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  1. living in a lighthouse

    Um, I think the fact that the human race is still tenuously hanging on is far better, much older, and more important symbol of human cooperation.
  2. Who’s the Idiot this time?

    Well it is only a pending sale, maybe the bidder will come to their senses at some point. I have to admit for that price, it sounds like a bargain (I know, many failed dreams have begun with that very idea), not much that a little judicious work with a sawsall wouldn't fix. Too bad they didn't make any effort to preserve the power plant after they fished it out, but then again they can just install a couple more engines and such and leave the old junk for the necessary ballast. Win-win!
  3. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    Exactly. For some reason, I persist in being verbose, you said what I did, far more succinctly. I think it is because I like details and long explanations so I can understand issues in my own way. Not everybody has the same need. I am grateful that there are people here that can condense my epically long posts and capture the essence of my thoughts. In case anyone thinks otherwise, I mean the above sincerely.
  4. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    Yes, how could I have forgotten. The first, essential step to world peace is to grab all the privately owned guns from US citizens. (Bolded for Jeff's benefit.) You're welcome!
  5. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    I think we agree on the large issues but disagree on the details. My experience both in being in the military and working for them as a civilian for 20 years along with a large amount of reading convinces me that many air power advocates and people in positions of power think that air power is the answer to resolving wars. This attitude has existed ever since the first aerial bombs were dropped from balloons, way back when. The Viet Nam war was the failed embodiment of this erroneous idea as evidenced by the huge amount of bombs dropped, double the amount dropped in WW II, yet the US clearly lost that war.
  6. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    Yes, I see what you are saying but my point is McConnell could do quite a bit (I don't say that any of it will be good for all of us) if he had a president that could articulate a clear policy and then stick to it. Then McConnell could rally the party into some semblance of unity. Certainly more than exists now with the winds blowing policy decisions every which way. I think you are exaggerating his weaknesses and downplaying his political knowledge, to a point.
  7. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    Unfortunately that's par for the course around here.
  8. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    Living large Austin, good for you. Of course a few drops of water enhance the Scotch drinking experience, it opens the bouquet, releasing those wonderful scents of the sea or the heather and all of those other things.
  9. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    On one level, what you are saying makes perfect sense. But on a deeper level, what I hear you saying is that in order to advance the cause of world peace we had to kill a lot of people. That is like the famous Viet Nam war press conference where the military member briefing the reporters claimed that we had to "We had destroy the town to save it". As a scientist, don't you think there are better, less destructive ways to develop tools to promote peaceful co-existence? If I am not clearly understanding what you are saying, I will be happy to hear what you really mean.
  10. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    In my opinion it was a combination of logistical concerns as you said, and also a general apathy toward the plight of the Jews. Yes, there was a certain amount of disbelief and incredulity that the holocaust was happening, but there was more than enough evidence to show that the Holocaust was real. For whatever reason, the Jews have endured a several thousand year history of hatred and mistreatment that continues to this day. I have visited 4 different camps and if you think the photos and museums are difficult, walking through a camp, seeing crematorium ovens caked with human ash and soot, and all the other things are very depressing, shocking, moving and all kinds of other adjectives. At some point it just becomes overwhelming to absorb it all. The extermination camps were almost all in Poland, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Treblinka were all centers of mass killings. Auschwitz accounted for over 1 million deaths alone, and Blezec another 440, 000 deaths. Even the numbers become meaningless due to the scale of unimaginable horror. The phrase "The banality of evil" created by the Jewish author Hannah, while writing about the perpetrators holocaust cold indifference to the suffering of their victims, sums up the numbness that overcomes us while trying to comprehend the event. they weren't human beings; mothers, fathers, children, doctors, teachers, laborers, Jews and Gentiles, they were just a big problem in logistics, that needed to be solved. In a similar way, for different motives, this is basically the attitude today. Every camp has a sign or monument somewhere with the words Never Again. Sadly, due to human nature, we never learn and the slaughter goes on, albeit on a smaller scale. Part of the problem is because we won't learn that violent wars, precision bombing and marvels of modern technology to kill more of them then they can kill our people are really stupid, horrible, crude ways to resolve problems. We need to find a different way to resolve differences. The impersonal, devastating weapons of warfare today make it the easiest way to impose our will on others. Yet n spite of the power of todays weapons we still need to occupy the country to achieve complete victory, and all of the death and destruction, while solving the initial problem, causes a host of new, sometimes intractable problems. It is complete insanity and we need to find a better way. Today we have an idiot for a President that loves to threaten other countries with 'Fire and Fury'. He has undercut and diminished the diplomats whose job is to try to find other means to resolve conflicts Being the biggest bully on the block doesn't help anything. Spreading half truths, glorifying war, chest thumping, high technology, flag waving destructive nationalism are all things that will ensure that we don't work harder to find a solution other than war. This mindset has increasingly led to one tool in our tool box, so we