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  1. And yet his approval ratings are at an all-time high.
  2. Terrorvision

    The F1 2020 thread

    Cancel the spectators but keep the race.
  3. Terrorvision

    Flying Tiger hanging by the rudder

    You are correct, I misconstrued the context of the quote you highlighted.
  4. Terrorvision

    Flying Tiger hanging by the rudder

    As English isn't my native language you would possibly be surprised that even I know that the subject of the post was in regards to, 'Flying Tiger hanging by the rudder'. This was confirmed in the first sentence of the post in which the primary question was posed, 'Has anyone still got a copy of the photo taken in the factory of an FT10 suspended by the rudder pintles?' By dint of starting with, 'IIRC' the second sentence was framed as supposition and not subject so your belligerence in claiming that your response was to the latter half is smoke and mirrors to the fact that it is, in fact, you who has problems reading and comprehending the English language.
  5. Terrorvision

    Flying Tiger hanging by the rudder

    If only that was true. People were there. people saw it. Someone posted it.
  6. Terrorvision

    52 Super Series Thread

    Presumably, they get average points for the remainder of this regatta.
  7. Terrorvision

    52 Super Series Thread

    Day 2 highlights
  8. Terrorvision

    The F1 2020 thread

    I was hoping for Kimi all season 2, but great tease at the end with his quote and possibly the best 10 seconds of the series!
  9. Terrorvision

    SailGP 2020

    The app that didn’t show anything until I ran through a VPN? Fuck off. Got it working for the final, what a boring load of shit.
  10. Terrorvision

    SailGP 2020

    Me too- what is wrong with the app? Surely that isn’t what they’re showing instead of the main racing?
  11. Terrorvision

    Trump in India.

    Well before an Orang Utan took over Mar-A-Lardo North.
  12. Terrorvision

    40 years ago today, the world got a little sadder

    After Back In Black the world hasn't been the same.
  13. Terrorvision

    West Point prof takes a swing at low low standards

    A one-man human centipede.
  14. Terrorvision

    Mountain bike anarchy...

    Its always buyer-beware with a carbon frame. If its been ridden hard by the previous owner there could be hidden damage. Stumpjumper is a well-proven tough bike. Specs are good on paper but often make little difference for a rider who is smashing about at the weekends. I ride an Orange Five Pro but the Stumpjumper was in my top three when I made the purchase.
  15. Terrorvision

    Romney for Nobel Peace Prize

    You thought Greta being nominated would stir up Trump and his acolytes? Putting Romney up for it, even suggesting the possibility, would have him frothing!