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  1. Split foam pipe insulation anarchy

    you can also put an electric insta-hot inline heater at the bathroom . Or run a recirc back to the HWH. Both require a plumber and some hassle, but will give you results. Insulation just slows the loss a bit. Its R-3 U=.344 or something around that . So will slow the heat down by a few minutes at best depending on the temp of the crawl.
  2. Gord Downie

    First heard Hip living in Detroit. Our alternative station was in Windsor so got some play. Loved them from the start. Both their love of Canada and the overall poetry of the music. Only saw them live once and it was amazing. But currently have all their music which has become very difficult to get in the US. I was amazed last year watching Canada pause to watch that concert. So much respect and well deserved. It was a great concert and way to say goodbye. He and the Hip will be missed here.
  3. Olson 30 vs. Soverel 33

    Build quality of both depends on the builder and when built. There are scary 33's and Olsons, and bulletproof as well. Both are built as light as possible so any defects are potentially significant
  4. Olson 30 vs. Soverel 33

    Sailing on the Soverel we found we were better relative to the O30's the lighter the wind got. In 10k-15k, the well sailed O30 was 2bl +/- behind (or ahead) the entire race and easily corrected over. I disagree a bit on the Heaver breeze. We were overpowered at 17 and went to the #3 even with 6-7 on the rail. The Olsons seem to be good till about 20 before really depowering. Smaller main sail? Possibly flying a #2 which we didn't really have on the Soverel since the wind range for it was so narrow. 15-17k
  5. Olson 30 vs. Soverel 33

    O30 regularly beat us boat for boat on the Severely even though 6s slower. They sail above their rating in all but the lightest. In heavy air they submarine and are very wet. Also a pain box as noted before
  6. Non-Skid

    I know people who have Raptor. It seems denser than the hydro turf and doesn't have the rough texture in the router grooves. But at approximately half the price the hydro turf is wearing very well. I did buy the peel and stick and only a couple corners have pulled up. One is where the spin sheet rubs and catches, the other is where the driver sits downwind and slides back and forth, probably caught the corner. Some contact cement and all fixed.
  7. Non-Skid

    I got Hydro-Turf. Even found a color that matched the hull. Been on for almost 2 years with minimal peeling (Couple corners I tacked down with contact cement) I got the 5 mm for the 505 cut a custom shape for the gunwale, down the tank at the crew, on the thwarts for push off and even a couple knee bangers in the back. Crew was happy till he discovered he could slide out on the wire anymore, had to update his push a bit. You really cannot slide on he stuff wearing a wetsuit. I got a roll of butcher paper taped and cut two templates, port and starboard, traced the outline and stuck it down.
  8. moving up from a 420

    5'11 might be too tall for a 470, weight is good. 505 no problem. They would have an advantage in light stuff, rake early and be somewhat disadvantaged in the heaver air. Given your in MN scows are a good place to start. C-Scows are 2. Maybe a bit light? I also agree sail what is in the neighborhood even if its not ideal for your body type. Then later each buy their own boat and find an ideal crew. More fun for all.
  9. 505 Worlds Annapolis 20-29 September 2017

    Mike Holt and Carl Smit take the worlds again. Didn't even have to sail the last race Congratulations, well sailed
  10. 505 7772 - Upgrade & Refit

    I was told to get the lower fitting from Larry, he uses an upsize pintel and matching gudgeon, the top will be seasure. Going to take off the stainless backer and replace with G-10, should reduce transom weight. Took 90% of the wire off mine last year when we re-rigged the shrouds/rake and have been replacing old bullet blocks with T2 or carbos but still over weight. Boom may be next still aluminum and wire inside for OH etc. I don't have gelcoat on the deck, painted epoxy for the most part. That was done during the launcher conversion. I think the CB trunk is Gelcoat.
  11. 505 7772 - Upgrade & Refit

    WCB Is that a Waterrat? I own 7610 and much of those have already been done to mine, some by me some by previous Mine is also overweight, how are you planning on taking weight out while adding the launcher? I also need to move the partners, I can only rake to 25-1 and that is tight to the partners with the ram on. Not sure I can get 1.5" extra. Looking at boats that already had that surgery I think you only need 1" +/- to rake back to 24-6 Looking to get new rudder fittings this winter, I need to call Larry for the right size pins. I installed the twings, double poles and grip on the deck. I went with a stick on rather than Awlgrip. I used Hydroturf which is much like Raptor deck but cheaper and comes in colors. Has 2 years on it and is still in good shape.
  12. 505 Worlds Annapolis 20-29 September 2017

    Day three live coverage from yesterday AFAIK this will be the link on Thursday. I subscribed to the channel so it notifies me when they sign on
  13. 505 Worlds Annapolis 20-29 September 2017

    Light air Sun, Mon and Tue. Monday racing canceled, Sun 1 race then canceled. Yesterday light but got three races in. Today is a layday. Thurs and Fri will be live on YouTube and SAP sports. Been watching the coverage so far on youtube and its been pretty good. Supposed to be live video added on Thursday and Friday. I will be tuning in
  14. ancient tasar

    Think that was meant as a compliment rather than criticism.