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  1. Here's Jerome getting some BEYC love as he sails through the North Sound of the BVI. Looks like he'll be home in Gloucester in about 2 weeks.
  2. Almost at the Horn...
  3. Note the BEYC logo on the fwd. topsides. At least he got a nice sticker.
  4. On a per-dollar basis (#days / $ spent), I bet the Westsail is on par with or ahead of the Sodebo Ultim (49 days, 3 hrs and time to slam down a 12-pack)
  5. Dunno, IIRC Jeremy was head of watersports when we were last at BEYC about 5 years ago. I've been trying to follow his inreach posts, but they only show current position, no tracks. Frustrating. https://inreach.garmin.com/textmessage/viewmsg?mo=c08cd169e42a4e258a1d4f5e5552c410&adr=%2b12318814762
  6. I heard about Jerome Rand doing a nonstop solo circumnav in a Westsail 32. He used to work at Bitter End Yacht Club in BVI. He started the trip last October 3 out of Gloucester, MA, now he's approaching "Point Nemo" (traveling eastward) between NZ and the Horn. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1060676710732719/permalink/1231099403690448/ https://m22.com/blogs/news/around-the-world-solo-non-stop-circumnavigation Should be interesting to see when he reaches the horn.
  7. I found out the hard way they reset the date if you pay more than 60 days in advance (I paid 62 days before expiration).
  8. Just got an e-mail from the "business", which reads "Please be advised, as you selected to have your documentation renewed for two total years, you will be automatically renewed at the beginning of the month of your COD's expiration" So looks like the only loss is that I paid double the normal rate for the privilege of having them pay the bill.
  9. My bad, I apologize for the mis-information and offer my best to our fine federal government at pay.gov It turns out I was scammed by a renewal letter I received by a "business" and paid at https://vesseldocumentation.us/ (I'll blame it on the drunken stupor I must have been in when I got the scam renewal letter, because I had paid at pay.gov in previous years). I got the CG Document, so I didn't think anything of it. I'll keep an eye out on the vessel status as the deadline approaches to see if the "business" actually submits the renewal in time, or whether I have to renew myself. Lesson learned: do the renewal by mail or go through uscg.mil
  10. So last year I paid online (through pay.gov) for a 2-year renewal on USCG documentation, then a few weeks ago I get a Vessel Renewal Notification from NVDC stating that my documentation expires end of next month. I tried calling NVDC, but keep getting this stupid voice message that they are "temporarily unavailable". Anyone else run into this?
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions, I've decided on the Pettit Ultima SR-60 (yard says I'll like the paint, it's their "flagship" paint, and said they can put on a very smooth finish as well).
  12. Thanks, but boat is in MD, not California, so I'm bullish on copper.
  13. You keep you boat at home??? Lucky bastard.