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  1. py26129

    Best Anchor Drag Alarms

    Check out the Sailsafe app. It will do an anchor alarm and call another phone. Not sure whether there is an iOS version.
  2. py26129

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Maybe this is an attempt to "dress up" the mast, much like one hides the structural steel in a house behind some fancy doric columns
  3. py26129

    And another thing!

    My dad is going through Alzheimers at the moment. It's pretty tough to see what the disease is doing to a person who used to be confident and sure of himself. It's even tougher on my mom, who is loosing her partner of 60 years, little by little, every day. I do cherish my memories of what he used to be like and gratefully accept every time when a little of his old self shows through the fog caused by the disease.
  4. py26129

    And another thing!

    Kudos to Mrs. Owner. She has more class than that guy deserves and people like her restore my faith in humanity!!
  5. py26129

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It's the 4 cylinder Volvo Penta that's got me baffled.
  6. py26129

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Do we need a McGregor Admiration Society thread?
  7. py26129

    Seven Years Out

    What Bob said.
  8. py26129

    Enkes AR8 Winch Tear Down

    This is where you pick your poison. I agree with not mixing the sealants but I would go butyl work the bolts and the bead. I like that butyl stays sticky for a long time, so even if the winches move a bit under load, in my book you stand a better chance of keeping the water out. Im not trying to start a religious debate here, just stating my preference To each their own. Just pick a door
  9. py26129

    Enkes AR8 Winch Tear Down

    I would still put a little butyl around the bolts, where they penetrate the deck. A little extra insurance never hurts
  10. py26129

    Show your boat sailing thread

    But very easy getting those sails down. .......once
  11. py26129

    Enkes AR8 Winch Tear Down

    A river rivet, damn auto correct got me too, would work just fine. Makes it look like it's attaching some secret and very important stuff on the inside of the mast
  12. py26129

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    Very nice job. Congrats on the "new" boat!
  13. py26129

    Cape May NJ shoals

    I've always preferred when our sold boats left for parts unknown. That way I remember them as they were
  14. py26129

    We seem to actually be cruising??

    Thanks for the update. Very nice. Glad to hear you're having a good tome
  15. py26129

    The worst ideas on old boats:

    The cushions in my mid 70s Paceship 26 were upholstered in an orange version of that Tartan