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  1. Quest 30 known as "Flying Tiger" - Info?

    I race on a Q39 here in Puget Sound. Overall i am impressed. Never sailed a boat like this before so its been a learning experience. Pros - Sails its rating up and downwind Very stiff. Crew weight seems not make no difference at all Large cockpit and easy movement around there Lots of room below. I'm 6'5 and can just stand No other 30' can do that (and go fast) Very stable at the limit. Wiped it out a couple times under chute. Behaved well and recovered quickly Cons Doesn't point with the rest of the similar boats Bit sticky in light (big butt drags) Needs traveler down in >12 (full down in >15) Not a level surface on the deck. Every time you move your foot its a different angle. Rig is very forward and it took a while to get the jib trim/cars tension in the right place. But now that we figured it out its pretty quick Does not have the sugar scoop though.
  2. When to gybe

    I'm not Good additional information. We have had to do the soak for too long due to jibing early, also capsized trying to reach a GATE we over stood and couldn't douse due to the hot angle. So we tried to heat up collapsed the chute and swam. So blazing speed YES (For a while)
  3. When to gybe

    Trying to call downwind laylines on full plane from far away is difficult. We often jibe early for clear air or if we are in a lift, pressure etc. If you jibe early you have to take another pair of jibes. Too late and you are dowsing while hot (hard on a 505) and then jib reaching to the mark. We only drop off plane if we undershot by a bit (100') and then we crab down to at least keep some speed up.
  4. Boom vang loads?

    The other thing to consider, which is mentioned in the selden literature above, you will need to support the mast at the top of the gnav with inner D shrouds like the 49er or you will bend the mast considerably at a point its unsupported. I know the daysailer has a beefy mast but I would be concerned about how much bend there is in the mast from 1290 pounds 2' above the gooseneck.
  5. Craigslist Finds

    HA! I was thinking the same thing .
  6. Craigslist Finds

    I like that its described as a Yawl.
  7. almost a boat yard disaster

    I have had both Acetone and Lacquer thinner go exothermic in a RAG, not in the container. Luckily it was in a fire bucket, dragged outside and smothered. So don't leave the Acetone soaked rags around, or spread them out as suggested above. I was told if it gets trapped and cannot evaporate it may combust.
  8. Dinghy Boots

    I use the Gill trapeze boots which are very similar to the gill dinghy boots. Less top instep padding. Thin soles for good feel, good grip and pretty warm (51d water here all year) I sometimes drive so they work for hiking, but if full time hiking on laser or Finn would wear out the tops pretty fast, Zhik also makes a good hiking boot none of these compare to the Aigle boot of the past. I agree with Surf that the new NP boots do not look grippy and are expensive and hard to get. All the above do not keep your feet dry and you may need additional warmth. I run standard with silk wicking socks and when really cold fleece socks
  9. Getting back into sailing

    http://sailinganarchy.com/classifieds/ Check Local Yacht/sailing club sites many have classifieds. As noted in post 21 join the local club and meet people. They will be able to lead you to a good boat better than the internet. (peruse the Craigslist thread and note the quality available) Laser ought to be pretty easy to come by. May need sail or some control upgrades. There are Aeros available but most are going for close to new prices. 3 here in Seattle with multiple rig sizes. Individual classes often have classifieds as do the dealers. Sturgis West Coast Sailing etc. Some brokers out here in Seattle also sell dinghies. Check some of the locals there in Chicago. Sparse but might have what you are looking for.
  10. Craigslist Finds

    Yes it appears to be floating low in that picture. Makes quite a loud noise when the boom hits it when getting too close on a pin favored start. Not that I've done that
  11. Craigslist Finds

    Three star masts are worth more than 3 times the asking price. Unless they are all broken. Looks like the boat is parked at Cap Sante in Anacortes. Anybody familiar with it? Picture is from Bellingham or Kitsilano probably. They both use the metal pole for start and finish pin.
  12. Sail ID help

    Ok sorry i misread. Probably a Butterfly Sail. The have an 18' mast and 75sf sail area. If the luff is 15 and the foot is 9 that is near 75 (67 of 68) and i assume there is rounding in your measurements.
  13. Sail ID help

    Does the roller spinnaker have a bolt rope? Looks right size for an old E chute? First assy?
  14. Sail ID help

    Scows also have the Letter (often 2) - and then the number. Letters stand for the lake. So this should be Geneva 22 if I remember correctly. DN have both the DN and often a letter number as well. The luff curve does seem to extreme for a scow though. Ice boat as good a guess as any.
  15. who what where

    Clearly the rig is still standing as evidenced by the shroud in the background. Still expensive though.