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  1. Locus

    New to sailing - open to boat advise

    You really just described the MC. Single handed till it gets windy, then need two. generally pretty fast and very stable. Put a float on the mast and it won't turtle. has room for 3 people in a pinch. Vanguard is good but harder to sail alone (jib) and only room for 2. Same for laser and many of the other boats you listed. Johnson 18 is a fun fast boat but a handful to singlehand. I would go for the MC if you can get one for the budget
  2. Locus

    syndicate , partnership or crew on 1D35?

    Many people use an LLC everyone buys in, boat pays the bills. People invest if large repairs are needed, sails etc. This also allows for different levels of partnerhips based on the amount of money paid. You can quickly add and remove partners. The above post about depriciation of the investment is also a good feature, makes adding people easy, but getting out less painful. People shouldn't expect to get their money back from a boat. Not a sound investment
  3. Locus

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    the bottom one is a Seattleite who bought an old 505, right above is me, and ASP is in Tacoma. Though not sure what he did with his 505.
  4. Locus

    mixing boards

    Use plastic cutting boards. Bed Bath and Beyond $16. for the medium sized.
  5. Locus

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    Lots of boats in that area were hybrids of multiple design and build firms. There are Parker hulled Lindseys and Whitchcraft/Waterrat and Hamlin. Ballenger and Moore were both building them at the time in the same area so maybe they also got a Parker Hull and made a boat or two? It looks like a parker for sure CB trunk and transom are different than the other boats of that time. Full disclosure was 7yr old at the time and this is all from the history I have heard and researched. Still curious as to the large gap in hull numbers on the site. don't see too many of those, unknows usually have a Number and a ? in the status.
  6. Locus

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    So do you think that hull is cored? Epoxy or poly? Not much information about the hull # in the registry. As a matter of fact there is a huge gap in hull numbers around that one. 5968 to 5990, nothing between. All the boats around that hull are Parkers.
  7. Locus

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    Looks like many of the Parker issues are resolved. You will need to do something with the transom probably. Does it have a mast Ram? Didn't see a spot for it on the bow. Otherwise it looks good. Proctor D mast and upgraded boom. low aspect foils and at least some sails.
  8. Locus

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    Dust Mine was a Parker as well and one of the other fleet members has an old parker as well. Probably similar vintage to yours (mid- late 70's) Couple things to look for. 1. Tank to deck joint. I assume you have a wood gunwale. The tank is glued to the top of the wood with just the edge to hold on. When you tension the shrouds it pulls this out. Mine pulled out about 2' on the starboard side. I was continually gluing it back down. 2. CB trunk to hull. Hull is non-cored polyester (probably there were some cored parkers in the 70's) so it flexes quite a bit, and the trunk does not. It may delam there and you have lots of water intrusion. 3. Transom. Two issues here. Rot in the top brace is an issue. Many were replaced with aluminum. The transom is very low. Getting water out is difficult or impossible once you flood. Mine almost sank and one of the others in the fleet did as well. You may want to consider some sort of closure there. 4. Boom. Depending no how the mainsheet is rigged your boom may be insufficient. Mine had Elevestrom spars and the boom bent quite a bit under load. BUT I had transom sheeting so it was mostly at the vang.I have seen others break the small boom at the center sheet blocks due to large cantilevered loads there. So take a look at those areas and make sure the boat is safe and water tight before you get too far.
  9. Locus

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    Dust, Saw your post on the PNW group and was going to respond till I saw this thread. (I will still reply but it will be shorter) I had an old 505 for a while before trading up to a newer waterrat. I did what I could to get it racing and poured some money into it, fittings, pole launcher, sails new lines etc. But it was too soft to be really good and really became unsafe due to leaks in the tanks etc. Seattle fleet has 6 boats, we sail Thursday evenings at CYC. People are generally looking for crew/helm. From your google post you are crew (>170lbs) and there are a few up here looking for that. this was my first dinghy in 20 years and it is a great learning experience. There are lots of good 505 sailors here who can give advice, some throw money at problems others solve for least amount. I did see you posted sail number 5973. IS that the hull number? The boat registery does not have that hull number listed. hull number is generally drilled into the transom or on a plate on the transom. Your sails may have come from another boat. Do you know the builder? There are lots of documents available with line sizes, lengths, fitting types etc. So tackle one project at a time and ask questions. Pictures are also helpful. But it would be good to know what you are starting with . Hull type, bag or launcher, construction, mast make etc.
  10. Locus

