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  1. chocoa

    Team NYYC

    maybe those bulbs/cones on the hydro-foils has solved the cavitation problem that vexes at high speed. sorry If I missed previous reference but that seems clearest conclusion but maybe entz have it in the pipe line too..
  2. chocoa

    Team UK

    That is funny- alpha/beta #bring the cup home to a broken country.
  3. chocoa

    How to watch live races?

    watch from anywhere-nowhere
  4. chocoa

    Race Replays

    great job rudder! Thanks
  5. chocoa

    How to watch live races?

    Ken read is doing a great job talking on BT
  6. chocoa

    How to watch live races?

    Oracle are total ingrates for racing in the Louis Vuitton challenger series.
  7. chocoa

    How to watch live races?

    of course it works. . .that is why I posted it.
  8. chocoa

    How to watch live races?

    you can stream it on your computer just click on the links far right.
  9. chocoa

    Oracle Team USA

    Dangerousdave ----not off target- My premise- when you (as Sir RC does) have a company like Oracle (with the culture you speak of) backing you, enriching you, writing a seemingly blank check, it empowers/perverts you to be an ingrate. Whatever integrity Sir RC had is lost to his nouveau corporate mindset. My definition of ingrate is a America's cup defender racing in the LV challenger series and having a challenger testing poodle Team Japan. Also strong-arming the majority of challengers to sign an agreement to bend over to an "Framework Agreement" for the upcoming 36th and 37th America’s Cup “People who want to enter this race now know how much it will cost, what kind of boat they need to build and that the rules can’t change on them,” said Larry Ellison, the Team Founder of ORACLE TEAM USA . -I would say that is a false statement, the "Framework Agreement" is about absolute control, for Oracle. As booze says - "It's no surprise, Oracle has built a poor reputation with a huge number of their customers. Arrogance, vendor lock in, inflexibility and expensive compliance "
  10. chocoa

    Oracle Team USA

    I admire Larry Ellison for creating Oracle and spending a 1,000,000,000+ dollars on sailing, but- Following the terror attacks of September 11, Ellison, Oracle’s executive chairman, began a campaign for a national identification database, while working with intelligence agencies to offer new integrated services. “A national security database combined with biometrics, thumb prints, hand prints, iris scans or whatever is best can be used to detect people with false identities,” Ellison wrote in a New York Times opinion column following the attacks. ”The Oracle database is used to keep track of basically everything,” Ellison confided to journalist Jeffrey Rosen for New York Times Magazine. “The information about your banks, your checking balance, your savings balance is stored in an Oracle database. Your airline reservation is stored in an Oracle database. What books you bought on Amazon is stored in an Oracle database. Your profile on Yahoo is stored in an Oracle database,” Ellison boasted. hmmmm. ​Might explain how RC got completely empowered to become a Dictator.
  11. chocoa

    Team UK

    What bit of "it's a one design hull shape" do you not understand? It is identical to the French approach and has to be to comply with the rulesYes, the visible differences will be apparent in the pods, fairings and (limited number of) foils. ~How well~ they all work will provide insight into who has the better control systems underneath and inside the (mostly OD shape) wing. Thanks stingray--- oh that's right the bows have to be built in the teams home country. The rest can be built in NZ. I feel these "one design " elements and the defender racing the challengers before the defense is turning the cup into something it was never intended to be-serial entertainment.
  12. chocoa

    Team UK

    maybe this is just a testing dead end
  13. chocoa

    Team UK

    the bow- incredibly narrow and sharp, very different than the french approach. I guess in that little harbour there is just flat water. . . Pathetic the way the defender gets to race all the challengers ahead of the actual defense.