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  1. Locura Soveral 43

    That is one sad picture
  2. newbie bowman tips

    Not worried about the early square so much - Monkeys at the back are actually pretty good about that kind of stuff Long trip line - yup Not sure how well weather douses will work with the whichard hanks - I am always worried about dragging the sail over the hanks as they have a tendancy to catch at exactly the wrong time Still trying to figure out this "Stretch and blow stuff". Figure it is like "mexicans", had no idea of what they were talking about till I saw one and then I just wondered where they came up with the stupid name Boat - old meter tub. Pretty furniture but...
  3. newbie bowman tips

    Might be doing bow on a new boat. Dip pole, no asyms, 45ft lead mine, no life lines, no rail, no mast man, not sure if the pole can be kept attached to the mast when not in use. 1) Hoist seems straight forward enough, just go like a bandit and thank god for hanks 2) Gybes - somewhat interesting - assume that I would trip, bring the pole into the boat and then go forward to put in the lazy guy, go on the topper, back to the mast to get the butt down. 3) Douses - this is where it gets interesting, especially in a blow. Figure always douse to leward - no point in getting fancy and easy enough to rerun rigging. My normal proceedure is to get a handon the middle of the foot if posible and go straight up while they blow the guy. Thinking this maybe difficult when there is only me up there. Someone mentioned "stretch and blow" but was not sure of the exact mechanics (sounded bad when they explained it) Suggestions? Thoughts? and no getting a mast man is not an option:(
  4. newbie bowman tips

    Or do you just like to show off how well you can flick your wrist? Which begs the question - how did you get so good at the flick? Same motion as "bowling ball" the Misses Yes years of practice Serious question though. On a boat with no vberth what positioning methods do you prefer for the full "head out of the hatch" effect.....bent over sailbags or harness clipped to the hatch...hmmm maybe with some bungee
  5. newbie bowman tips

    More importantly he's talking about Jib sheets not spinnaker sheets. The cowboy things works great for the kite strings, but won't work for your jib. The best solution posted here was to twist the pole upon trip taking the now open jaws out of alignment with the jibsheets. Not sure why...jib is furled, so that the jib sheets are now effectively "pinned" on the forestay with the weather sheet lead aft over the spin pole/topping lift. Should be relatively simple to flick the jib sheet off the end of the pole (effectivetly create a wave that travels down the sheet lifting it off the end of the pole). Once the sheet is off the end of the pole both jib sheets are on the deck free and clear. Twisting the pole - from the pic it looked like a dip pole - not sure how you rotate the pole during the trip unless it is low enough that you can get your hands on it, not likely on the boats that I race on. If it is an end for end then totally agree, twist the pole during the trip and don't worry about it. Pretty heavy jibsheet or scary pole end trigger that the weight of a jib sheet will trip it, of course comment does not apply if there is no trigger. Also not sure what difference wind strength makes to the issue - maybe that the pole is squared back further as you run deeper. Time to go drink on someone else's dime:)
  6. newbie bowman tips

    Pics and Diagrams are great, but if you're gonna have success on the pointy end you have got to be able to visualize ALL manouvers in your head. Close your eyes and see what it's all supposed to look like. Then run the manouver through in your head. Why furling is slower than dropping your jib I don't know, but that just sounds wrong. Especially the fact that furling keeps you off the bow. If you've read anything here you'll know that staying off the front of the boat is a priority. Have your owner look at his furling system and do a little maintanence. In truth with the jib furled I fail to see how the sheets get in the way. Have them deal with them in the cockpit so they don't sag down to the deck, and then just make sure you get the pole under them when plugging in the kite/gybing. So I guess my answer to you is either A or C I will look into the whole furling problems next regatta. The furling systems has an endless line which starts to glide over the drum when applying large force on it. Perhaps to much tension on the backstay on a fairly tight rig increases problems. Perhaps the first top view perspective was not that clear. This more detailed side vieuw pic makes it more clear pic 3. Helpfull to comment? Real simple - why don't you just flick (see comments on cowboying somewhere in here) the jibsheet off the end of the pole, pull both of them forward and leave them on the deck up forward. If they get in the way of the pole through the jibe try tape or velcro to hold them out of the way. Last jibe into the mark or last couple put the weather sheet over the pole through the jibe.