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  1. There is a nautical museum in Barcelona near the marina. Get ticket to the hop on hop off bus. It will save your feet. Don't miss the sacra familia no matter how long the lines. Watch out for pick pockets.
  2. sailm8

    Moovie Review Threade

    Space monkeys, don't forget space monkeys.
  3. sailm8

    Random PicThread

    They never show that the arrow is pointing at the St Louis University medical school.
  4. sailm8

    Moovie Review Threade

    Saw Ad Astra. The best part was the preview for Ford vs Ferrari. One Snag
  5. sailm8

    now who was surpised..

    Have they tried calling customer service? Ask for Carl.
  6. sailm8

    Floriduh Man

    Not all bad/wierd news from Florida.
  7. sailm8

    CPAP on charter

    My wifes machine had a 12v converter we oculd buy for about $90. I got a few 12v extension cords and plugged into the charters 12v socket. Turned off the humidifier.
  8. sailm8

    Random PicThread

    CGI is easier with less detail to render. Saves money.
  9. sailm8

    POS found DTS

    Let the conspiracies begin.
  10. sailm8


    Carl Gottlieb who wrote the screenplay also kept a diary of the making of Jaws. He stated Dreyfuss did just about every waitress on the island during the down time caused by production problems.
  11. sailm8

    Random PicThread

    Sea Hunt inspired me and two buddies to get SCUBA certified. Took lessons on those old two hose rigs.
  12. sailm8

    Favourite movies?

    2001 Blues Brothers Apollo 13
  13. sailm8

    Random PicThread