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  1. Random PicThread

  2. Flashmobs

    First one I ever heard.
  3. Tom Scott and UnTom

    We haven't been home to Punta Gorda yet but heard our house survived and the boat did not sink. Never lost power during the storm probably due to the hardening after Charley. Very thankful.
  4. Irma

    A year ago we made reservations for Williamsburg. Leaving Punta Gorda Thursday morning. Boat is prepped but after riding out Charley I don't expect it to survive. The debris flying through the air was incredible. Sheared off masts and made boats look like porcupines. Also so many boats belong to snowbirds who did little or no prep.
  5. Floriduh is Catching Up With Me

    Big Penis defense http://nypost.com/2017/05/23/murder-suspect-who-used-big-penis-defense-found-not-guilty/
  6. Solar Eclipse Plans

    Will be in Miami on Haulover clothng optional beach. Will only see a partial Eclipse but plenty of moons.
  7. Dunkirk film

    +1 never looked like more than a good football crowd.
  8. Self-publishing

    We used Walgreens Photo to make a book of one of our trips. Turned the word document log into a series of jpegs for one side of the page and pictures on the other. Don't see whi both sides can't be words. A coffee table size book was about $50. You can also design a cover. This was several years ago and the photo book companies are everywhere now. Once it is uploaded you can always order more.
  9. Random PicThread

    On my Mac book pro I use google chrome and hold down control and click on the picture
  10. The Keepers

    In my past life I produced religious video for the church. Beside never wanting to pay, the priest I was connected closely with turned out to be a pedo. Never been back since.
  11. Mt. St. Helens

    Remember Harry Truman who wouldn't move away?
  12. everglades

    How old are the kids? The glades can be endless hours of swamp. You will see plenty when you drive drive alligator alley. Everglades City (Rod and Gun Club) is small and quirky. Might arrange an airboat or swamp buggie tour. A few hours of the 'glades might be all a kid could take.