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    Sailing, the missus and the kids. Not in that order .......maybe!
  1. I admire that they were able to make a sailboat look like a RIB
  2. A stove can be added without too much trouble. Friends of ours cruised on their Mega every summer, for years. . You could also check out Good Old Boat magazine Issue 100, I think where there is a good article on a "cruisified" Mega
  3. Can you check a few other sources? . I usually check Windfinder, or wind guru to see if they agree with the Environment Canada forecast.
  4. Brent's boat should be called "Repus Elohssa" in honour of its owner.
  5. If you wanted to channel the run runners you could call it "Rumaway"
  6. I admire the buildings in the background
  7. The only shift BS is vaguely aware of is shifting his weight from his left ass cheek to his right. perhaps that constitutes a tack on the mud flat
  8. Just drill a big hole already!
  9. A simple way to address this is to buy the wire long, and keep the extral in a loop inside the boat, when / if the exposed wire dies due to UV, cut off the degraded section and reconnect the antenna.
  10. Brent boat tillers!
  11. Cool!
  12. Once you get your boat out on the water, post a picture of the happy moment!
  13. Cool video. Thanks for sharing
  14. ...and besides, someday's burying the rail is just fun!
  15. I'll concede, you win This pic was taken on lake Ontario, in 2011, on the delivery from Traverse City, Mi. to Montreal. It was a fun day.