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  1. sailm8

    Movies I've Rewatched due to Covid-19

    A fish called Wanda
  2. sailm8

    Apps for the elderly

    We bought my 98 year old Mom a $60 Walmart tablet and loaded solitaire, Mahjong and some others but those are the only 2 she plays. Every once in a while we need to untangle the mess she's made but otherwise very successful.
  3. sailm8

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    You will fit right in. Ft Lauderdale is on the East coast.
  4. sailm8


    Now they say it was a woman in her 50's.
  5. sailm8


    The media is reporting the first US death. A 19 year old in the Northwest.
  6. sailm8

    Clive Cussler DTS

    RIP Dirk Pitt
  7. sailm8

    Katherine Johnson DTS RIP
  8. sailm8

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    LaBelle has free city docks with hookup for power and water. Easy to the Log Cabin for BBQ and breakfast. Nice little town. Been across twice nice trip.
  9. sailm8

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    Great scene! Spielberg copied it for Jurassic Park.
  10. sailm8

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    This movie terrified my wife when she was a little girl. Went to the movie with her family, and when she went to bed that night she looked under her bed. She freaked when she saw her brother's football. She was sure it was a pod. For mr it was Alien . We were coming home from a get away without the kids and had time to kill so we went to the movies. Knew nothing about the film and when that chest buster popped out we freaked along with a theater full of people.
  11. sailm8

    Floriduh Man

    Exactly, they wait for the 3:30 early bird special.
  12. My HOA limits our slips to one vessel per slip. You are allowed 48 hours to float your dinghy behind your boat, and boats on davits are OK. The purpose was to avoid a brace of jetski's or kayaks,canoes or water toys crammed into one slip. Right or wrong it works.
  13. What were Sky and Penny doing when the sheriff called?
  14. sailm8

    Moovie Review Threade

    Saw Bombshell yesterday. 3 snags Beautiful women in a horrible situation but the audience I saw it with was mostly Fox watchers (SW Florida) and saw little wrong or any irony with the their situation. No audience reaction at all. Margo Robbie's eyes and expressions were worth admission for me.