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    International 420 max crew weight

    All dinghies are weight sensitive. Heavy crews do well in heavier air, lighter in light. I have not sailed the 420 too much, but all other trap boats need the crew on the wire to sail optimally. Heavy crews don't go to the wire as soon and fall behind in those transition periods. in the 505 I really suffer when racing the 12-15 range when sailing with another large person. Other boats are on the trap then but we are still sitting. They drive away till we can get on the wire at least crouching. When all the crews are sitting we can at least keep up going upwind, but down the light guys run away. Once over 15 and the light crews start raking we can really power past some with full power. But overall its pretty even. Since a 420 has fewer sail controls, less adjustable mast position/bend, you will be at more of a disadvantage till you can get on the wire I would think. 470 is that way as well, but again more ability to power up in the light. mast bend controls etc.
  2. Locus

    G10 backing plates, tapped, w/o nuts?

    I got a set of 90d picks that I use for this. Have a 1/4" 3/8" and 1/2". Works great on foam. Sharpened allen key is probably better for balsa or honeycomb cores.
  3. Locus

    Trailer Modification

    I have a trailer that i picked up pretty cheap, but is about 4' too long for my boat. Is there any issue cutting the tongue shorter with a cutoff wheel, and attaching a new hitch assembly? Trailer is galvanized so I would cold galvanize the cut and new holes. Boat is on a dolly so the trailer never goes in the water but does live near salt water. Concerned about weakening the steel and future rusting since its the attachment point for the hitch.
  4. Locus

    Grand Prix Mast Partners

    This. Run a bead of butyl tape around and cast the spartite around it. Or do the spartite and mush the tape into the joint. Will flex with the rig and should stay wp even when stretched twice the size
  5. Locus

    Hidden Hinge/Mortise and Cheap Drill Press

    Have done similar with router and template. But a dowling jig will also do this. They are self centering and have sizes up to 1/2" You could drill a pilot for the boring bit to follow. There also might be a 5/8" if you look. It certainly will allow you to drill pilots for the fasteners.
  6. Locus

    Generator Anarchy??

    To an extent. However there were two considerations. 1. The next step down for WH was 5600W and that is right on the edge of what we are pulling. Basically 3/4 of a 100a panel so around 6500W with the 240, 5000W without. We COULD run one or two 240 items at a time, but the transfer switch is not rated for it. 60a Second,, running on propane its a bit lower 8500 and 11000 peak. But running it full power will burn the propane way faster so we opted for the larger running at 3/4 load which should give us 36hr or so on a tank 4 tanks is about 6 days of power. Plus we have a 240 extension cord and can run the dryer that way, or use the outlets for charging etc gives us some overhead. Might also consider sharing with my neighbors
  7. Locus

    Generator Anarchy??

    Bought a Westinghouse 95kva 12500 peak dual fuel (propane and petrol) Can run most of the house, has a keyfob for start/stop remote monitoring and clean power. Here in earthquake country the gas will shut off on a ~4.5 so a true standby didn't seem to make sense. Our critical stuff is on UPS so we have 20m or so to start the genset and flip the transfer. Have some lights, Fridge, TV/computers furnace and WH plus a few convenience outlets on transfer. Now that we got it power only went out 1 time and only for an hour. Bought 4 tanks of propane, should supply elec. for 4 days. Since no gas in the tank easy to store. Came with integrated trickle charger that we have on a smart outlet that runs 2 hours a day keeps it powered.
  8. Locus


    Closer to 2 hours if there is no traffic. 80 miles. Melges wil probably have to go past Kirkland anyway to get to I90 or go further south to get to I80. Cant go through Canada anymore.
  9. Locus

    No Eye Splice Rope?

    Dinghy control is the toughest rope I have spliced. Mostly switched to Excel from marlow now. Has most of the smaller sizes that used to only be in Dinghy control and much easier to splice. Will see if it lasts as long Dinghy control is tough stuff. Hard on gloves and hands though.
  10. Locus

    No Eye Splice Rope?

    Selma fids work well here as well. I use the flat tip to work the cover away them slide around the core and work it out. Works on XLS, Excel racing. The hardest to.exteact is robline dinghy control but I have done it
  11. Locus

    Garmin Quatix 3/5 vs... ?

    My original warranty was also slated to be a refurb, but ended up with a brand new watch. Probably because the !5 was pretty new then, might not have had refurbs to send? The one I got two weeks ago was refurb. Seems to work fine. Hey maybe you will get my old watch refurbbed? LOL
  12. Locus

    Garmin Quatix 3/5 vs... ?

