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  1. Rolex Big Boat Series - San Francisco

    Keeping up the tradition started last year when both M32s dropped theirs at one point or another during the regatta.
  2. I suppose I wasn't answering your question, about how to get a bow guy more practice. Fine. But I was trying to help improve your starts, the problems with which appear to be unrelated to your bow guy. In any case, I apparently needed a lesson in not feeding the trolls... I'm out. Peace.
  3. ... implying that you weren't already at full gas at a start, and even so, you were still early. Dude you really blew it, and you're doing a really poor job of realizing that it has nothing to do with the bow.
  4. What would you have done if he told you you were early?
  5. "Bow guy blew our start, because we put ourselves in a tactically weak position with no backup plan and I don't need a bow guy anyway on a 24ft boat but it's still his fault". Lol, k. Keep digging my man.
  6. You put yourself in the worst possible tactical position with a bowman you weren't confident in? What was your backup plan if you were early? Tack into the fleet on starboard? Gybe behind them? Bow guy tells you where you are, tactics come from the back...
  7. Performance gains without two boat testing

    We've been using a Garmin Virb to get action footage with GPS speed & position. It also has a handy heel angle overlay, just in case I needed yet another reminder to keep the boat FLAT!!!!
  8. Retrieval line runs up the same side of the kite as the sock is rigged on the boat, so port side in most cases. Helps the bottom patch get around the forestay on windward douses, and also keeps the slack in the retrieval line more uniform on both gybes.
  9. There's a sailalble,1950s vintage lapstrake I14 at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto, stored indoors not far from the fleet of the latest carbon weaponry. It comes out for a sail once a year or so and is a real treat to see. Wish I had pictures.
  10. Main sheet bridle question

    You set up your bridle so you can adjust its height for different vang settings.
  11. Performance gains without two boat testing

    DH I assume you mean 50deg either side of the wind (so through 100deg), otherwise I am doing something very wrong!
  12. Performance gains without two boat testing

    Most common tool in the fleet for this kind of thing is a Velocitek Prostart as it handles SOG, COG, and has some handy start-line functions on top. But I think most 14ers will tell you the best way to make speed improvements is to get ahold of a solid boat and spend time on the water practicing boat handling technique...
  13. Legal "Wingmast" for I/14

    It would be both flexible and stiff in both the wrong directions, to say nothing of aerodynamics.
  14. Skiffs in San Diego

    1176? Great starter boat.
  15. Skiffs in San Diego

    I think there's more than 40 but after I cut the ends off our booties and ran out of fingers and toes on board I lost count.