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  1. Chucky

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    I am not convinced HB has a canting keel as all the footage I have seen so far does not show the keel canted to windward. Maybe the foils are providing the additional stability instead. Does the IMOCA rule have a minimum weight requirement of the overall boat and/or the keel/bulb. Maybe HB has gone for weight savings without the hydraulics?
  2. Chucky

    AMS - bowsprit penalty?

    In addition to trial certificates, suggest you work with your sail maker. Most sail makers know what the best set up is for the AMS (Australian Measurement System) rating and will also provide guidance on the SPL lengths to use on the trial certificates. Note - Given you only have a 36 footer, the crew should be able to handle the kite without a sock!
  3. Chucky

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    The number of boats in the last VG with Canting mechanical failure was also at least two??, so going with a fixed keel removes the risk of the mechanical/hydraulic failures!
  4. Chucky

    New imoca boats

    It would be great to see inside the boat including the haylards, sheets, winches, tiller, instrument displays, seat etc? There must be some type of second lower cockpit enclosed with the solar panels being transparent! Does the coach top lift up on some type of hinge arrangement to allow access to the enclosed cockpit?
  5. Chucky

    c map vs. navionics

    I agree with Moonduster, Navionics provides much more detail in harbours than C-Map. C-Map is better in some places for example in the Pacific Islands including reefs. The choice will also come down to where you are sailing/racing. Most serious racing boats normally use both of these to ensure coverage is provided!
  6. Chucky

    2 Handed S2H

    This change should bring some more Class 40 boats from Europe over to Aus! The Class 40 will be a great boat for the Hobart race with water ballast with a cabin top with protection from the white water going up hill. I assume they will start the 2 handed division last on the back start line to avoid all the other boats in case there is a sea breeze at the start!
  7. Chucky

    Ultrasonic/Electromagnetic Speed Logs?

    I have noticed my paddle wheel does not register a speed under 1 kt, how does the CS4500 perform in less than 1kt?
  8. Chucky

    3-way valve - raw water intake

    I have also seen a 3 way valve on a raw water engine inlet used for any emergency bilge pump. The theory is that if you have major water leak or need remove a significant amount of water in the bildge you start the engine and then switch the 3 way valve over to the bilge and the engine will remove most of the bildge water.
  9. Chucky

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    The facts are from previous Association Cup events run only once a year: 1. First Death 2009?? - Adam's 10 racing boat with no lifelines, helms person lost over board and dies (no PFD on). Conditions 30Kts plus NOR changed to make if mandatory for PFD to be word on keel boats with no lifelines 2. Second Death 2018 - Another Adams 10 racing with no lifelines, helms-person lost overboard and dies, apparently wearing a PFD! Conditions 30Kts plus I believe the SYC RC have made their decision for a reason and it is hard to believe that Royals have declined to participate with the requirement for lifelines based both these incidents coming from their own club and MelbourneA31 being a previous CC? Note - Keel boat races may start in 25kts (Upper limit) but many of them may be raced and finished in 30kts plus, just look at the previous Association Cup events
  10. Chucky

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Flatbag, good response which I totally agree with. SYC are using the PFD flag being flown quite frequency lately even for many of the twilight races. The Royals Adams 10's may need to consider installing lifelines shortly if they are to be any chance of wining the Association Cup!
  11. Chucky

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Its sad that Royals have declined to race safely with the life line requirements! SYC have done the right thing given the previous history of two skippers loss of life from Royals Adams 10 boats. Royals would also struggle to find any race boats left anyway without any of their Adam 10 racing!
  12. Chucky

    Electricity and Corrosion

    Josh, I had a similar problem on my Carbon fibre race boat and solved the issue by installing a OVDC isolator for each battery (Starter and house). You may find it easier to replace your main battery isolators with a double pole type switch to allow both the 12V and OV cables to be isolated with the one switch. The other way to avoid the anode on your sail drive from being eaten up quickly is to provide additional zinc anodes over the side (one on each side) connected to an earth wire which is connected to your sail drive. Most carbon fire boats use this approach to avoid galvanic corrosion.
  13. Chucky

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I believe one of the 40 footer Don Jones Cadibarra boats owned the King Island record for many years and it took a 50 footer to recently take the record!
  14. Chucky

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?

    Is the Monster project still chained to the dock in Sydney? I see its entered in this years Transpac race but may need get to the starting line due to some pontential legal challenges by the Sydney Hobart charter crew?
  15. Chucky

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Appears that most Melbourne boat owners does not support IRC rating and prefer the AMS rating unless you own a TP52 or B45! The exception is the Botin 40 which appears to be sailed well and also rates on IRC The FOS entry list appears to be the same with most of the other types of race boats preferring the AMS cruising division. I certainly prefer AMS over IRC as it rates most race boats better than IRC