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  1. Terrorvision

    Vendee Globe 2020

    To be fair, Blurred Lines was a massive hit recently and that was a song about the fine line between consensual sex and rape and how it's OK if she's hot.
  2. Terrorvision

    Where will Donald Jr, Eric, and Ivanka Trump run?

    My vote is for Ukraine purely because they wouldn’t understand the irony.
  3. Terrorvision

    Comanche sold again?

    Mitch Booth? Hope it's not going offshore.
  4. Terrorvision

    The F1 2020 thread

    Best race for many years! And the winner deserved this one, as much as I don't like him he drove a masterclass.
  5. Terrorvision

    Fuck Greg Norman too

    I worked with Greg Norman on a course several years ago and he comes with a team as part of it, including a big American good old boy! The bill for having GN design and endorse your course is not a small one and I suspect he would take no fuckery when it comes to a payment schedule. Of course, my comment was made with zero backing as I have no idea if he is or not, but I did hear that the orange cock-drip is planning another course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland where he has said he will go and live if he loses the election. As far as I know, there is extradition between the UK and the US up to the point of Scottish Independence so he may hang out with Kim Yong Un until Prime Minister Sturgeon decides.
  6. Terrorvision

    Fuck Greg Norman too

    Guess who just got the commission for designing Trump's new golf course!
  7. Terrorvision

    New Pogo 44 first sailing pics

    As a graphically-driven person, I would suggest that having the lower half of the 'g' in Pogo falling off the chine may have been a mistake. It now looks like it has 'pooo' down the side.... Apart from that, yes please, I will have one.
  8. Terrorvision

    Everyone worth upsetting in the UK upset

    Didn't know there was a uniform to celebrate his vices!
  9. Terrorvision

    “The Big Guy “

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.....
  10. Terrorvision

    The F1 2020 thread

    A very tight top 5, less than half a second between them. 1 Lewis HAMILTON Mercedes 1:16.652 2 Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes 1:16.754 3 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing 1:16.904 4 Charles LECLERC Ferrari 1:17.090 5 Sergio PEREZ Racing Point 1:17.223
  11. Terrorvision

    iPhone to Android - iTunes options?

    Thanks, have heard of MediaMonkey so will look it up too.
  12. Terrorvision

    iPhone to Android - iTunes options?

    I've downloaded it to give it a try, but reviews aren't strong for it. Thanks. When I searched it didn't come up at all, just a few 'top 5...' type sites usually pushing their own Russian-looking apps. Edit: I downloaded it, logged in with my account, and it won't let me do anything unless I subscribe. Deleting app.....
  13. I recently moved from iPhone to Android and, after many years of iPhones, am pretty happy with the change. With one exception.... I really miss iTunes. When I first did the change I dumped a load of music into Google Play that was native to the unit. It didn't take long to see how limited this app is so I looked for, and downloaded a few others to try. None of them had the functionality I wanted, so in an attempt to not have to keep downloading and deleting apps, and before Google deletes Play and makes me subscribe to a YouTube service I don't want, has anybody nailed one that fits all or some of the following things I miss from iTunes: - The ability to have a music library based on my laptop/hard drive where I can arrange playlists, change names, update info etc before moving to a phone - Also use on an iPad and the old iPhone 6 to have the same stuff on them - Easily set up playlists, not individually select songs on my phone to drag into playlists - Have podcasts and books in the same set up I know there is Spotify etc, but I dont want to pay for another subscription service and I am also out of network range quite a lot. Cheers in advance
  14. Terrorvision

    Vendee Village Visits

    Anyone going to the village when it opens on the 17th October and possibly for day of the start (or the day before, depending on tides)? Could meet up for moules frites and a beer.