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  1. py26129

    Internal leak??

    That reminds me of the death if our old, orange Zodiac. I was visiting a friend, standing in the Zodiac and holding on to their lifelines whole we were chatting. I suddenly found myself up to my knees in water, with the lifelines becoming rapidly taller, as the floor proceeded to separate from the tubes. The ironic thing is that the Avon we now use is older than that Zodiac. Fingers crossed for this summer's vacation
  2. py26129

    Internal leak??

    How fast does it happen? If slowly, you might try some of the goo that you can put in the tubes to seal slow leaks. The name escapes me but I can find it if you want Cheers
  3. py26129

    My sons $1 dollar boat gets a re-fit.

    I reached out to someone who used to work at the IP factory to see if he remembered anything about this boat and will post here if I hear back from him. In the meantime, I'm inspired by your son as well as my daughter and her boyfriend, having a ball with a dirt cheap boat. This is not a bad time to acquire the habit
  4. Perhaps a dumb question, but could you rig up a block &line on the backstay that might help you to lower the motor from a convenient position?
  5. py26129

    My sons $1 dollar boat gets a re-fit.

    Kris, great thread. Reminds me of my daughter and her boyfriend having a blast on a $600 CAD (close enough to $1) tanzer 22. At the risk of derailing the thread, I have to ask about the Island Packet in the pic above? Did someone really add an aft cabin? That's got to be an illusion but I can't tell.
  6. Coffee and tunes from the cassette era at the moment. Rum, scotch, bourbon,or rye later, what ever is closest at hand Cheers
  7. Cherubini 44 for me. One condition though: The varnish monkey would have to come with it.
  8. py26129

    Curing 5200 in a vacuum

    Can you mist it with water before you start the pump
  9. py26129

    A leaking problem

    Nice work. I especially like the easy ba kg e idea. I will " borrow" that some cold canadian spring day
  10. py26129

    Yacht Club openings on Lake Ontario RE: Covid-19

    Were a bit further east, at BYC, in Montreal to be precise. The club's facilities are closed at the moment but, at the moment launch is expected to go ahead as planned on May 9th. Time will tell as things tend to change qickly these days. Water levels are already very high and I am keeping a close eye on the St. Lawrence and Ottawa river flows. Our docks are fine, as they float, but our breakwater tends to almost disappear when the water gets high and the harbor tends to get rough. As Blunted said, standing by to stand by
  11. py26129

    Disappearances at sea

    Cisco Thank you very much for posting the link to the discussion. Very interesting reading. I read Tilman's sailing and mountain climbing books around the time I bought my first boat and each boat has had Mischief either admits name or part of the name.
  12. py26129

    Disappearances at sea

    H. W. Tilman disappeared in 1977 He served as cew/navigator on Simon Richardson's En Avant from Southampton to Las Palmas then Rio de Janeiro. Vessel presumed lost at sea en route to the Falkland Islands with loss of all hands.
  13. py26129

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I found a pic of the designer
  14. py26129

    The Rant

    Great thread and way to turn a shut day at the office into something positive. Worst case, you connected with a kid in your neighborhood, best case you made a new sailor. Both good
  15. py26129

    Battery Date Codes

    We have a 45 lbs Mantus and no windlass. I use a 4:1 tackle with a chain hook on one end and the other end dead ended to a mid ships cleat to help put those times that there is too much mud & weeds on the anchor to lift it manually. Works fine for us. I might change my mind if I were in the PNW