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  1. Locus

    Inspection port Sealing

    But I assume that hatch only sees green water and spray, never truly under water. Mine will be under water 1-2 feet on capsize. Seems like the tape will absorb water and stay wet.
  2. Locus

    Inspection port Sealing

    Could work, but no one around here has any. Plus 60 bucks and I have to store 9/10 of a gallon. Don't need much for 5 5" ports.
  3. Locus

    Inspection port Sealing

    I have concerns about the foam tape as well. All of these will be underwater at some point so it needs to be pretty waterproof. I am going to try some tape on one and see how it goes. Certainly can remove and do the 4200 route. Seems like a good plan B. Screws now were only in the skin glass. I am filling those, over drilling and setting them in epoxy. That plus the sticky butyl or 4200 should hold them in.
  4. Locus

    Inspection port Sealing

    Been leaning between butyl and 4200. Which would be easier to remove should I have to replace again? Probably butyl?
  5. Locus

    Inspection port Sealing

    I would like to disassemble in the future. New one has 8 fasteners. I am guessing its 4200 on there now because id didn't stick to the port ring, but is the dull tan of the 3m sealants. I was thinking silicone or RTV but since it wont stick to either the hull or the port I would probably be reapplying. Butyl might be the ticket.
  6. Locus

    Inspection port Sealing

    I am replacing the inspection ports on my boat after finding some were leaking. After taking a couple off, there was not really anything behind the outer flange for sealant. What are good options for sealant behind the new port? What is there telegraphed the port pattern, but is hard and probably does not seal properly any more.
  7. Locus

    Can't Trust Anyone

    You mean 10 over the 10 over you are allowed. Right? (Joke from a Michigan comedian, former State Police)
  8. Locus

    Calculating dinghy forestay loads - 505

    A few boats here in the NW have gone to SK99 heat set. I am testing it myself, but had to wait till they restocked the chafe guard at least for the top and bottom. Yes much cheaper and faster than wire. It weighs about half of my forestay 4mm vs 4mm dyform. One boat here has a ring at the stem for a 2-1 eliminating a 2-1 block somewhere else in the boat. Can't do that with wire. So the jury is still out for me, Thompson boatworks is also working on SK99 shrouds and what needs to be modified to make that work.
  9. Locus

    Bitchen’ Camaro

    Here in WA numerous boat yards were sued over copper emissions, even ones that had filtering systems already in place. Many went bankrupt, but it was determined that most of the copper was coming from brake pads and other non-marine sources, but that didn't stop them. So maybe stopping that source of pollution would help the boatyard industry. Too late here damage is done, but cars are still dumping the same amount of copper in Puget Sound.
  10. Locus

    International 420 max crew weight

    All dinghies are weight sensitive. Heavy crews do well in heavier air, lighter in light. I have not sailed the 420 too much, but all other trap boats need the crew on the wire to sail optimally. Heavy crews don't go to the wire as soon and fall behind in those transition periods. in the 505 I really suffer when racing the 12-15 range when sailing with another large person. Other boats are on the trap then but we are still sitting. They drive away till we can get on the wire at least crouching. When all the crews are sitting we can at least keep up going upwind, but down the light guys run away. Once over 15 and the light crews start raking we can really power past some with full power. But overall its pretty even. Since a 420 has fewer sail controls, less adjustable mast position/bend, you will be at more of a disadvantage till you can get on the wire I would think. 470 is that way as well, but again more ability to power up in the light. mast bend controls etc.
  11. Locus

    G10 backing plates, tapped, w/o nuts?

    I got a set of 90d picks that I use for this. Have a 1/4" 3/8" and 1/2". Works great on foam. Sharpened allen key is probably better for balsa or honeycomb cores.
  12. Locus

    Trailer Modification

    I have a trailer that i picked up pretty cheap, but is about 4' too long for my boat. Is there any issue cutting the tongue shorter with a cutoff wheel, and attaching a new hitch assembly? Trailer is galvanized so I would cold galvanize the cut and new holes. Boat is on a dolly so the trailer never goes in the water but does live near salt water. Concerned about weakening the steel and future rusting since its the attachment point for the hitch.
  13. Locus

    Grand Prix Mast Partners

    This. Run a bead of butyl tape around and cast the spartite around it. Or do the spartite and mush the tape into the joint. Will flex with the rig and should stay wp even when stretched twice the size
  14. Locus

    Hidden Hinge/Mortise and Cheap Drill Press

    Have done similar with router and template. But a dowling jig will also do this. They are self centering and have sizes up to 1/2" You could drill a pilot for the boring bit to follow. There also might be a 5/8" if you look. It certainly will allow you to drill pilots for the fasteners.
  15. Locus

    Generator Anarchy??

    To an extent. However there were two considerations. 1. The next step down for WH was 5600W and that is right on the edge of what we are pulling. Basically 3/4 of a 100a panel so around 6500W with the 240, 5000W without. We COULD run one or two 240 items at a time, but the transfer switch is not rated for it. 60a Second,, running on propane its a bit lower 8500 and 11000 peak. But running it full power will burn the propane way faster so we opted for the larger running at 3/4 load which should give us 36hr or so on a tank 4 tanks is about 6 days of power. Plus we have a 240 extension cord and can run the dryer that way, or use the outlets for charging etc gives us some overhead. Might also consider sharing with my neighbors