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  1. Terrorvision


    There's plenty of them around where I live and they very practical and reliable. Also used a lot for taxis in rural Italy. I had a Nissan Juke as a rental for a few weeks and they are as practical as they look. Why they have the popularity they do is anybody's guess, and I Iike Nissans; had an X-Terra for many years.
  2. Terrorvision


    I also work in the field of design and aesthetics and am constantly surprised at what looks good to some people. Someone signed off on these......
  3. Terrorvision


    You're new here, aren't you?
  4. Terrorvision

    AC Rugby

    There have been positive echoes with regards to this through the Pacific Rugby Players organisation http://pacificrugbyplayers.com that seeks to support players in other countries, Rococoko is the PRM for the 400 players in France: 'Player Relationship Managers (PRMs) are responsible for supporting Pacific Islanders playing in clubs and competitions throughout Europe. As well as assisting players adjust to life abroad, PRMs strengthen connections with local rugby organisations including the Rugby Players Association (RPA) in England and Provale (France) to help players establish successful careers away from rugby and navigate the many issues that arise while living and playing abroad.'
  5. Terrorvision

    Former ericsson4/groupama70 VO70 now with foils

    Not with a crew of 48 it won't be.....
  6. Terrorvision

    Best speech or monologue in a movie

    Christopher Walken also needs to be in this:
  7. Terrorvision

    But, her emails!

    About as much time as the audits on the lard-in-chief's tax returns it seems.
  8. Terrorvision

    Best speech or monologue in a movie

    Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator:
  9. So long as you have a Sharpie, the alternative facts will always come out in the end.
  10. Terrorvision

    Casio G-Shock. Which one?

    I had a G-Shock with hands on it and it was useless on deck at night. The face had too much going on and the hands weren't backlit enough to see the time with any accuracy. I'd go full digital display if I bought another one.
  11. Terrorvision

    Another mass Shooting in Texas- Active.

    Mar a Lardo is a bit too close to Dorian, better to plan from further away in the woods of Virginia.
  12. Terrorvision

    Trans-Atlantic Race

    They are sailing with a reefed main and no headsail as there is damage and they are waiting to get out of the 28-knot winds to make repairs.
  13. Terrorvision

    Unwanted Ivanka

    #unwantedivanka on Twitter just keeps on giving!