios. I find the HF radios excellent when set up correctly as Lydia has stated above. I could not believe how well my radio reception was in Osaka bay talking to Charleeville radio!
  7. Chucky

    Calypso Ultrasonic Anemometer

    I believe the top IMOCA 60 boats still use the B&G 213 MHUs, they always have issues with them in the longer races, ie VG as I recall AT have both his 2 MHU's failing in previous VG races and having to make repairs and mount the repaired unit of the stern. Most race boats replace the 213 MHU circuit board every 2 years are they are a common failure issue. B&G have not re-designed there MHUs for several years as it would be great if B&G could improve this design at some stage as all the other instruments have been improved, ie H5000 series. The B&G (or Airmar) paddle wheels are still used even though they brought out the ultrasonic speed sensors which appeared to be a flop, ie unreliable! If these Calypso MHUs are so good why are the top IMOCA boats not using them? The B&G 213MHU is a high precision analog device. The NMEA2000 conversion at the MHU will affect the accuracy compared to the analogue signal being directly processed into the main instrument processor.
  8. Chucky

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    I Believe this V70 is a charter arrangement for the owner to cover his running costs with a few ring-ins including a commodore from a yacht club in based Melbourne
  9. Chucky

    B&G H3000 Gps and true wind

    I believe you need to consult with an electrical trained technician or engineer to help you draw the above wiring drawing before any of us readers will be able to assist you with your issue. Your drawing is not detailed enough for us to help you at the moment, maybe take some photos of all your equiped and wiring or pay a marine qualified technician to assist with your issues?
  10. Chucky

    Bente 39 – Opinions?

    Are there any sailing reviews available? This boat looks like a great setup for short handed racing or cruising
  11. Chucky

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    I have heard a charter cost is around 20% of the boats value, ie a 40 racing boat would be around $40K plus a couple of new sails. Given the potential trashing of the boats sail wardrobe the charter cost is a cheap way of skippering a boat for a Hobart!. If you are after a cheaper option, I am sure there are lower grade boat options, ie performance handicap rated boats with white sails which will be cheaper, ie $20K The problem with the charter boat option is you will still need to put in the effort (time and money) to make sure the boat is ready to race (only past and present boat owners reading this post will appreciate this comment).
  12. Chucky

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    Hi Rail Meat, What is the difference between the off the shelf H5000 ACP and the Vendee version? Is there a special software version you need to obtain from B&G at an extra cost?
  13. Chucky

    B&G WR10 pilot remote battery life?

    We had the same issue during a recent 5 week two handed ocean race, we had a spare remote on board and once it was paired we did not have any further issues with the spare remote. These remotes should last for weeks. take the old one back to your B&G supplier and request a replacement as it appears they have a common issue with quality control during manufacturing of these units. Suggest you keep a spare one on board and make sure it is paired prior to leaving the dock. We also had a problem with a faulty hard wired display controller which appeared to suffer water engress which would jump from auto to standby unpredictably. We ended up disconnected the nmea2000 connectors from the unit as the autopilot system is able to function from the Zeus chart plotter including all setup and commissioning features. Again it appears these display units have water engress issues so you must have two of these units and recommend locate in a position to avoid water hosing. we also had problems with the operation of the H5000 processor unit but that is another story.
  14. Chucky

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    This Class 40 is great value and looks a better set up than the SYC class 40. I am pretty sure the SYC class 40 is also coming up for sale shortly.
  15. Chucky

    PC/Mac integration with B&G H5000

    I use Expedition connected via ethernet via H-link to a H3000 processor. When a waypoint is set in Expedition, the waypoint information ie distance to WPT, Baaring to WPT etc is available on the FFD in the cockpit. This works well as Expedition is one of the most easily set up chart package for setting up courses as mentioned in a post above is well worth the money spend on the software. It works well with C-Map charts, AIS, weather grib files.