    I have done it twice, once under warranty and once not. Process was the same. You have to call them sit on hold for a while then talk to someone who will walk you through some obvious steps then recommend a warranty or paid swap for a new or refurbished watch. If you want it fast you authorize 300 on your CC and it comes in 1-2 days. Send your old one back and get a credit (Full if its still under warranty) Or send your watch and wait for the new one round trip. My latest ~2yo was using battery at a rapid pace <4 days) and the barometer/altimeter stopped working. So for $150 I got a refurbished one. Seems fine and way cheaper than the new Q6. Overall got the new one in 2 days shipped the old back the next day, got a credit after a week. My original stopped charging after 4 months and the process was the same just with full credit, and they actually sent a whole new watch, box and all.
  13. Locus

    MERCURY mountaneer 2008,80k MILES

    We have a 2011 escape (same car) and its been very reliable. Only has 70k now, but had it for almost 10 years with basically only tires brakes and oil. We had an 03 prior to that and it was similar. The 2nd gen escape is in demand here. Had numerous out of the blue offers to buy it, and there are few available in used car lots. I don't think people realize the Mazda is the same vehicle. BTW get the V6, the 4c is very harsh and a bit slow. The V6 is sporty revs high and goes pretty good.
  14. Locus

    MERCURY mountaneer 2008,80k MILES

    Those V8s also have bearing issues and timing chain issues. The guides are plastic and it eats them and jumps the chain. Newer replacement guides are better constructed. May have already been replaced. But if the bearings go you will be getting a new engine.
  15. Locus

    Splicing: 4 meter endless loop

    iStream The excel control is specially design to be a continuous line. The core of the line only keeps the cover from collapsing and for the end for end you just pull the cover back and cut the core out each end of the splice, then insert the cover into the other cover just like a single braid. The cover is the load bearing portion and with the proper bury it seems to be just fine. I even have trouble locating the splice as its the same diameter as the rest of the rope, just a bit stiffer so there is an 8" straight spot in the line. I have to balance the slack on both sides of the boat all the time so the splice moves constantly, been on the boat for 3 years never been an issue cleating or running through some small blocks (All 16mm or micro blocks) I am using it on my Rake/shroud controls and vang. Both cascade controls so final purchase pretty low, but it has a 600lb strength in the 4mm size I think so the splice should hold that.
  16. Locus

    Splicing: 4 meter endless loop

    Do you wrap the tape below the tail to keep the needle together? I broke 2 small d splice needles on this stuff. Making my own now.
  17. Locus

    Splicing: 4 meter endless loop

    I did the same. A colleague told me the same. it was his advice to get the tail through the needle just the right length. Now that its done it looks and works great, The splice is a little stiff, but you have to look hard to find it. Never slipped either.
  18. Locus

    Splicing: 4 meter endless loop

    Nope its a PITA, but once done it works great. You are supposed to remove all the core at the splice, you did that correct? You just milk the cover back and cut the core. I think its 2 or 3 fids on each side D splice went in just fine but getting the cover through is tough Cutting a couple picks out of the tip did help but if you put too much through the splicer it wont go, too little it slips. On the 4mm i have i think i had like 1/8" tail through the splicer. I even watched the videos from Marlow, they made it look super easy. Took me at least an hour, and of course this is on the boat because its continuous.
  19. Locus

    Inflatable PFD for women?

    A number of the women i race with use the Spinlock deckvest. Very different shape than most of the inflatables. I have the deckvest light and like it. Cannot truly comment on the issue though.
  20. Locus

    Craigslist Finds

    Looks like a 470 and a AMF Apollo had a baby?
  21. Locus

    Decent sci-fi or fantasy novels

    Alistair Reynolds Pushing Ice is really cool Timothy Zahn (his non star wars books are really good.) Star Wars are good but it turns of some Jack Mcdevitt Two distinct series. One about space exploration the other about a SCIFI detective. Greg Bear Darwins Radio series will blow your mind Especially now with the covid thing going on
  22. Locus

    Connect Low Friction Ring to boom

    Its not a problem when the board is down. One reason I did this is forgetting to ease the vang rounding the windward mark in light wind, raising the board and then the vang gets hung up. This solves the issue. Vang releases in all cases now.
  23. A few years ago i replaced all the high load blocks on my Vang with rings. Pretty happy with the reduction in friction, but because of first cascade being spliced the ring is pretty far from the boom and when raked we run out of vang travel. How can I splice or attach the ring close to the boom so i have more throw on the first cascade? See attached picture. Loop is spliced around the ring inserted into itself then end to end back at the top. I luggage tagged it to the boom. Those splices are as short as can be, bury is almost touching at each side. I would like to get 4-6 inches reduced on the first cascade.
  24. Locus

    Applying Numbers to Sails

    ok so we have 0s 8s 2s 4s, 5's, 6's, 8s,9s are the hardest. Only thing we can agree on is the 1s are easy. (maybe 7s as well)
  25. Locus

    Applying Numbers to Sails

    I found the long horizontals on 2 and 5 hard to get staying flat and straight even when taped down. Most of my micro-wrinkles on on those. Luckily my current # is 7610 all pretty easy IMHO. It was my sons opti that had 324551. So three numbers that took a lot of time and being very careful.