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  1. chocoa

    Team NYYC

    maybe those bulbs/cones on the hydro-foils has solved the cavitation problem that vexes at high speed. sorry If I missed previous reference but that seems clearest conclusion but maybe entz have it in the pipe line too..
  2. chocoa

    Team NZ

    Tiger is visiting Oracle tonight for an inspiration pow wow-
  3. chocoa

    Team UK

    That is funny- alpha/beta #bring the cup home to a broken country.
  4. chocoa

    Team NZ

    Whitmarsh predicted that Ainslie’s aggressive pre-starts would be a particular concern for Peter Burling, the Kiwi helm. With high winds and “only one race boat”, he warned, the stakes would be very high.
  5. chocoa

    How to watch live races?

    watch from anywhere-nowhere
  6. chocoa

    Team NZ

    I feel that Burling has made some very thoughtful comments/insights into today's racing and subsequent loss. He made mistakes but seems aware of that fact and the equal possibility of learning from those missteps and learning/repeating the positives that went right.. Oracle won a race today but not the cup. There is a reason Burling is the helmsman of ETNZ and that starts with his levelheadedness, not too high not to low. No wasted energy. From his demeanor today it was hard to tell if he lost or won- As a athlete you do not want to get swept up by emotions or posturing like some. Great racing and TV broadcasts/commentary so far- Everything has been a success, RC must be sky-high..
  7. chocoa

    Team NZ

    the pre start boundaries do or don't matter?
  8. chocoa

    Team NZ

    some others have stated and I agree it did look as if Oracle sailed out of bounds by a wide margin before the start. I'm assuming the graphics are correct because team France just barely nudged the out of bounds line and got a penalty.
  9. chocoa

    Race Replays

    great job rudder! Thanks
  10. chocoa

    Team NZ

    bored, boring---- It was an analogy for above post- Time for your guys nap.
  11. chocoa

    Team NZ

    Like I tell my 17 year old niece-You find something boring because you are boring.
  12. chocoa

    Team NZ

    deano looked great in that start today-steady confident. Maybe ETNZ pushed him out the door too soon?
  13. chocoa

    How to watch live races?

    Ken read is doing a great job talking on BT
  14. chocoa

    How to watch live races?

    Oracle are total ingrates for racing in the Louis Vuitton challenger series.
  15. chocoa

    How to watch live races?

    of course it works. . .that is why I posted it.