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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions, I've decided on the Pettit Ultima SR-60 (yard says I'll like the paint, it's their "flagship" paint, and said they can put on a very smooth finish as well).
  2. Thanks, but boat is in MD, not California, so I'm bullish on copper.
  3. You keep you boat at home??? Lucky bastard.
  4. Thanks for the tips. I was always leery of "ablative" paints because of the MD Clean Marina regs prohibiting wiping ablative bottoms due to the clouds they form, seems some of the newer types are hard enough for wiping. As for dealing with the mega-growth, Dave, I'm lucky to have a very patient diver (and any small barnacles come right off). I also was under the impression that "ablative" paints were slower than VC Offshore, so thanks Ajax for clarifying. I'll look a little more into CSC Micron Extra, Pettit Trinidad or Ultima SR-60, and West Marine CPP Gold (and check compatability). Hey il1395, sorry but I believe the Boss would deny your request.
  5. Thanks, SailBlueH20, but this thread says VC Offshore and Baltoplate are essentially the same (except that Balto needs to be sprayed on). As stated before, I'm not sanding/burnishing and not racing (not on a race course, anyway). So what's the difference between the two?
  6. Time to paint the bottom of my 30' performance cruiser in the mid-Chesapeake (Beneteau First 30 JK). I've been using VC Offshore for quite a while, Yard has done a great job in the past rolling on a baby-smooth bottom (1 coat applied w/ 3/16" nap Red Tree roller, no sanding or burnishing needed b/c there's no orange peel and I'm not racing). Diver cleans every 4-6 weeks during the season. (I try to extend the painting times to 18-24 mos.) While I love the smoothness of VC Offshore, its antifouling doesn't last too long. The diver said its antifouling was shot just under a year IIRC. The yard offered to suggest alternatives (e.g., Pettit Ultima SR-60 or others once they see the boat hauled out in July). What say ye: (1) Switch to a newer paint like SR-60; (2) add another coat of VC Offshore; or (3) suck it up and use the diver more often? Thanks in advance, Leon.
  7. I really enjoyed my Lindenberg 26, so many fond memories of her. More info at the L26 website and their FB page You can trailer an L26, but it's definitely not a trailer sailor.
  8. The Zombie Fleet

    MacGregor 26 at a local marina this spring