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  1. py26129

    Anchor Geekdom

    We had a CQR on our previous boat and were happy with it for 12 years. I am happier with the big bloody Mantus on our current boat.
  2. py26129

    Tell me about the Mason 43

    No experience with the Mason directly but I do own a full keel boat. Lusting after a full keel boat is not wrong, they are just different. The directional stability is great in the sense that she will sail on her own, once the sails are balanced correctly. Its pretty magical. What's not so magical is backing up under power. It's like an erection when you get older: Really nice when it works! Seriously it takes practice and you'll get the hang of it after a while. We often sail in company with CS 30s and a 34. They will put run us on a beat, on a light day but on ant kind of reach, in 5kts of wind or more we keep up quite well
  3. py26129

    Too far gone?

    A long corracle
  4. py26129

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Someone ,made Chubby Girl a sister
  5. The one thing that struck me, when the yawl boat pushes the mothership is the erie absence of the usual engine vibration. Very cool but a bit strange at first
  6. The Canadian locks , have nothing to help a pleasure boat. The lock staff will drop a line for the bow and stern and you are expected to tend them as you go up the lock. The US locks, near Massena / Cornwall do have floating bollardsrecessed onto the walls. As for fence boards, we haven't used them ever and I don't know anyone who does. Neither we nor our friends have ever punctuted a fender, although they do get a workout
  7. We do the Seaway from the west end of the city to lake Ontario eand back every year. Thats 4 of the big locks, 5 if you count Iroquois, with its very impressive 12" lift. True, locking through downbound is easier than up l and we have had the odd rough ride going up but in general its not that bad. My wife and I usually do the trip alone on our IP31.
  8. Chris, that brings back a lot of great memories. We spent a week on the Taber 15 years ago. I distinctly remember sailing into places that i wouldn't take my 31 footer into. That week with captain Barnes was magical. Thanks for the pictures.
  9. py26129

    Anchor comparison opinions.

    Jim, I have a 33 lbs Bruce sitting in my garage in Montreal. Its yours if you want it. I replaced it with a 45 lbs Mantus after perusing this thread.
  10. I would carefully check the available depth in the canals as part of your planning. IIRC the Chambly Canal, is limited to 6.5 feet
  11. py26129

    Anchor Geekdom

    Ajax I also don't want to install a windlass. I use a 3:1 block and tackle with a chain hook on my 45 lbs mantus, when the going gets tough. Works well for me and saves the back
  12. py26129

    Everyone is buying boats...

    If you wan to sell, put it on the market and see what happens. A buddy of mine just sold his C&C 29, in Ottawa in a matter of days
  13. py26129

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    I know the feeling. When we bought our Island Packet 31 tub, I was most impressed with the access via the lifting cockpit floor. Then I found out that working on the engine requires one to dive in head first while supporting one's weight with one hand. Grrrrr
  14. py26129

    HDPE water tank repair

    Try Marine Goop. I "temporarily fixed a similar issue on the water tank of my previous boat. Twelve years later, when I sold it you couldn't tell it had ever been fixed
  15. py26129

    Internal leak??

    That reminds me of the death if our old, orange Zodiac. I was visiting a friend, standing in the Zodiac and holding on to their lifelines whole we were chatting. I suddenly found myself up to my knees in water, with the lifelines becoming rapidly taller, as the floor proceeded to separate from the tubes. The ironic thing is that the Avon we now use is older than that Zodiac. Fingers crossed for this summer's vacation