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  1. we have fallen in love with the Atlantic ocean. since its getting close to winter further south and hard to reach Patagonia with our small engine this time of the year. we decided to explore north Atlantic summer and hopefully also look for a place to replace our 30 hp engine somewhere north. look out for a perkins 4.236 for us please and also tips of a good place to work on the boat for some months where its not too hot..... and yes... if you want to join us going north, please send us a message.
  2. long days of working make ready for next leg down to sao Paulo
  3. We are now in Salvador Brazil on 12 degrees south after 21 days of pleasant crossing from cape verde. As on old sailing ship crossing equator line Neptune came onboard to baptist the crew, thankfully she didn't use tar and feather as in old days so it was pretty easy to clean off the barber foam, then they was eligible to have a anchor tattoo with name of their loved ones. Some had problem remember their boyfriends name for a second it seems Rest of journey from 0 degree to 12 degrees south was with a couple of days of calm weather until we hit the easterly wind on the south side and then straight for Salvador. Salvador was discovered in 1501 and soon became the main trade route for Portugal and a slave trade port. I'm curious the route they sailed empty back to Africa to get more slaves. Going straight east is hard so they might go south to catch the westerly wind down there. Portugal had some 30.000 voyages shipping more than 4.5 million slaves between Africa and Brazil. Anyway our plan is going south into colder climate again. Hopefully all way down the south American continent before we have to decide if we want to explore African side or west side of south America (if wind and weather permits) . If you want to join please send us an email. Love Sailing The Farm A Seagypsy Tribe of Tomorrow
  4. https://youtu.be/0jAnYRC0zE4. Music from double trouble. (The two crazy ladies onboard)
  5. Some pics from crossing
  6. Arrived Salvador. Now back to welding
  7. Sailing the farm is now in Mindelo Cape Verde on way south to Brazil. If you want to join, please contact us..
  8. We did not
  9. Newsletter January 2017 Dear all, As we enter 2017 sailing the farm wants to wish all our friends a sincerely happy new year. 2016 was a big change for our project- it was the year of sailing, not just boatbuilding and farming. Sofar we have sailed more than 2000 nautical miles from Oslo to the Canary Islands. been more than 30 pepole onboard in 2016. Hailed from all over the world. It has been a joy to sail with all of you and we hope to see some of you salty crew back for more fun and seasickness in 2017 :-) We are slowly starting to know this metal lady and she seems more happy in stronger winds. Her fastest speed is 8.7 knots. She hates headwind and doesent like tacking very much. (as matter of fact she tacks like a pregnant whale on a bad day) floats like a duck in big waves and feel extremely safe in rough weather. For 2017 we hope to continue explore our fantastic planet, share and learn new skills and also get scuba diving and compressor onboad to explore our underwater world. Our next big leg will be from Canary to South America or West Indies then onwards into pacific. If you want to join please send us an email. We always look for nice people staying long term onboard to run the project forward. And again, we wish you all fair winds and happy 2017. --- love from Sailing the Farm A seagypsy tribe of tomorrow subscribe to our newsletter: http://mailmanlist.net/mailman/listinfo/sailing-the-
  10. https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/larsverket/sets/72157670520554944/
  11. http://stellaregg.com/sailing-the-farm-the-voyage-of-sea-gypsies-across-the-world/
  12. Will ask Santa Claus
  13. Merry Christmas too all on sailing anarchy
  14. Prepping for crossing Atlantic. Want to join?
  15. Too busy working on the boat, re writing books