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  1. Chucky


    There was also a Dovell 86 and a Volvo70
  2. Chucky

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    The other issue is the social distancing requirements, I reckon that the two handed division might be the only division which is able to comply (1.5m separation and 4sqm per person per yacht)!
  3. Chucky

    TP 52 Cruiser

    I hope the 9 inch angle grinder lasts as the battery looks like it must be recharging!
  4. Chucky

    Non Skid that works & doesn't look crap?

    I had a so called professional ship wright do some deck repair and did not use a flattening agent to the non skid paint when reapplying a small area on the deck. The gloss finish was obvious against the rest of the decks non skid areas. My advise is to add around 10 to 20% by volume of the flattening agent to the paint. Using this flattening agent should not make any difference in cleaning. Also I would suggest you have a go with the non skid with a small volume of paint and griptex on a piece of plywood (with undercoat) to ensure you are happy with the finish before you attempt your boats decks.
  5. Chucky

    Australian Sailing

    AMS certificates costs $60 per year and I also believe they provide free trial certificates. ORCi and IRC are approx $600 each per year so no wander AMS is so popular in Melbourne and other parts of Australia. I would rate my boat under ORCi but no one in Melbourne races ORCi. IRC is a waste of time and money as not many boats in Melbourne race under IRC with the only boats being all the Beneteau 40 and 45's and other French IRC rating bandits. There are no TP52's left in Melbourne so their IRC rating is not worth mentioning!
  6. Chucky

    Anarchists, and lucky drunks and fisherman

    How far will this boat go before they have major issues, ie engine, batteries, rig, sails, electrical, electronics.......
  7. Chucky

    Farr 30 revisited

    From first impressions l like this 35 foot two handed version. Given it is being built in Australia, it will be an attractive choice for Aussie sailors. This launch is smart timing for the 2020 Sydney Hobart with the new two handed division. Also will provide local back up support in Australia for the owners. The Current Virus may be an issue the build this boat before the end of the year! These type of boats will be the future for club racing and for offshore racing two handed due to their size and lower running costs and not having to chase all the crew. Once the first boats hit the market, it will be interesting to see how the boats goes on IRC. Farr yacht design has not designed a good IRC rating boat for a while, so I will be following this boat to see how it goes, especially against the JPK and SF3300.
  8. Okay thanks for the clarification. Nice boat and looks like it is kept in excellent condition so hope it goers to a new owner who will look after her. I remember the boat when it turned up at our club new as Living Doll as the original canter
  9. Interested that you classify this boat as 'OLD' and to beat a canting version across the line may only be in light winds with no advantage with a canter. The C50 from Geelong in the recent FOS series did not show any pace at all in the lights winds. As for being good on handicap, its a hard ask to try and beat the well sailed TP52's on IRC with this boat as seen from recent race results including the current and previous owner. The add mentions all the comforts but if you are buying a race boat like this and at that price you would want to have some chance of a handicap win or just go and buy a Beneslow. With a fixed keel installed later in its life not designed and built by the original builder and designer I believe
  10. Chucky

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    The Showtime incident is surely not due to lack of maintenance as it was a new keel, ie 12 months old? The issue here appears to be a design or quality control issue with the construction work and not the owners fault....
  11. Chucky

    Caption Contest

    Yes - On its 3rd Day of the '3 Day Long' North Sail
  12. Agree with your comments on the TP52s on IRC and ORCi. The sooner CYCA get rid of IRC and Use ORCi the better for the fleet handicaps in Aus The old IOR one tonner Wild Rose (Far 43) appeared to do well both Offshore and in regatta racing with Roger Hickman at the helm a crew of consistent regular crew
  13. Chucky

    Non Skid that works & doesn't look crap?

    Agree with your comments, flatter must be used otherwise the glare on the non skid looks awful. I do find the cleaning a problem
  14. Chucky

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    How many team members does HB have ? And I like their titles......
  15. Chucky

    Non Skid that works & doesn't look crap?

    I have used AWLgrip paint with their non skid course particles using a short nap roller and have not be able to achieve a consistent finish. I believe the best way to apply the particles is to mix a batch with the paint and apply using a Shultz type air spray gun. this method does not require any moping up and produces a more consistent finish. I would be interested in some feed back from anyone who has sprayed on the non skid using this approach as I would like to re-apply my non skid again.