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  1. I'm sure hoping he took enough beverage.
  2. Heading toward Davis Strait: I thought he would have gone inside through Hudson Strait, but probably doesn't want to risk getting trapped in ice at the Fury and Hecla Strait https://explore.garmin.com/textmessage/viewmsg?mo=31d32437452d4c1dba44c35c92c29771&adr=%2b12318814762
  3. I looked on Google Earth to visualize what you're talking about (since typical maps distort higher latitudes). Screenshot below, Igloolik is green, Tuktoyaktuk is red pin. DAMN that's a long way.
  4. It was clear in 2016 https://www.climate.gov/news-features/event-tracker/northwest-passage-clear-ice-again-2016 I guess he's thinking it will be even better this year by September http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/
  5. Dude just can't sit still: https://www.facebook.com/Jerhobie/
  6. Leon T

    Non-furler headsail handling options

    Looks like a nice idea, but I count 5 crew. Looks like tacking would be a little messy for a singlehander with the flying jib clew slamming into the regular jib. Letterbox drop, or is that a furler I see on the sprit? I'm not a fan of furlers at the sprit (at least the top-down on my asym)
  7. Leon T

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    I just saw the pics of the Deltaville L26. Damn nice boat indeed. https://easternshore.craigslist.org/boa/d/deltaville-1977-lindenberg-26-for-sale/6990251043.html
  8. Leon T

    Hailing USS Sequoia

    Interesting: wonder if they'll park it next to Air Force One at National Harbor or the Wharf in DC (with a view from Tiki TNT)?
  9. Leon T

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    "But honey, it has the word 'cruiser' in it so must be safe and seaworthy..."
  10. Leon T

    Up the mast with in a bosun's chair.

    Totally agree on the double figure 8. You can even improve on it here.
  11. Ugh. Looks like it's time to add "flare gun warning shot" after 5 horn blasts to the list of evasive actions to attempt getting the PB driver's attention. Wonder if they make a rapid-fire flare gun model.
  12. Leon T

    Hailing USS Sequoia

    Nice writeup today by Waterway Guide Reports it's heading to Belfast, ME
  13. Leon T

    First Time Flying A Spinnaker

    I agree, Ajax, Chesapeake summers were made for kites (if nothing else it keeps you from staring at the floating stripers). 1st time crewing on spin boat: Lindenberg 26 "Wildcat" skippered by Dean Mulder out of AYC summer 1988. Damn those were fun times. 1st time as skipper racing my own Lindenberg 26: around 2003, quite the roller coaster ride. Now I fly the asym short/single-handed (wife or OTTO at the helm), took off the top-down furler last year and been doing letterbox drop ever since. Pure joy.
  14. Leon T

    First Time Flying A Spinnaker

    The second row of numbers are backwards