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  1. Locus

    505 vs. 470

    Sometimes the 505 is a lot to take in for a beginner. Yes you can rig them simple, but he has the boat and its rigged the way its is (Unknown) So all the above applies. BUT The 470 has fewer controls and is more forgiving to beginners, plus most of the skills will transfer to the 505 when they get bored with the slow (LOL) Except of course the end-for end jibing if they even use the spin. For a learning the 470 has more feed back from the foils, slower loss of helm, pump spin launch and small spin to help learn how it all works. If they jump into the 505 now at their weight, they will be swimming a lot unless they learn how to depower which is more complex on a 505 but also more critical at that weight. They will need rake controls that work, RAM and understanding of use, powerful vang etc. 470 can live without all those because it is generally underpowered. It will allow them to try different wind strengths and get the feel for how it all works, wire to wire tacks etc. Sailing the 505 will be much easier learning on the 470. Now if they were 500lbs total 505 would be the first stop especially with all the boats and knowledge in the bay area.
  2. Locus

    505 vs. 470

    As others have stated, size wise you are in the 470 range. They are a bit underpowered for the size and can be sailed hiking only up to about 12k. So learn to sail the 470 learn to drive and trap, learn how the spin works and then you can upgrade to the 505. As far as quality all 470s are Poly and get soft in <5 years. Some older 505s are also polyester and will get soft. Later hulls are cored epoxy and retain the stiffness. There is a large 505 fleet in the Bay area. Even if you don't want to race, they will have advice, parts and used sails available. 470 is not as popular in the US anymore so all that is much harder to come by. I sailed the 470 till I got too large. I currently have a 505 and love it.
  3. Locus

    any tricks for renewing foulies water proof

    If it's the seams figure out where it's coming in, use crazy glue on the threads to stop the leak. My HH made it two more seasons with a bit of glue
  4. Locus

    Garmin Quatix 3/5 vs... ?

    It uses current speed. Slow down the burn increases speed up it decreases. Its a bit conservative. I tried it out in my yard on foot. Pinged the two ends and walked to the end and approached as I would in the last 30s and followed its instructions. I was about 20' from the line at 0. Now it also doesn't ask you how long your boat is and where you are relative to the bow so had I been walking in a SC70 I would have been 50' over the line. I understand it pings the line based on the watch location so the wearer must get very close to the pin and boat and there is a safety factor. Just do not know what that is or where you find out. My boat forbids using it for that and I have tried on the keelboat with some success. (Both times they moved the pin after I pinged it (Argh) but at least it provided some feedback as to where we were relative to the time left
  5. Locus

    Need Help

    OK so I have sailed the S33 and the Q30, and owned an Evelyn. All are great boats in their own special way. Evelyns and Soverels are light air machines and are super fast <10knots of breeze. They are lightly built and need good maintenance to keep them put together. Not poorly built, but are right at the limit of the materials of the time. All have potential core issues bulkhead issues flex issues etc. They all require larger crews and lots of tweaking to get the speed and will make you pay if you mess up. (Runners back stay spreader bars etc.) The Quest is much easer to sail and actually quite tame for a pretty fast boat (Rates scratch with S33 and E32). However after sailing for a couple years I feel its slower by a bit than the Soverel. We went faster DDW in a blow that we are on the Quest, but its easier to get there. Quest is hard to broach and when it does its very tame. Deep bulb and wide stern. (Deep bulb may disqualify it from Chesapeake.) We have raced a 92s this spring and went boat for boat with them many times both up and downwind. Beat them a few times and lost a few so overall pretty even in light and medium air. There are more 92s around than Q30s. If it were me with that budget I would go to the Aerodyne 38 (Q30 big sister) a later Martin design that fixes some of the Quests sailing issues.
  6. Locus

    Need Help

    Quest 30 is a good boat well under that limit J92 J100 are also good suggestions for the simplicity but not sport boat scenario. J100 can be had with symmetrical or Assy setup. We race the 90s on the Quest and it pretty even. Both seem to do well in light. BTW P&D rates 93, scratch with the Quest and the J92s and the J105. But all the above can generally beat the 105s in light air. We passed all of them on Foul weather bluff despite starting 5 minute behind. J100 is 81 here I think.
  7. Locus

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    505's are. 470 not as much. BUT 505 will be too much boat for two 125lb sailors, which constitutes most of the HS teams. Here in the NW they use FJ for all official HS fleet races, but will substitute 420s and V15s when they can segregate them into different fleets (Team and B fleets) Our youth sailing (non-HS) uses 420s spin and trap, and 29rs as the high performance and skiff boats, but has limited participation in both due to size and skill levels. 470 can be sailed by lighter but again you will be by yourself in the HS and junior levels. I would look for 29er fleets in your area as an upgrade. But as noted above no schools will follow you as they all share boats at regattas and you need lots of the same boat. So whatever class is predominate in your area is what gets used.
  8. Locus

    Kingston Ontario regatta advice

    When I last sailed there air temp was 85-90 and the wind was SE and hot as well even though it was stronger. So getting splashed and dunked was refreshing. Light wind days were oppressive and hot. Now it was hotter than normal for Kingston and the SE was abnormal as well. 505 NA's are there next summer and I will probably bring a light wetsuit but also shorts and t-shirts .
  9. Locus

    Kingston Ontario regatta advice

    Kingston is on Lake Ontario. Generally its warm enough in July for non wetsuit sailing. However depending on the winter and spring and how soon the lakes thaw and how frozen they were the winter before will dictate. Two years ago (I think) they didn't thaw till march or april and Huron was 50 degrees in early July. Ontario is downstream from all that, but smaller and shallower so heats a little more. Last time I was in Kingston it was cool water but not dangerous when not covered.
  10. Locus

    Foam deck

    I'll be out there on Charlotte
  11. Locus

    Foam deck

    So mine is the grooved diamond pattern. Its been on for 2.5 years (almost 3 sailing seasons) and where I cut the material I have a few diamonds breaking off (BTW I used a mat cutter to get the edge beveled to 45d.) Where we slide in and out on the wire I did notice a few have worn down some (you can see the boot slide path) but still grips really well. I also noticed some cracking on the top of the diamonds where it goes around the tank edge. But it looks like it will last many more seasons, so I figure I got my $80 worth. Still grippy, can trap off the top of the tank in light air (boot flat pushing inward) and need to lift feet up totally to slide in.
  12. Locus

    Foam deck

    Sheets probably too small for your fore deck anyway They are 23" x 84" 505 took 2 one for each side with some left over for thwarts and cross brace. If you get the Boat sheets in grey they are 45 x 84. You might get away with 1 sheet if you can cut the triangles out of the opposite sides? I would be curious how the stick to the non-skid would be. With good shoes you should be able to stand 45d on that stuff. Took some getting used to sliding in and out on the wire.
  13. Locus

    Foam deck

    Yes it is. Just found the thread and copied the picture over. I have no idea about the resolution. Alex since the Grey doesn't match anyway you should go with this
  14. Locus

    Foam deck

    This is it freshly installed in 2016. Diamond pattern. Had a few corners come up but restuck with contact cement.
  15. Locus

    Foam deck

    All kidding aside. I have hydro turf on my boat and really like it. Since Raptor doesn't make a 505 kit I have to cut it anyway. Comes in lots of colors. Got one that matches the hull