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    Sailing, the missus and the kids. Not in that order .......maybe!
  1. My newest project

    That reminded me of a video of a Maersk container ship flexing in rough weather. Pretty impressive,. That comments at the end of the vid pretty much sum it up
  2. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Happy new year to everyone. The cold does not discriminate. When we left Pensacola, yesterday morning the temp was so cold, that my daughter's hair, which was still wet from the shower, froze while we packed the car. It was 20F, I am told. Thankfully we missed the real cold stuff at home with wind chills close to -40F
  3. Mike Peyton

    I have a copy of that book at home. An absolute classic!
  4. On our previous boat, a Paceship 26, we used a chute acquired from a very active J-80 racer. It was tacked to the bow fitting with a 2' long pendant to get around the furling drum. The sail was a little on the large side but it worked like a charm. easy to set up and to use.
  5. What is this masty little beamer?

    Naw, That honor belongs to the Flicka
  6. Very nice video and a great trip. Thank you for sharing
  7. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    I used an oil based varathane product a few years ago and it's proven to be very hard wearing and was easy to apply. I used a satin finish (Varathane 1100 IIRC) and found that it enhanced the look of the wood very nicely.
  8. Engine mount replacement

    Sorry Alex I completely misread your post. Pardon my Friday afternoon inattentiveness.
  9. Engine mount replacement

    Alex No shortening of the shaft required for the seal. It replaces the stuffing box and the shaft passes through the seal just like it does though the stuffing box. My boat also does not have a flexible shaft coupling and I have decided not to add one as there was little vibration without it. Here is a closer look at the PSS seal, straight from the PYI site.
  10. Engine mount replacement

    Slug, thanks for the advice. I'll follow-up on that
  11. Engine mount replacement

    So, the latest is that I have decided to stick with the OEM mounts as they are a known quantity. I agree with Kim regarding the level of service at PYI. They are a pleasure to deal with. On my boat, a visual inspection is quite easy, Reaching the stuffing box and adjusting it, is a nightmare, so I have ordered a dripless seal from them to replace my stuffing box. While the engine and shaft are out I'll replace the cutlass bearing as well, to complete the trifecta. (Full keel boat, no strut) Mainesail's site, as always, is required reading, in my book, on how to do stuff right.
  12. Engine mount replacement

    Thank you very much for the feedback everyone. The jury is still out on which mounts to go with. More research to be done. For background info, the setup is pretty standard with no flexible coupling etc. Just engine, rigid flange coupling the transmission to the prop shaft and a 3 bladed prop at the end. The engine is currently out of the boat to make access easy but I want to keep the hole pattern the same. PYI's mounts do fulfill that requirement. I'll update this thread once I have committed, i.e. spent the bucks.
  13. Engine mount replacement

    I thought I';d post here rather than Fix It Anarchy so I could poll the bigger audience. It's finally time to replace the engine mounts under my trusty Yanmar 3GMF. One option would be to replace like with like i.e. OEM Yanmar mounts. The other option would be to use a set of 3rd party mounts such as the R&D Marine mounts sold by PYI. PYI talks about the R&D mounts being quite stiff fore and aft but soft laterally, which sounds interesting as it will allow the mounts to absorb the engine thrust while still letting it move side to side quite easily. Bullshit? Who knows. What I don't want top do is to turn the boat into the equivalent of the vibrating bed from a cheap 1980s motel nor do I want to put in something that I will end up replacing in a few years. So, I am looking for is some real world feedback on mounts other than the OEM Yanmar mounts. If someone has feedback on the R&D Marine mounts I'd be interested as well. Chances are that I will go with the OEM mounts but want to do my due diligence. BTW, cost is not really a factor in this decision, just the quality of the mounts and the quality of the experience. Let's have it, ........please
  14. Laying a Boat Up for a Bit in Oz

    Where do I sign up? I'll even try Vegemite