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    Dry-sail A Cat in San Francisco

    Hi All, Thank you all so much for your help! I'll have to check out Treasure Island and Richmond and report back for others who might find this thread after searching. I have the feeling that the drive to Richmond may be worth it to have calmer waters and wind. Also, it'll be good to have more mature facilities and other high performance racing boats/people. - Ian
  2. Hi All, I just moved to SF from the midwest and I'm trying to get my foiling A-cat out to the Bay. At my former club, we had great facilities for cats: We had dry storage and an attached beach to launch. Is there anything like this in SF? I noticed that Treasure Island Sailing Center had some dry facilities advertised that should fit my boat. Preferably it would be something near the city and not down the peninsula or up the bay.. Also, does anyone have any sense for the foiling/cat communities in the Bay? I think i noticed an f18 fleet out of redwood city? Anything else? I appreciate any leads! - Ian
  3. ians

    Race Replays

    For those looking for torrent clients, i recommend Transmission. Its lightweight and FOSS and is the default torrent client included in most Linux distros. https://transmissionbt.com/