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  1. micha571

    Knots on slippery dyneema shock cord

    You could just splice the shock cord into the dyneema and taper the shock cord a bit, then put a whipping on it to secure the connection.
  2. micha571

    What Rope for Spin Pole Bridle?

    Splicing bungee into the bridles is great, it really makes for a neat arrangement, the bridles don't flop around when not in use. See picture, the bungees are good visible there.
  3. micha571

    NMEA2000 to Fastnet (B&G) converter?

    I recommend asking Tinley Electronics if they have some sort of converter. They do a lot of converters NMEA/N2K/Fastnet, have a look at their site: https://www.tinleyelectronics.com/products.htm
  4. micha571

    Is this the Figaro III?

    There is one up for sale in France: https://www.leboncoin.fr/nautisme/1774162389.htm/
  5. micha571

    Stowing One-Touch Winch Handle

    Same experience here. They fit well into regular handle holders.
  6. micha571

    Runner Block Replacements

    That is a 32:1 purchase.
  7. micha571

    Viadana hardware

    I have had a 57mm Viadana block (the one that looks almost identical to the 57mm Harken Carbo block ) on the mainsheet of my old boat (33footer), it was sitting and working there flawlessly for seven years until I sold the boat.
  8. micha571

    Terminating Dyneema cored yacht braid

    Pull out the dyneema core a bit and cut 1-2 cm of the core off. Milk the cover back over the core. Now the core should have disappeard in the cover. Then just melt the end of the cover with a lighter. Job done.
  9. micha571

    Ultrasonic/Electromagnetic Speed Logs?

    Unlikely. At my berth, there‘s usually no current. And the log is always showing that, regardless wether I‘m at my own berth or someplace else.
  10. micha571

    Ultrasonic/Electromagnetic Speed Logs?

    I have a B&G ultrasonic on my new boat, it‘s the same as the Airmar CS5400. Works perfect so far. When not moving, it always shows 0.1 to 0.3 knots, but that is normal as far as I know.
  11. On our new boat, we have a little problem with the B&G FFDs. We have two FFDs in the cockpit, and two on the mast. I want to set up permanent pages on the FFDs, so when the system is turned off and back on, I have all the data where I want it. On the cockpit FFDs this works fine, I can set up the permanent pages as in the manual and these pages are always shown when the system is turned off and on again. On the mast displays, it does not work. I have tried multiple times setting up the permanent pages. But every time the system is powered off and back on, both mast FFDs show speed in the upper line and depth in the lower line, but not the wind data I want them to show. I'm a bit puzzled by this, as the system does not show any other problems. Any ideas on how to fix this? The manual says (and that's what I've tried): "2.3.2 Page Display Configuration The Page Key allows the user to configure four pages per FFD depending on the required use at that position. To store the setting in Paragraph 2.3.1 as a permanent new page, proceed as follows: (1) Press Scroll Up or Scroll Down and scroll text to CNFG DSP. Note Scroll Up or Scroll Down can be used because we are configuring the whole page, both upper and lower displays. (2) Press Enter, PAGE is shown in the appropriate display. (3) Press Enter, the digital display is blanked and the two functions selected are displayed in the text. Note At this point, either of the two functions may be changed if required using the Scroll Up or Scroll Down Keys. (4) Press Enter to accept the new page configuration and restore the digital display. You will be able to set up each FFD on the boat for the people in the immediate vicinity, each crew member being able to develop their own pages for the information that is most needed on the FFD. All page displays are held in the display memory, independent of the power supply.
  12. micha571

    Building a cunningham

    I've had 8:1 on my 33footer. Easy to pull and cleat.
  13. micha571

    Brexit, WTF

    Hi CMS, have written you a private message, did you get it?
  14. micha571

    Brooks & Shithouse

    I have a Hydra2000 system which was installed somewhere around the end of the 90ies... and still works flawlessly. Hydra2000 processor Halcyon2000 compass MHU213 wind vane Sonic Speed Sensor Depth sensor two FFD-displays two 20/20 mast displays (added later) I have changed the compass once because it was dead, but other than that, I can't complain, either.