    solo mast stepping

    If you have a 505 with closed partners it's pretty easy. Hardest part is getting the ram in the track but doable
  11. Locus

    solo mast stepping

    Stepped a lot of small dinghy masts Under 20'we generally lift and step straight up and down. If the mast can stand on its own like a 505 or 470 lean it forward to hold. Otherwise you will need an assistant to connect shrouds. So depending on the beam you could reach over and drop the mast. I have stood the mast up, Carefully stepped into the boat while supporting the mast and lifted in. Or get the helper to support while you step in. FJ and 420 both really need an assistant because they don't have anyway to support the mast in 3 directions. Scows are the same with the rotation masts. Need a helper to connect while one holds.
  12. Locus

    PredictWind vs Sail Flow vs Whoever - The sequel

    With SF you can actually select which of the national or global models to use in the prediction. However the default is the "Quicklook." which is Sailfow's model. On the Web version they also overlay the NWS forecast as a grey box so you can see how they forecasts, and actual conditions relate the NWS. BUT if you use any of the other models they are pretty limited in time span. GFS 0.5 on SF only goes 3 days. whereas Quicklook goes 10 days. Around here in the PNW any forecast beyond 3 days is guesswork at best. the other thing I have noticed on SF forecasts is they under forecast the wind and over forecast the gusts. True wind is in the middle somewhere. Last evening the local forecast called for 10k building to 15 for 1-2 hours and then back to 10. Timing was 1.5 hours off so we had to wait, but velocity direction and location were spot on. SF showed 5k gusting to 18 which I would interpret to 11-13 which was close. We had a solid 17-18 for a while backing to 12 then back down to 10. Following the SF average on Quicklook was pretty close, but the actual forecast was too wide range. Even looking back at the graphs in SF you can see the difference BTW the Quicklook and reality. So I stand by using them with the Caveats of averaging the forecast BTW the wind and gusts. They also have a much better station distribution so we have solid wind data at the very local level in the places we sail. (Premium station right at the end of our breakwater and non-premium 2 miles away.)
  13. Locus

    PredictWind vs Sail Flow vs Whoever - The sequel

    I use Sailflow for current conditions because they have the most stations around the PNW and their WRF forecast for "General" conditions especially long term (+4 days) Predictwind does not seem to have enough stations here. Windy is cool, but hard to figure out what the speed is where you are on a small screen in the sun on the rail. (Is that dark or light green? Maybe light blue? ) Our local university has a very accurate forecast, but the hi-res only goes out 60 hours, only runs twice per day and takes 6-7 hours to run the full forecast. So this mornings forecast hasn't finished all 60h yet and some of it has already happened. That said its right at least 85% of the time and most of the rest is often timing. As Ismael stated the general forecasts here are often too high and to wide coverage to make sense . Saw a NWS forecast for Puget sound that said 5-25 becoming 10-15. Really they should just say its 5 100 and call it good. They would be right.
  14. Locus

    Fleets for Nationals

    505's regularly get 50 boats at our NA's Much of that is due to fleet organized and sometimes subsidized shipping from the coast not hosting the race. For a couple grand or less your boat gear dolly etc. get shipped to the location and back. You fly race fly home. I have heard other fleets looking to do the same. Vipers i think used that system successfully last year and had good turn out. Thistles also get a solid turnout. Don't know the actual numbers, but since they run a summer long travel regatta that is family friendly and well organized and supported they get solid turnout. IT includes the NA. So it comes down to the fleet support as well as individual desire to attend. BTW how many of the Aeros at the NA's were charters? Also a good fleet strategy to attract numbers.
  15. Locus

    Quest 30 known as "Flying Tiger" - Info?

    I race on a Q39 here in Puget Sound. Overall i am impressed. Never sailed a boat like this before so its been a learning experience. Pros - Sails its rating up and downwind Very stiff. Crew weight seems not make no difference at all Large cockpit and easy movement around there Lots of room below. I'm 6'5 and can just stand No other 30' can do that (and go fast) Very stable at the limit. Wiped it out a couple times under chute. Behaved well and recovered quickly Cons Doesn't point with the rest of the similar boats Bit sticky in light (big butt drags) Needs traveler down in >12 (full down in >15) Not a level surface on the deck. Every time you move your foot its a different angle. Rig is very forward and it took a while to get the jib trim/cars tension in the right place. But now that we figured it out its pretty quick Does not have the sugar scoop though.