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  1. Leon T

    Asymmetrical spin (only) takedown

    +2. This video at 8:33 shows a single-handed letterbox drop. Don't rush dropping the spinnaker halyard: add some drag to the spin halyard to slow the douse so you're not shrimping (wrap a few turns on the winch drum). Here's a good video I saw at the Chesapeake Bay Shorthanded Sailing Society, although its using a symmetric, it's got lots of good ideas (I like the idea of dumping the spin halyard over the stern for extra drag and keeping the halyard free). Like d'Ranger, I've mixed feelings about the top-down furler: it's definitely safer for singlehanding, but slow for the amount of effort you put into furling and dousing the furled up kite (the spin bag does get pretty heavy with the furler and torsion rope). Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Leon T

    Seeking Jerome Rand...

    You can send him a message at the bottom of his new web page https://5thcape.com/
  3. Leon T

    Chesapeake Bay Debris Cancelling Racing

    WOW! I just looked at that post, and that picture was from March this past year, not 2 weeks ago as I suspected. BTW, look at the home page, some beautiful images of the bay (without the trash). http://www.jayflemingphotography.com/
  4. Leon T

    Chesapeake Bay Debris Cancelling Racing

    Nothing to worry about, they have "top men" that are working on it right now:
  5. Wow! He made it home!!!
  6. Leon T

    Keelboat with short or high boom

    Lindenberg 26 is a fantastic built boat, the B&R rig and hull can take a pounding. High Boom was due to MORC. Nice cabin so you can a 6' person can stand in the cabin. See the Facebook page here, more info here
  7. He's off the DelMarVa coast: only a few days from now and he'll be home. https://inreach.garmin.com/textmessage/viewmsg?mo=a7ac67da30304b908805d9148fe287cf&adr=%2b12318814762
  8. Here's Jerome getting some BEYC love as he sails through the North Sound of the BVI. Looks like he'll be home in Gloucester in about 2 weeks.
  9. Almost at the Horn...
  10. Note the BEYC logo on the fwd. topsides. At least he got a nice sticker.
  11. On a per-dollar basis (#days / $ spent), I bet the Westsail is on par with or ahead of the Sodebo Ultim (49 days, 3 hrs and time to slam down a 12-pack)
  12. Dunno, IIRC Jeremy was head of watersports when we were last at BEYC about 5 years ago. I've been trying to follow his inreach posts, but they only show current position, no tracks. Frustrating. https://inreach.garmin.com/textmessage/viewmsg?mo=c08cd169e42a4e258a1d4f5e5552c410&adr=%2b12318814762
  13. I heard about Jerome Rand doing a nonstop solo circumnav in a Westsail 32. He used to work at Bitter End Yacht Club in BVI. He started the trip last October 3 out of Gloucester, MA, now he's approaching "Point Nemo" (traveling eastward) between NZ and the Horn. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1060676710732719/permalink/1231099403690448/ https://m22.com/blogs/news/around-the-world-solo-non-stop-circumnavigation Should be interesting to see when he reaches the horn.
  14. I found out the hard way they reset the date if you pay more than 60 days in advance (I paid 62 days before expiration).