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    Sailing, the missus and the kids. Not in that order .......maybe!
  1. Photo story - Saint Helena

    Excellent photos. Thank you very ,much for sharing!!
  2. The Zombie Fleet

    I've tumbled home before.
  3. The Zombie Fleet

    Looks a bit like a beer gut
  4. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Ajax. I assume you know the rules for buying an anchor. Buy the biggest anchor you think you need. Put it on the boat. If no one laughs at you then go and get the next bigger size. Following that philosophy, I now have a 45lbs Mantus decorating my IP31.
  5. Costs of New Sails

    Show us some tits and fuck off noob
  6. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I do admire 2 things. 1: the balls it takes to even try something like this and, 2: How well he matched the bow pulpit angle to the bow angle of the Santana
  7. C&C 36...will it float?

    Agreed. Our crew composition is the same as Kinardly's, which is why the first job, after we bought the boat was to replace the tiny 13 gal holding tank with a 49 gal one. Were good for a week or two. The only problem is keeping the fermentation at bay.
  8. State of the art boat wiring, 1959.

    There is a great article in Good Old Boat, a few issues back, explaining it all.
  9. Works every time. BTW there will be a snow storm in Montreal mid April. That's when mine is coming off.
  10. Bareboat charter in 2nd week of May

    Here is a little enticement for ya! Beach pic from the anchorage off Fort McRee. If you want you can walk over to the Gulf side as well.
  11. Bareboat charter in 2nd week of May

    Give Emerald Coast Yachts, in Pensacola a call. http://www.ecsailing.com/ They are a small family type operation. Peggy and Rick are very easy to deal with. We have chartered with them twice and will probably head back again next December. The sailing in Pensacola is great and the beaches awesome.
  12. Adler Barbour Cold Machine wiring

    Sold! Thanks everyone for your help
  13. Adler Barbour Cold Machine wiring

    The cable run is 19' and the circuit is protected by a 10 amp breaker. I have not measured actual amperage when the fridge is running. The breaker is as the installation manual and their cable sizing table recommends 8awg starting at 18' . I bought the wire thinking;" Let's do it right" before checking whether the bleeding connectors were available. Thanks all for the suggestions. I'll update this thread when I've done something.
  14. Adler Barbour Cold Machine wiring

    Thanks for the quick response. Option 2 had occurred to me but it seemed even more of a kludge than option 1. Good point about securing the wire close to the terminal.