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  1. X-taze

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    World wide Android does represent around 75% market share... very different numbers than those from deviceatlas. But more in line with the actual sales numbers from Apple (iphone does represent about 15% of the global smartphone sales). http://gs.statcounter.com/os-market-share/mobile/worldwide
  2. X-taze

    Live on FB, NOW

    Just watched race 3... so boring. The AUS were miles ahead. Boats separated by nearly one leg. They have to rethink a few things because right now it has zero interest.
  3. From https://www.adonnante.com/45084-lac-leman-prototype-bol-dor-2018-monofoil-gonet-un-voilier-novateur-sur-le-leman/
  4. X-taze

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    This is not superfoiling... it's supercrap. All this is a huge embarrassment. Sailing is about wind, sea, waves, nature... bouncing between jetty in a commercial harbor has nothing to do with sailing. This racing location is about as crappy as it can get: muddy water in an industrial context. There was basically no racing with the front boat 1km ahead and half of the "fleet" not finishing. Spectators? Huh? To watch some of the best sailors of the world there was nearly nobody. If Glen Ashby comes to my local club, sailing on an Opti, there would be ten times more spectators! And overall the quality and realization of this vid put us back 10-15 years backwards.
  5. X-taze


    I have the Dubarry (shamrock, not the crosshaven), the wide version. Best boots I have ever tried, Musto being second in my opinion.
  6. X-taze

    jibsheets - line recommendation?

    I do like the products from Maffioli. Plenty of choices covering all needs. For exemple http://www.gottifredimaffioli.com/prodotto.php?idF=4&idSF=6&idPr=36&idV=79 Or http://www.gottifredimaffioli.com/prodotto.php?idF=4&idSF=6&idPr=11&idV=24
  7. X-taze

    Team France

    "On vient de gagner 70% du budget mais il nous reste 30 % à trouver. © Le Télégramme - Plus d’information sur http://www.letelegramme.fr/voile/coupe-de-l-america-2017-cammas-ca-nous-relance-01-04-2015-10579989.php" Ok, so in one year they managed to have absolutely no budget, no sponsor... Team France is still only a dream. And the shorter the time you have the more important it is to have a maximum of money as early as possible. May be the "won" a year, but more realistically they lost any chance.
  8. X-taze


    Really???? Proportions are looking right on a 60ft (about 1.7-1.8 times the boat lenght) so it is very unlikely to be an AC72 wing... may be a scaled down version done as a "proof of concept".
  9. X-taze

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    New? Yeah, a J that does not look as a 25 years old design ... just 15 ... brand new indeed... May be, one day, we will see a J that is looking "new" ... may be ...