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  2. sailm8

    Craiglist Car Buying Rant

    Our police dept has a 24-hour lighted area with cameras for CL exchanges. Cut way down on rip offs.
  3. sailm8

    Ancestry DNA

    Son-in-law is mostly Neanderthal go figure.
  4. We have a lock box hanging on the door with a key inside. The medic alert company has the code for first responders.
  5. We have a very simple system from Nothing fancy just a lanyard that my 97 year old wears everywhere in the house. She no longer drives so we only needed in the home coverage.
  6. sailm8

    The Best Drunk Food

  7. sailm8

    Random PicThread

    Great selection, thanks
  8. Zabriskie Point Vanishing Point
  9. sailm8

    strange thought while commuting

    Ever arrive at work and not remember any part of the drive?
  10. sailm8

    grumpy old farts vindicated

    Millennial Whoop! Finally that "sound" has a name.
  11. sailm8

    Parisian Rental Anarchy

    We stayed here for a week with 2 other couples. Owned by an American lady who lived I think in Mass. 1 block or so from the Metro.
  12. sailm8

    "National Cleavage Day"

    With those tits in the way I doubt she can see it.
  13. sailm8


    There is so much to see in DC I would skip Annapolis. Love the Smithsonian.