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  1. The question i ask is Why? Moving it forward 3" won't make any difference. Most boats of that length/era have the traveler on the transom Looks like its a bridle so you could alter it to be an adjustable bridle rather than a sliding track? Also i would question if the seats have the strength to hold the traveler track. Could be reinforced though, but again to what gain?
  2. Locus

    Sailing Centre Designs / Best Practices ?

    One thing to consider is how to get the boats to the water. the ramp to the docks looks pretty small and 420s are wide. Had to carry FJ and 420 at many venues because the ramp was too narrow for the boats. Shilshole put in a really wide ramp that can handle I-14 49er and 505 easily. But i have been to other launch locations where they have a really wide sinking ramp, drop the wheels off the edge and the boat floats off. Then take to a nearby dock to finish leave etc. Does not look like room at your loc for all that, but do consider the ramp size.
  3. This,. Throw a leg on the side and try to tilt the boat toward you and then see if you can grab the cockpit side. I do this on the laser. Also when you go over try to roll on your stomach and go over the back instead of going in the water. I know , its not always possible and your already in the water and have to get back on, but ounce or prevention and all that. Rope above might also be a good solution. I get back on the 505 using the trap handles throw my legs over and lift my self up till my butt can hit then slide in. Or get on the board and step in when the boat comes up.
  4. Locus

    Casio Watch Anarchy

    I can see you probably looking for a traditional analog watch, but check the Garmin smart watches. Meets most of your specs. They might have one <$300 but probably closer to $400
  5. Locus

    Apple Watch for Dinghy Sailing

    You may also want to take a look at this thread. We are discussing and reviewing some of the sailing apps for the Garmin watches
  6. Locus

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    Hey dachopper Sounds good. As is said did download it and plan to give it a try in a few weeks. I can do a compare and contrast, let you know what i like and don't. I have played with the GPS update polling and it didn't seem to make a difference in the data stream from the Garmin app. Just used more battery. Your battery life on the fenix seems consistent with what I am seeing on the quatix after a 4-8 hour race using the Garmin Racing app. I am interested in seeing the tack and jibe count and speeds. Thanks. Do you have a donate link on the IQ app? People shouldn't do this for free.
  7. Locus

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    No no updates, but we used it in a race last fall, the 505 midwinter's used it in January. Do watch out for the phone app, will kill your battery and melt anything in contact with the phone
  8. Locus

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    It works, but the real value is comparing to other boats after the race. Plus without marks the analysis does not really work, so we only use when the club adds a race and asks for competitors to use
  9. Locus

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    I have not tried the sail racer app yet. I am generally happy with the Garmin race app. I did also download and play with the data fields in the boating app, they don't appear to work with the sailing race app. Some things I like with Garmin Ability to sync up and down quickly on prestart to any minute Fast change to countdown to elapsed time Solid data download to the phone and web since the app has a slot for racing. Don't like Slower updates to speed and angle especially in light air Lap function. Can disable for some apps, not racing. Tap the back button and you get a new lap. My spray top does that all the time so I have to combine them later. I have tried a number of apps for biking running etc. They all create a weird activity on the phone since it doesn't have activities for some things. Tried a bike app and got a workout activity on the phone. Does sail race create a sailing activity on the phone? I will try it out in a few weeks for sure. I use the raceqs app when the club sets it up, used way less battery on the watch than the phone
  10. Locus

    Apple Watch for Dinghy Sailing

    Race qs has an app for Garmin quatix and it's twin the Fenix. But the Garmin sailing app works pretty good as well.
  11. Locus

    Competitor license?

    Just to be clear I am NOT supporting licensing as its a rare instance where this occurs. My point about people bringing hired guns is supportive of that stance. Money will find its way around any rule and there is no lack of that in our sport. I also think that any sort of document to participate will only drive away the more fringe people who might me somewhat intimidated by the racers anyway. I don't actually want that, we need those boats to participate or it will end up with 3 boats racing around while the rest of us play soccer or something
  12. Locus

    Competitor license?

    I agree with KC. I have only seen a few issues with "unqualified" skippers that cause danger to others. However I have noticed a trend in the last few years that this idea might actually make worse. In the past the pure cruiser or cruiser racer classes tended to stay away from the pure racing boats due to speed power, separate classes etc. I always felt that the heavier slower boats certainly have a place in racing and are more than welcome. Since there was a natural separation it rarely was an issue. However now with the Hanse, Dehler, J boats that are rated very close to older or even modern mid range PHRF boats, we are seeing them in close quarters more often. Here, this is often due to skippers bringing on younger experienced racers and they push the owner into situations they don't have the skills for. Tight mark roundings with heavy current, close crossings that most new racers would be intimidated by etc. I have seen way more of these in the past 5 years than in the past 35 I have been sailing big boats. So my feeling is that if owners/skippers don't have the skills or "license" they will purchase one by having a racer on the boat, but still don't have the skills to drive into and out of a potentially dangerous situation that they would have avoided if not for the hired gun on board.
  13. Here in Seattle we generally race no matter the wind. What you posted would not even register concern. The only times we have canceled is in a severe condition where the CG asks people not to go out due to rescue issues. Seen that once or twice here wind, was >50kn forecast and easily got to 60kn gusts. But we have often raced in the 30's and 40's Have seen specific classes not race because they have a limit in their class rules. Our club also specifically says its up to the skipper to race or not and make sure you are comfortable with the conditions before you go. Makes sure to let people know at meetings over the hailer email etc.
  14. Locus

    Cordage in 2020 - best US vendor

    I consider both Fisheries and West coast smaller with educated staff. Hell West Coast is a warehouse with a small retail counter. Fisheries used to be the same.
  15. Locus

    Cordage in 2020 - best US vendor

    2nd West Coast. Also try Fisheries Supply Local here but will ship. Not as much selection as APS had, but pretty close