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  1. Cover+Core

    Not sure, Here is a table from APS showing the size for NER ARC Nomex/Technora cover. Not sure if that is what you have but it might be close
  2. Soverel 33 Chainplate

    All the Soverels i have sailed on have beams of destiny
  3. Cover+Core

    Tape ends of cover to prevent unraveling. Enter 1-2 fids down from the cover using a long needle and twine or thread. Fish it through the cover and out the other end 1-2 fids from the end. Sew it to the dymeema, tape with thin Teflon tape and insert into the cover Milk and pull the core through the cover to the end us a fid to open the cover and extract. Tie a overhand on one end and set the two by pulling and stretching. 8mm sound ok but depends in the cover size. Riggers usually supply the cover with fish line installed. I have never covered heat set it may be difficult due to the stiffness and slipperiness. Not sure how it will interact with the Technora
  4. New to me V15

    What mast do you have? My old 505 had and Elvestrom needlespar and pumped no matter how much tension I put. (Probably was just bending the boat) plus had to use levers so tension was hard to get.
  5. New to me V15

    Yeah i forgot about the deck vs. keel stepped masts on the FJ/420. They all use the same mast and same rigging setup so the mast and rigging should be able to easily handle the weight of an adult. Kingpost not so sure. Also not sure about accessing the post to replace or upgrade? Metal tube with plate and the step screwed to the step?
  6. R2AK 2018

    I have gotten signal in the middle of Lake Huron by standing real close to the mast (Alum) basically holding the phone to my ear and putting my ear to the mast. Gets 1-2 bars usually step away and lose all signal. Of course LOS is better up the mast.
  7. New to me V15

    Yes the forestay is just "tied" to the stem and is there for storage only. Jib luff takes all the load when sailing.
  8. New to me V15

    V15 is pretty simple to rig. APS has some guides (parts listing and locations) But it looks like in the picture above you got the standing rigging setup. Main halyard goes through the horn cleat back to the ring for a 2-1 and back down to the horn. Jib goes through the cheek on the mast up to the block on the halyard and to the horn. Tighten the forstay as needed for wind strength. Outhaul goes through the grommet, around the block and back down the boom. Cunningham up and over then back down. Vang is just there. That's all there is. As far as the trap. The V15 uses the same mast as the FJ and it can take a trap, no reason the 15 couldn't as well.?? You may want to look at the IFJ website and see how they setup the trap. Not designed for it and you will need some wind if the crew is over 170lbs. Two adults hiking can flatten the boat in <17 pretty easy.
  9. Seascape D2 aka 14

    Something like the tow little carbon flaps at the back of the Aero. High enough to catch things but low enough to crawl over in a stern entry.
  10. I can pull my 505 up most boat ramps my self even when a bit slippery. I often have help but its not impossible. Certainly managing the dolly by yourself can be difficult. Some of the laser sailors here ask bystanders to pull the dolly out of the tide line and then they capsize when the come in to retrieve the dolly. keeps the boat from floating/sailing away.
  11. Skipper/Crew roles

    I consider myself luck because on dinghies I have sailed with mostly people who do their job to the best of their ability and don't try to overstep. I recently went from driving to crewing and am able to provide succinct advice to the helm and shut up till there is something to say. Been trying to teach my son that lesson, that comments from the wire are not criticisms or derogatory but part of sailing with a team. Dinghy people are generally much better at this than keelboat sailors. Probably the close proximity.
  12. Skipper/Crew roles

    For crew its finding helms that listen and don't try to micro manage
  13. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    But how to get one to point around the trees which I suspect is the main issue. I can have 12 antennas, 11 would be pointed through 200' tall trees. So I for LOS i would probably need a 300' mast which here would be nearly impossible to permit. The other direction is fine even in most conditions we still get that station, some drop outs for sure in really windy or rainy but much better than the rest of the channels which come from a different direction. Nothing I can do about the trees, was looking to see if maybe an indoor would have better performance in wind and rain since its not exposed to those even though the signal would be.
  14. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    It can be placed at any angle but has best reception at certain orientations. Since our signals come from only 2 locations and are 70d apart we could get a true directional antenna and rotator but it might only help with the signal that is the better one now due to lack of trees in the way. The other would probably not come in at all due to trees. That is what antenna web and Radio Shack said at the time.
  15. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    So we do not have a directional antenna it cannot rotate. We set the direction based on the best reception for most of the stations. We do have an amplifier similar to post 38 but Radio Shack, came with the antenna.. I will have to check if its high or medium gain. I do suspect its the trees as they are directly between the antenna and the towers (I can see the lights at night) and they are not mine and there is no place on my property to get around them. Maybe SOL in that regard.