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  1. Sysfx

    what is it?

    A communication problem. Humankind developed speech and then writing to keep records, so known errors are not repeated, but there are some who don't read nor listen.
  2. Sysfx

    shit show (front page)

    To some extent they are. Lower the jib, dial zero lift, partly raise the boards and sail like a normal cat.
  3. Sysfx

    shit show (front page)

    If it doesn't, it's not a test boat.
  4. Formula 40 reinvented.
  5. Sysfx

    Hobie 16's dropped from Pan Am Games

    I liked the changes and agree that the Sunfish, Lightning and Snipe are good candidates for replacement too.
  6. Sysfx

    F-22 Update

    As per Ian's response, fitting a boom is not a problem, but boomless is simpler, cheaper, lighter, safer and, therefore, better. I have been sailing boomless cats (Supercats) for two decades. You can set the angle of mast self-rotation simply moving the the mainsail to clew attachment forward or aft, you save weight, money and rigging time (boom, gooseneck, fittings, reinforcements, etc.), an inadvertent jibe will not hit your nearly as hard and rolling/storage of the sail is easier. The only possible downside is less control of sail curvature on the foot downwind, which requires a relatively stiffer lower batten with adjustable tension. Ian is fine tuning details like this now. The advantage of buying a great product from a great designer/builder is that all the thinking has been thoroughly done and do not have to change anything. Go boomless. Luiz Waiting for the one design version