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  1. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    For weather, the total distance sailed vs Colville or Joyon's record setting runs will reveal a lot (but obviously not all) about how much the weather helped or hindered. For technology, before Spindrift broke they were putting about 8-10% into Sodebo, so Macif can boast at absolute most an 8% edge over Sodebo due to technology, but most likely less. For Gabart, he has averaged 27.4 knots through water thus far, Colville averaged 24.09kn. That is almost 14% faster average speed, with an average daily run of about 657NM. So at least 6% is for sure the sailor. But, consider that the solo 24hr distance record was 666.2NM up until 2014; Gabart has sailed around the world at an average speed that was the outright 24hr distance record setting pace up until 3 years ago. That is not weather or technology, that is an incredible display of sailing talent to extract such a huge percentage of the boat's potential performance without (thus far) overstepping the limits.
  2. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Laurent, many thanks for yet again breathing so much more depth and color into an incredible adventure for us non-French speaking folks. yl75, the summaries are very much appreciated as well. 50 knots and couldn't furl the J2?! Isn't that a major ohh shit situation on a boat that powered up? I thought he'd normally be j3 and 3rd reef in that kind of wind. Did he drop the main pretty much entirely instead or was it brief enough to just bear away and pray? Edit: sounds like bear away and pray. Wow.
  3. Rushour on its roof.

    Bushsailor, many thanks for the firsthand account, very useful information. The inevitable responses from the peanut gallery have also ended up providing a very useful place to collect and ignore a lot of clueless idiots in one go.
  4. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    So, per the tracker page, Gabart is currently 12 days and 6 hours into this attempt and has covered 8028nm, for a daily average of about 656nm. The solo 24hr distance record was 666nm (Joyon) in 2012. From outright record pace to daily average in just 5 years. Astonishing!
  5. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Both the overall max and the 24h max have been stuck at the exact same values for days now, wouldn't trust those values. What an unbelievable run by Gabart!
  6. Class 40 24 Hour Record

    Shmokin! That's between two points, right? So speed through water probably a tad higher than the 15.7kn average to set that record? What kind of peak speeds setting an average like that entail on a Class 40?
  7. Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2017

    Thanks for that link to Fralo's site stief, good stuff. That FOCUS magazine you linked also has some nice info and insight into the organisation and logistics behind such a sporting endeavour. Super happy to see some first hand English content for one of these attempts, hope other teams follow suit and add some English subtitles, seems like such a low cost way to get much wider exposure. As far as I can tell, changes for this attempt from the last one are: new main foil tips, look very much like the boards on Sodebo now T-foil on rudders Reduced weight due to: 12 crew instead of 14 new, lighter sails "other" weight reductions are mentioned but found no specific details. Anyone know what those kinds of weight saving efforts look like on a boat that was launched as a cost-no-object marvel of modern rope work? The usual replace ss fitting with soft attachment probably doesn't apply here... Still running the shorter mast (by 3m) compared to Loick's go round as BPV. Yann reckons they can't shorten it any further due to the platform weight, they'll end up too slow under 18 knots TWS. Hope they get a weather window soon!
  8. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    This! Was all I could think of during the Heli footage yesterday every time that forefoot sent a blast of water firehosing down the deck.
  9. Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2017

    Any info on changes to the boat since the last attempt? I thought she was given more than just a refit but can't find anything from the team or media outlets.
  10. Transat Jacques Vabre

    In this interview with Lombard on the design of the 150, he seems to think a Pogo3 or Ofcet bow would fit within the rules, but avoided it for cosmetic and slamming reasons. http://no-frills-sailing.com/marc-lombard-on-the-brand-new-lift-40-racing-yacht/ Edit: I see there is an editors note in the V&V article LeoV shared indicating that those semi-scow bows are indeed outside the rules.
  11. Transat Jacques Vabre

    Which tris are going? AFAIK Gitana and Sodebo are in, Macif is not as Gabart is going for the solo RTW, banque pop didn't launch in time, Spindrift got excluded due to politics... Who else? Is Joyon racing? What about the old Sodebo (I think it is Actual now?)
  12. Mini Transat 2017

    For anyone else looking for mini content, I've been enjoying this blog about the road to this year's Transat and the first leg experience. Much tighter focus on sailing and sailing related things than the usual diary type of writing one gets with such adventure blogs. http://www.adriatic-atlantic.com
  13. VOR 2017-18

    Yes, more content like that please!
  14. Mini Transat 2017

    Sad to see the Arkema proto so far back in the fleet. Not sure, but looking at the tracker it seems to be more sailor than boat responsible for the ranking. Hopefully Quentin will have a better showing in the trades on leg 2, he must be feeling quite a lot of pressure to perform as the program behind him has to be one of the largest in the fleet.
  15. Is this the Figaro III?

    Very cool looking boat. I just can't help thinking it would have been a lot more appealing for anyone without a big bucks sponsorship if they had just kept the water ballast instead of the foils... or gone with a fully retracting DSS type foil assist...