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  1. Terrorvision

    Top 10 Most Prestigious Trophies in Sailing Today?

    ESS and WMRT are non-events and the AC is becoming that way with the arms race and lack of actual sailing that takes place in it. RdR, 52 Series, Star series, Vendee, Volvo and depending on where you based; the Fastnet, TransPac, China Coast Regatta, Hobart, Giraglia.....or your home club annual regatta.
  2. These are the same D-average high schoolers that drank engine coolant and yelled, 'Kill a commie for your Mommy'.
  3. I'm pretty sure he, like the rest of us, also knows that Trump and his Republican sheep are even more of a fucking joke, hence the ease in which he can manipulate them.
  4. Terrorvision

    A good guy with a gun, too bad

    But at least an immediate ban on Romaine lettuce has you safe in your houses.
  5. Terrorvision

    Need a new vehicle

    Mitsubishis are bulletproof and much more to them than Toyotas. Mitsubishi Outlander but its a pity you don't have the Pajero Sport there.
  6. Terrorvision

    Magic 25 Rig Tune

    If you’re looking to replace sails then either go to Ian Short or North NZL as they race their own Magics.
  7. Terrorvision

    Magic 25 Rig Tune

    Sounds about right! Bend it to just where you think it will snap, then keep going a bit more! We smashed the tits off the Magics in big winds and all of them are still on their original spars. We went downwind in honking conditions and decided to get the kite up and were having a blast until the skippy pointed out that the tip of the mast was on the edge of inverting, the kite was pulling it so much. No idea what speeds we hit but it felt like we were doing 50 knots* and we swallowed a lot of water through our laughs and woots! *Obviously we weren't!
  8. Terrorvision

    Magic 25 Rig Tune

    I am curious as to the topline tuning tips in the document as I used to sail Magics quite a bit and don't remember there being much tuning involved, unless you mean for the set-up when you're putting the stick in and setting it up. With a near useless vang and outhaul with a fixed bridle on the main you are really only left with jib cars and cunni. We fiddles with adjusting the ram when we were n light wind and/or going downwind but didn't notice enough difference to overcome the hassle of doing it whilst racing. We found that weight distribution played a much bigger role, as did playing that big kite downwind to its max. Cheers.
  9. Terrorvision

    Magic 25 Rig Tune

  10. Terrorvision

    Route du Rhum 2018

    With a screen name like that, you are expected to!
  11. Terrorvision

    Musicians Who Deserve Their Great Reputations

    The Tragically Hip are one of those bands that truly deserve to be in this thread. It's odd how so many artists can be massive in their own country yet be very underestimated in others. It is more understandable if they are 'foreign' bands and don't perform in English but still, good music is good music. The Australian version of this phenomenon is Powderfinger. A good Dutch performer:
  12. Terrorvision

    We finally know what Hillary Clinton knew

    Anything outside Texas is. Do keep up.
  13. Terrorvision

    Ivanka For United Nations Ambassador (not a joke)

    The presidency of the United States has been reduced to a daughter looking after a father who is going through his period.
  14. Terrorvision

    Musicians Who Deserve Their Great Reputations

    I'm seeing a lot more to John Mayer. His finger and thumb playing gives an amazing sound.