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  1. Skaf

    j105 class health?

    Box end wrenches are handy as you can string them all together and snap shackle them to the stay to keep them onboard.
  2. Skaf

    College-level class on sailing

    We ran a learn-to-sail club program as an adjunct to the race team that worked really well. Sailing team members who were also qualified as learn-to-sail coaches ran the program for interested students for a nominal fee using team resources (boats etc). We were able to cover expenses, coach wages, and have something left over to put back into the team budget. Don't recall if we were ever able to coach anyone from the club level up to team caliber, but we definitely got a bunch people great exposure to the sport every fall. As faculty members I think the best thing you could do is drum up support from within the administration for the school sailing program (be it team or club) and then volunteer your time to it! I'd bet you get more new people to stick with the sport by putting them in a boat than by putting them in a classroom.
  3. Skaf

    J105 Symmetrical Kite

    Would rather doublehand an OD J105 with lots of jibes versus a jury-rigged too-small symmetrical kite on a 105. Just saying.
  4. Skaf

    i14 rebuild

    The I14 fleet (at least the Toronto fleet) has a saying: "All boats are for sale". BWR is absolutely right, you just need to know who to talk to. Re: Perth 2020 boats, I would always advise against buying any boat sight unseen. Also, container space is generally at a premium and paid in advance, so you have to be pretty sure of what you're going to do before you do it. Best thing to do is take up BWR on his offer to help connect you with interested sellers. His brokerage fees are very reasonable!
  5. Skaf

    i14 rebuild

    Tracy & Ez sold their boat and she now sails back up in Toronto as CAN618. (Only know because I almost bought her myself). There are still a few other boats around NE, and with a great I14 venue like it has, Newport would be a great spot for a resurgence. Just need someone to spearhead the effort!
  6. Skaf

    Don Green passed away

    Learned to sail in Hamilton Harbour and knew only of the legend. Closest I got to him was having Sharon take a great photo of me (profile photo) thousands of miles away decades later. But knowing world-class sailing had roots in the same water I did played some part in fueling my passion for the sport. Don would never and could never have known but maybe he does now.
  7. Skaf

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    High teens SOG on a 105 in SF. Into an ebb tide so even faster through the water!
  8. Skaf

    Favourite Boat pic?

    I have a hard time choosing between these two. Sadly she's no longer mine but she's being well taken care of (and raced hard) by her new crew.
  9. Skaf

    Turbo Etchells

    You should put some foils on it.
  10. Skaf

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Mickey Rourke will have to trim down a little to play Ms. Appel, but I think it could work.
  11. There's a sailalble,1950s vintage lapstrake I14 at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto, stored indoors not far from the fleet of the latest carbon weaponry. It comes out for a sail once a year or so and is a real treat to see. Wish I had pictures.
  12. Skaf

    j105 class health?

    Going great out here in SF Bay, 20+ boats on the line at any given regatta. Couple new owners in the fleet, and a couple more show up out of hiding for less competitive regattas like midwinters.