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  1. I am quoting Loick Peyron (a man who knows a thing or two about multihulls and the cup): "Plutôt que de garder des cyclistes, vont-ils remettre des marins ? Parce qu'il n'y a plus de voiles sur les AC50 et lorsqu'il n'y a plus de voiles, il n'y a plus besoin de marins... © Le Télégrammehttp://www.letelegramme.fr/voile/en-images/7-a-1-la-coupe-de-l-america-est-neo-zelandaise-26-06-2017-11572898.php#SpCZogbMxqqxVald.99" Badly translated it says: Instead of keeping cyclors, will they put back sailors? Because there are no more sails on AC50 and when there is no more sails there is no need for sailors...
  2. I have the Dubarry (shamrock, not the crosshaven), the wide version. Best boots I have ever tried, Musto being second in my opinion.
  3. Yes, regardless of the fact that you can single handed or double hand it, the boat will get loaded fairly quick. Also I am sure than on 10 knots or more all 4 crew members will have a job to do besides hiking. Bavaria manufactures god quality boats, therefore I don't think there will be an issue from the quality/durability stand point. I do think that you may have more fun on a Melges 24 and have much more room to improve and learn, thanks to the size of the fleet/class and the information available. Also you may be able to pick up a boat in the US for a good price. "Bavaria manufactures god quality boat" ????????????? Have you ever sailed on a Bavaria? (or may be you have only sailed on Bavaria and then you have no point of comparison). Bavaria are (very) cheap boat and you only have what you paid for... they are good quality to price ratio boat for sure but not more. Last time Bavaria tried to build racing boat it wasn't a total success :-(
  4. I have a North 3DL Marathon as furling genoa and it is a very good sail. 3 years now and still as new.
  5. 3M did one. And S&S used it in 87 in Freemantle (best AC ever by the way). But afterwards it gets banned.
  6. You are looking for something powered up? The melges above do not enter in this category... This is power up: 12.7m, 1500kg and 400m2 downwind ;-) And upwind:
  7. I do like the products from Maffioli. Plenty of choices covering all needs. For exemple http://www.gottifredimaffioli.com/prodotto.php?idF=4&idSF=6&idPr=36&idV=79 Or http://www.gottifredimaffioli.com/prodotto.php?idF=4&idSF=6&idPr=11&idV=24
  8. "On vient de gagner 70% du budget mais il nous reste 30 % à trouver. © Le Télégramme - Plus d’information sur http://www.letelegramme.fr/voile/coupe-de-l-america-2017-cammas-ca-nous-relance-01-04-2015-10579989.php" Ok, so in one year they managed to have absolutely no budget, no sponsor... Team France is still only a dream. And the shorter the time you have the more important it is to have a maximum of money as early as possible. May be the "won" a year, but more realistically they lost any chance.
  9. Really???? Proportions are looking right on a 60ft (about 1.7-1.8 times the boat lenght) so it is very unlikely to be an AC72 wing... may be a scaled down version done as a "proof of concept".
  10. New? Yeah, a J that does not look as a 25 years old design ... just 15 ... brand new indeed... May be, one day, we will see a J that is looking "new" ... may be ...