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  1. Are you looking for a double spiro fitting or the Waterrat twin pole fitting. The latter is better and cheaper. PVG may have one or can get one plus the pole ends. I want to say it was around $600 for both. (Don't hold me to that I bought the carbon poles at the same time and the bill was about $900.
  2. Vang needs the above pin as the starting point on the boom. There should be some sort of tackle for the vang itself that connects to the bail on the lower mast and then is generally lead to the sides near where the helm sits. The tackle may be cascading as shown in the attached image, or multi purchase blocks, doubles or triples. You do need some sort of vang in place to properly sail that boat even if you dont adjust it. Never seen a step like that. Most have holes on the sides that hold a bolt and wedge to keep the mast in the proper fore/aft orientation. As stated able rig holds the step down. Device below the deck is probably the forestay adjustment. Is there a block at the bow to lead the forestay underdeck and then to that lever? Sometimes non racing people remove that and go to a single attachment at the bow since its easier to rig.
  3. never seen a J33 with a hydraulic backstay? 35 yes but most 33's i have seen are cascade. Also most 30'-33' boats i have sailed on (105 the exception) have had cascades not hydraulics. Second or third the checkstays being the primary adjuster on the J-35. Not enough time on a 33, but as they are pretty much the same boat I suspect the same rules apply
  4. Yes that is the best looking Tasar I have seen. Most are puke yellow or faded baby blue.
  5. In the NW most of our races are reverse start now. So scratch means passing the slower boats anyway.
  6. yep there are at least 6. Although one of those boats is now for sale. Most use mid boom 4:1 but a few are transom 1:1. Smashing Pumpkins has transom 3:1 and i think she can drop the upper block and go 1:1 transom. Mine came rigged for both, former female driver. She liked the transom for ight air, but tacking with it can be difficult (extension gets caught in bridle) and they would change to mid boom in wind over 12 or someting like that. I find that in a blow my transom can get heavy to control. Vang helps but still takes some muscle. I have sailed mid boom and they are much easier in higher wind but require much more rope to move. So in puffy conditions lots more movement but less load. I am typically moving the sheet 4-6" in and out when overpowered much more than that on a regular basis, we rake and power down. since I am hiked at that point I use my body to pull rather than my arms since the movement is small. Mid boom you have to pull a 2' of rope and let 2' off to get 6' of boom out. I find that tiring
  7. Seems like the consensus is NO on the 505, but not Yes on the 420. All of us experienced sailors have negative things to say about the boat based on our current experience. The OP does NOT have that lens and therefore has no expectations about the boat other than to learn to sail. Yes they are too big, yes its slow and hard to sail in breeze because of weight etc. BUT it potentially offers training on:basic sailing, trapeze, spinnaker. Depending on how its rigged of course. All of these skills transfer to more high performance boats not just the 505. So since the OP only offered a choice between a 420 and 505 I will have to recommend the 420 depending on condition etc. Also if the 505 is really cheaper what condition/vintage is it. Should almost always be more $ since its more boat
  8. That was pretty much my point. IF you can sail in less than 10knots the 505 is very easy to sail and very safe. 10-15 If willing to trap is also pretty easy and safe. Above 15 it gets to be a handful and needs experience. So if one can guarantee less than 10k of breeze during your use of the boat than it works. Sounds like that is not really true. I did note SA was the location and it has a reputation for being breezy and factored that into my opinion. I learned to sail on a Sunfish and when I was 10 (110lbs) was convinced I could sail a laser in 15k of breeze. I learned quickly I was wrong. On a laser that is not dangerous, but a 505 can be difficult to right in breeze and has all sorts of things to go wrong and get people in trouble.
  9. We used 2x12 cedar cut to fit the tanks and deck of the 470 and glued carpet to them The top was flat except for the notches for the spars and 470 mast. We also had strap buckles on the top to strap it to the boat below. 470 was strapped to the trailer independently
  10. I agree. As another larger sailor the 420 is very cramped. (6'5 225lbs) and does not really get going till 15k of breese. 505 will be a good boat for your size and what everyone else said is also true. Not quite an F1 but think powerfull sports car with limited throttle control. So a couple of other things if you want to go down that path. Heaver and or taller person should crew, Make sure that they are confrotable in the trap. As stated you can sail without it but in >12 it is difficult and not really fun. I the boat is older make sure the tanks are water tight and that the boat does not leak through the bailers scuppers etc. Capsizing and discovering the boat is partially sinking is also not fun. (Same with the 420) Take the boat out in 5k and flip it in deep water. Make sure both of you can right the boat and get back in. I also second contacting the local fleet and getting a ride/drive to see if you like it with someone experienced. finally all the hull numbers are listed on the 505 website with some history. Look up the number to see how old the boat is and what the construction materials are. That will give you some idea of the durability. Generally early boats bendy and fragile. Middle boats sturdy and stiff. Later boats somewhat fragile and stiff. http://www.int505.org/history/test-item/sail-nos-0-to-6999 (Probably here) http://www.int505.org/history/test-item/sail-nos-7000-to-9000
  11. When i was a kid we put our laser on top of a 470. Made 2 wood bunks that held the laser, but end of the 470 mast and the laser spars. Later we ended up putting hte laser spars on the van and adjusting the bunks so the laser was closer to center. Made the trailer track better. Couple key points. We only strapped the bunks to the lower boat, not the trailer. that prevented the laser from compressing the 470 tanks too much. Front bunk in the mast partners (strong) rear bunk near the traveler and over the 470 bunk. This made sure no bending was occuring. Front bunk was complex due to the splash rail in the 470 rear was just the shape of the tanks with padding. We added a vertial to drop through the partners and that kept things true side to side. No since a 420 is shorter you may end up bow to bow with the laser. We had the laser bow near the 470 (1' back or so) and the stern was inside the 470 transom a bit. the above soluition may work as well depending on how much you can weld and how much you like your 420.
  12. Why no tour events west of the Mississippi? Seems like they are missing a large group of sailors. But Aeros are already taking over from the lasers here. Not sure a third would have any uptake. Really its not about the boat as much as its about the community and number of boats racing
  13. We did it on a Soverel for years. Works well. We started with outside jibes but with the 7/8 fractional we found that insides worked well. We did the following 1. Ease guy 2. drop pole to deck 3. jibe inside 4. wait for jibe to finish 5. reset pole 6 pole back as needed. The trick is not to worry about the pole during or immediately after the jibe. The chute flies just fine off the bow and unless you have a 6' penalty pole the difference for a few minutes will be negligible. We also found the sail did well in more downwind situations with the pole back to about 45. After that performance dropped below what we got on the sym.
  14. congrats Tyson on finising the Blakely Rock race. That was a tough race but you made it all the way and looks like you had a good showing.
  15. Not sure how you have your 6: rigged, but if you use separate blocks you can make one detachable so it slides up to one of the other blocks and you have a 4:1 light air release it, heaver air use it. My sons opti was that way, we had two blocks back to back on the floor, for a 3:1, release one and it was 2:1. So instead of a fiddle, triple or double on the deck or trunk, use two sepearte blocks one connected to the becket of the other. You can remove the pin and lose 2 purchases in lighter air. You could also consider staying 4:1 and adding a fine tune 4:1 at the end making 16:1 on the fine. Easier to hold but the primary still runs well. Also, second what people said about rope. Good cover double braid is easier to hold than dyneema. Rooster braid is also easy to hold