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  1. Locus

    Foam deck

    I'll be out there on Charlotte
  2. Locus

    Foam deck

    So mine is the grooved diamond pattern. Its been on for 2.5 years (almost 3 sailing seasons) and where I cut the material I have a few diamonds breaking off (BTW I used a mat cutter to get the edge beveled to 45d.) Where we slide in and out on the wire I did notice a few have worn down some (you can see the boot slide path) but still grips really well. I also noticed some cracking on the top of the diamonds where it goes around the tank edge. But it looks like it will last many more seasons, so I figure I got my $80 worth. Still grippy, can trap off the top of the tank in light air (boot flat pushing inward) and need to lift feet up totally to slide in.
  3. Locus

    Foam deck

    Sheets probably too small for your fore deck anyway They are 23" x 84" 505 took 2 one for each side with some left over for thwarts and cross brace. If you get the Boat sheets in grey they are 45 x 84. You might get away with 1 sheet if you can cut the triangles out of the opposite sides? I would be curious how the stick to the non-skid would be. With good shoes you should be able to stand 45d on that stuff. Took some getting used to sliding in and out on the wire.
  4. Locus

    Foam deck

    Yes it is. Just found the thread and copied the picture over. I have no idea about the resolution. Alex since the Grey doesn't match anyway you should go with this
  5. Locus

    Foam deck

    This is it freshly installed in 2016. Diamond pattern. Had a few corners come up but restuck with contact cement.
  6. Locus

    Foam deck

    All kidding aside. I have hydro turf on my boat and really like it. Since Raptor doesn't make a 505 kit I have to cut it anyway. Comes in lots of colors. Got one that matches the hull
  7. Locus

    Foam deck

  8. Just mount one of these in front of the CB
  9. Locus

    Laser Vago rigging questions

    @cmftlynum The link I posted in the previous thread shows how to raise the main sail and where the halyard exits.
  10. Locus

    Electrical Safety / Fire Risk Anarchy

    Tell her the vacuum runs better on the heavy duty plug vs the cheap low gage one. It's not incorrect. Inherited a 18 gage 100ft cord with the house, plugged my circular saw in it would spin but not cut. Used my 12 gauge its fine. Cleaner will go better from the wall or heavy duty cord.
  11. Locus

    From Cats to Dinghies...Hopefully.

    Try this
  12. Locus

    Old puget sound sailor

    Also if you buy a boat here with a live aboard slip you may be able to keep it. The wait list here for liveaboard slips is >1 year.
  13. Locus

    From Cats to Dinghies...Hopefully.

    I have seen scows and Lightnings moored. Not sure about the J-18. Pretty wide flat and heavy. Should be ok capsize wise. But growth will be an issue as well as water intrusion into the core and hull. Most people use a boat hoist.
  14. Locus

    From Cats to Dinghies...Hopefully.

    I guess I figured a guy single handing a H-18 could manage a Scow or J-18. Similar issue when capsized. Can be resolved with a mast float and or righting line. Scows with flotation float higher and tend not to swap. J-18 as well. Lightning will swamp and sailing home single handed with a boat full of water will be interesting. I have done it 3 up and the boat constantly wants to dig in and capsize again. E-scows usually end up with 3-4" of water inside and can get back up to speed again and the auto bailers work. J-18 doesn't fill up at all. But heavy boat hard to right, need a powerboat if it turtles. Same for Scow and CAT.
  15. Locus

    From Cats to Dinghies...Hopefully.

    Johnson 18" Hard to single hand, but not impossible <15 knots of breeze. Has sprit and assy, can hold up to 4 people maybe 5 very fast and easy to sail. Many in the Midwest and probably inexpensive. Also Melges 17 scow. ticks most of those boxes as well. Never seen it singlehand but couldn't be much worse than a Lightning or J-18. Finally a MC scow. Ticks different boxes. Single hand, holds 2-4 no spin or sprit. Might be more than $6000 depending on age. All of these boats are well represented in the Mid-west and Northern MI. Even if not racing there will be resources nearby for parts, advice etc.