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    Coolboats to admire

    Here's a horse I've been in lust with, a nicely tarted up RD350.
  2. py26129

    Coolboats to admire

    A bee smacking his armpit, at speed, would be painful and entertaining.
  3. py26129

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    It's time for dinghy Viagra here. I'm planning to try a bottle of this stuff this season. That will increase the total investment 60 fold to $60.
  4. py26129

    Reefer by Cruising Designs - Help!

    maybe these will help if you can manage to read them.
  5. py26129

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    Bah, Pudgy shmudgy. I'll take my free to me,ancient, semi flacid Avon.
  6. py26129

    Reefer by Cruising Designs - Help!

    I had one of those on a previous boat. IIRC, you will need to split the drum to secure a new furling line. While you're in there, make sure to grease the "bearing" surfaces. On mine the halyard did come back to the drum. I had a drum similar to the one in the pic below. The upper part of the drum had two cut-outs in it. I;'d take the halyard and wrap it around the upper part of the drum a number of times and then tie it off to the halyard coming down from (or going up to) the top or the furler. Secure the whole thing with plenty of tape because the last thing you want is the tail whipping around when you furl / unfurl the sail
  7. py26129

    Show your boat sailing thread

    I like the name!
  8. py26129

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Probably a redundant question but did the batten have an end cap on it?
  9. py26129

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Run into something fast enough and you'll make a swing keel
  10. Re. touching bottom: On a Delivery of a C&C 35Mk1, from Deale Md, to Kingston NY, we tried to get into some of the marinas in Cape May. It was like exploring the bottom by braille. We did employ the golden rule:" Don't go any faster that you;re willing to run aground". We ended up anchoring and taking a couple of jerry cans in on the dinghy.
  11. py26129

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    To winterize mine I pull both fresh water hoses off the heater and connect them together. The HW heater gets drained into the bilge. The hoses are flushed with pink stuff as part of the winterizing opf the rest of the fresh water system. If the coolant ever started leaking in the water heater circuit, I'd use a short piece of hose to connect the two fittings on the engine which feed the HW heater.
  12. py26129

    A public service annnouncement

    Glad to read you're fine. Interesting discussion as well. Thanks
  13. My better half spent a long time looking at the ad, for that boat. In the end, she thoroughly approved. The only question now is do we wait for that lottery win or do we rob a bank.
  14. py26129

    "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    The golden rune: "Don't ever go faster than the speed you are willing to hit something at."
  15. py26129

    "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    Kris. Thanks for posting the boat porn. Made my day looking at that boat. That should be in the boats to be admired thead.
  16. py26129

    Photo story - Saint Helena

    Excellent photos. Thank you very ,much for sharing!!
  17. py26129

    The Zombie Fleet

    I've tumbled home before.
  18. py26129

    The Zombie Fleet

    Looks a bit like a beer gut
  19. py26129

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Ajax. I assume you know the rules for buying an anchor. Buy the biggest anchor you think you need. Put it on the boat. If no one laughs at you then go and get the next bigger size. Following that philosophy, I now have a 45lbs Mantus decorating my IP31.
  20. py26129

    Costs of New Sails

    Show us some tits and fuck off noob
  21. py26129

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I do admire 2 things. 1: the balls it takes to even try something like this and, 2: How well he matched the bow pulpit angle to the bow angle of the Santana
  22. py26129

    C&C 36...will it float?

    Agreed. Our crew composition is the same as Kinardly's, which is why the first job, after we bought the boat was to replace the tiny 13 gal holding tank with a 49 gal one. Were good for a week or two. The only problem is keeping the fermentation at bay.