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  1. porthos

    AC TV Coverage

    While you are correct that patents are not copyrights, there are still things you can copyright with respect to software, including LiveLine.. I haven't looked at any of the GUI cases recently, but there are other aspects of software that you can certainly copyright, such as the code.
  2. porthos

    Who goes home first

    I may be missing something but the fact that the weather is so hard to predict in Auckland would seem to counsel in favor of allowing teams to make changes on a daily basis rather than making them guess about the unpredictable days in advance. The prior two cycles seem to show that measuring each race day is at least possible. There are certainly trade-offs to locking a boat into a given configuration for a weekend of sailing. On the one hand, watching an ill-suited boat struggle around a course is painful and does allow chance to play more of a role in the outcome of a race. On the other, and as you noted, having these restrictions tests both the designers and the crew, so there is certainly merit to that.
  3. porthos

    Who goes home first

    I ask because I do not know: what can they change between races or between race days (after being measured)? Just the jib? The main? I know they can't change foils, although I'm not sure what the merit is in locking a boat into a specific setup for an entire weekend of racing. The wind and conditions can change substantially from one day to the next so why not let the teams change the boats to suit different conditions on different days? Perhaps it's the notion that forcing teams to pick their setup and deal with it regardless of the conditions helps to identify the better sailors. Personally, I like the idea of "bring your best boat to the line" and these restrictions seem to push teams to develop a single "good-at-most-things-great-at-nothing" package that they will end up using most of the time unless the weather for the upcoming races is both consistent and nearly guaranteed. To be clear, since all teams have to operate under these rules, they are fair. Also, AM's boom looks like shit.
  4. porthos

    Team NYYC

    Perhaps it's just the feed (I doubt it) but the difference in the on-board chatter and communication that you hear on INEOS and LuuuuuuuuunaRossaPradaPirelli on the one hand, compared to AM on the other, is striking, particularly in yesterday's races. AM sounded like a funeral. They sounded lost and frustrated that conditions were challenging whereas the other teams worked the problem in front of them through communication and teamwork. I'm not sure I've heard TH speak once.* Right now, the crew looks to be the weakest part of this boat. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *In fairness to him, I have no idea what he sounds like when not in front of a microphone.
  5. porthos

    AC TV Coverage

    I assume the replays are just what was shown live. Haven't watched one yet.
  6. porthos

    AC TV Coverage

    There were fewer graphics on the live feed (no meter lines, no VMG lines) but the boundary lines were there. They cut to Virtual Eye graphics (which apparently are not part of the dispute) frequently to show what was missing on the live feed.
  7. Sounds like most teams have, which rather negates the benefits of using a less-expensive system.
  8. The AC has absolutely evolved into a hydro mechanical lifting competition. Pretty sure GBR showed that rather painfully yesterday. But I totally agree with you that there are good and valid reasons for making certain things one design and basically eliminating the contest there. Intent is very easy to project but very difficult to know. I think we can know two things: (1) ETNZ knew this system can work but can also have some issues; and (2) they were okay choose it for everyone else. Again, as the defender, they get to make those choices. If the other teams want to do something different, go win the cup.
  9. Uh, the races have sorta shown that it is a performance component. If what ncs suggests is correct that this system was a bit of a less-expensive workaround, certainly some of the teams would no doubt prefer to pay more for a less temperamental system rather than figure out how to use it as currently configured. Just a guess, but based on the language coming from some of the teams, probably a decent one.
  10. Those two statements are in no way inconsistent. Again, ETNZ found a way to make this system work so there is nothing wrong for asking the other teams to do the same. My guess is that the other teams would rather design their own system than use this one, but the rules is the rules.
  11. Nowhere have I attributed malice to ETNZ. I find them to be fierce but fair competitors. They are not asking any team to do something they themselves have not already done.
  12. Seems like an odd place to achieve savings given everything else (like coming up with an entirely new class of boat), but that's above my paygrade. Either way, these incredibly well-funded challengers ought to be able to figure out how to make this by all reports temperamental system work.
  13. There is nothing sinister about it. Good on the Kiwis for making some thing work and challenging the others to catch up.