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  1. olshitsky

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Has anyone heard of reports that there may have been trauma or bodily injury? That he went under in 6 minutes is pretty shocking, considering Jon had competed in Ironman competitions. Perhaps a twisted/broken limb that prevented him from staying afloat longer? Seems like a report from the ME could have confirmed that, right?
  2. olshitsky

    Is sailing cool?

    I'd say most non-sailors in Chicago are aware of the Mac race, and tend to think it's pretty cool that I do it. Not sure they care too much about sailing in general.
  3. olshitsky

    Funniest Interaction with Non Racers Thread

    no, come out on the next race with me. [blows < 5kts] you might have a point...
  4. Is that funny or kind of a dick move? Still deciding.
  5. Anyone got a pic of the GL70 Details spinnaker? Not offensive. Just pretty awesome.
  6. olshitsky

    Chicago Area III

    Bit of a light show on the trip to St. Joe last night. Anyone got any good video? Also, what was up with the RC boat setting off flairs after some boats had finished?!?
  7. olshitsky

    SCOTW Pick Offends the "Sea Gypsy"

  8. olshitsky

    What's your boat beer?

    Not until post #147 do I see this? What's wrong with you people?
  9. olshitsky

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Not sure I've ever heard a broadcast referring to an incident 1000 miles away. But if I were that windsurfer, or any other person in trouble, I'd be pretty happy to know that USCG was doing what it could to get the word out. A little inconvenient to people listening to the broadcast(s)? Yeah. Small price to pay so that someone is listening when you're in need of assistance.
  10. olshitsky

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    +1 Both harrowing and reassuring knowing that communication was constant.
  11. olshitsky

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Fuck, just re-read this post. Not to take away from everyone else that participated in the search mission. Lots of stories of selfless sacrifice that day. This one just particularly moved me.
  12. olshitsky

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    I read through this thread while coming home from mac. Very emotional. I've sailed with Jon, run Chiditarods with Jon, drove to and roomed with him at Devil's Head for the annual Area III guy's ski trip. He was just such an incredible guy. I gotta say when I got to this post, and read about a guy sitting in the bar, hearing about the MOB, convincing a power boater to get out there and spend time and money for the search, I just lost it. I'd rather not have had to hear about this at all, but given the events, I'm so appreciative of your efforts. I don't know either of you, but if you ever find me, I will buy all of your drinks, any time. Jeff Olshesky
  13. olshitsky

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    And the bugs? No bugs either?!? Talk dirty to me.
  14. olshitsky

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Can't someone just reply and give an elaborate explanation why the models are wrong and it wont' be miserable. Tell me an outright lie so I can enjoy the rest of my week, because it's clear that I won't be enjoying my weekend.