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    gyro autopilot compas heading

    That depends on what brand of autopilot you have. NKE for example does not engage the Gyro unless you have a gain > 3.
  2. scaprat

    Ethernet B&G H5000 and WIFI Mobile Hotspot

    Make sure the WIFI is using a different network than 192.168.0 (if it does use the .0 network at the moment, check your Wifi access point manual on how to change the "network mask" and "dhcp range". You can use e.g. 192.168.1.x), otherwise your laptop will not be able to tell which network interface to use for which kind of traffic. Also, make sure that the network settings for your cable connection does not have a "default gateway" set. This will tell your laptop that whenever it wants to reach something outside of your local Wifi or your B&G (e.g., to go through the wifi interface. That should be all.
  3. scaprat

    NKE Gyropilot settings/adjustment

    I disagree that gain is the only thing to worry about. The other parameters drive the behavior a lot more and once you get the hang of it, you can reduce power consumption by 50% and still keep the big kite up in 20 knots of wind with the pilot steering. Basic rules we use on the mini: Gain: light winds 1-3, medium winds 4-6, proper wind, 7-9. It basically controls, how often per second the pilot will make course changes. Watch your power consumption when you increase this. Rudder coeff. should be 1.5 to 2x boat speed. Don't set to anything higher than 18 (at least on the mini). It might break your rudder setup. Counter rudder: You can leave this at Auto most of the time, in which case it is the same value as gain. When downwind or reaching in heavy sea state, I tend to set it to Gain+1 or even +2. Wind damping: low winds 3 (sec), then work your way down to 1 second for high winds and sea state. You can also use auto, in which case it will again be the same as Gain. Mode: Upwind, AWA obviously works best, for reaching I recommend Compass mode or AWA, for downwind it depends on the sea state, AWA or TWA. In the very light, try compass mode or even rudder angle mode and trim the spi manually, works a treat! I did not go through the trouble of preprogramming the settings, just have a laminated settings sheet in the cockpit and tweak the settings for the conditions i'm in at the moment.