continue to squander massive amounts of money to build our military even larger to counter future threats. This is insanity at it's best. No matter the justification, no matter how good the cause is, war always creates more conflict. We need to understand that there are no true winners in a war. It is a cycle we desperately need to break or suffer the inevitable consequence, that is the destruction of the world as we know it. Wars are a temporary solution to a permanent problem thereby ensuring a future of eternal conflict. The one 'bright spot' about the modern technology of war is it has minimized the horrendous casualty rates of prior wars. The downside of this is it makes it easier to go to war. Hardly a win -win solution. Fanning the flames of prejudice and bigotry by labeling anyone that is from a different country, different race, different religion and different appearance than us only exacerbates the problem. Claiming a sovereign right over a land that we stole from someone else, and denying entry to newcomers is ludicrous and hypocritical. We are all human and nobody owns anything, we can only claim temporary control over the land and its resources. Just because some people were luckier than others as to their birthplace doesn't give them the right to deny that advantage to others. I don't care how smart you are or how hard you work if you were born in the wrong place at the wrong time, you are shit out of luck. People often show extreme selfishness in critical situations, stepping on the weak to escape with their own life. Is the behavior of a powerful country closing it's borders to those less fortunate any different? We claim that survival of the fittest is a natural law, that's just the way it is. Has anybody considered that the intellectual ability of the human brain has evolved to find a better way to coexist, one better than 'might makes right'? The answers are rarely binary, we are convinced that the world is an us or them situation, leading to a closed mindset to solving difficult problems. There are humane solutions but they are complex and difficult. We always want to use the easier, quicker, but violent, temporary solution. If I had my way we would destroy every military in the world, turn the swords into plowshares as it were, and go back to hand to hand, face face battle of the days long past. It wouldn't be any more or less effective in the long run in solving the problems of the world but it would be far less destructive. Then some large corporation could buy the rights to cover the fights and everybody could sit at home and wave their flags and drink their beers and most people would be happy. Even a silly solution like that is far preferable to the mess we have today. Human nature is neither inherently good or evil. We have seen plenty of both behaviors. Human nature apparently is just all fucked up. We haven't learned anything about getting along, since the dawn of man, and I doubt we will ever change. Instead of realizing what we have here on earth is all we have, people have deluded themselves into thinking if they can just survive the pain of day to day life, there is a reward after death. This leads to some twisted convoluted thinking and doesn't provide much incentive to improve the real world that we all must live in. Shouldn't we focus our efforts on helping our fellow humans in the here and now and not some imaginary being? If we had only invested all of the time, effort, brainpower, money and technology used to develop better, more efficient ways of killing people, to ways to find mutual peace and prosperity, the wold would look very different than it does today. In that way we are not much different than the Nazis that sat down at the Wansee conference in 1942 to design the "Final Solution". We may claim our reasons are altruistic but they aren't, they are selfish. We want to make peace in the world so we can sit selfishly in comfort in our own protected enclave. We want our piece of the world to be our way and fuck you if you weren't fortunate enough to be born here. We will throw enough scraps to the unfortunate, not to help them, but enough to pacify them so they don't come and threaten our way of life. That hasn't worked out very well and it never will. No wall, no matter how strong or high will stop determined people from wanting a better life. Paradoxically, tearing down the walls will lead to peaceful coexistence far easier than building more walls. I go to Berlin often and have seen in a microcosm, the benefit of this idea. We need to be nicer to each other, not to please some mythical, imaginary god, and ensure a trip to heaven and eternal bliss but because we all need to live on the same planet. That's all we have.
  11. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    I said the air campaign wasn't terribly effective. That's a bit different than how you twisted my words. Te false narrative we hear today claims the US bombing was carried out with deadly precision, and won the war. That's just plain false. Of course it helped, dropping tons of bombs on things tends to do damage, but not as much as was claimed. But the bigger damage is the the persistent myth of air power has led us to believe we can win wars from the air and that has been proven false over and over again yet people still insist it is true. The Allies dropped 3.4 million tons of bombs on Europe during the war. In the Viet Nam war, the US dropped 7 million tons of bombs on Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia in 10 years of war. Yet the US lost the war. We used smart bombs and missiles on Iraq twice, achieving incredible accuracy and devastating results and Saddam Hussein was removed from power yet the situation there is a mess. We have been fighting and bombing in Afghanistan for 16 years and there still is no end in sight. All of these things are facts. We can speculate about what happened and what could have been different forever, it won't change anything. It an amusing way to spend time, like the endless Ford vs Mopar vs GM debate, or the endless racing rules debates. But what I have a problem with is people repeating myths as facts, revisionism, objectivity blinded by patriotism or a complete lack of logic. I don't mind an intelligent, informed debate, I don't like senseless stupid arguments.
  12. Evidence of collusion?

    Yeah, let's see how far that will go. You are pitiful Jack. Benghazi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    I usually like what he writes but he is exaggerating some of the effects. First and foremost, whatever travel expenses you incur on a PCS move are reimbursed by the military. You always get reimbursed after the move, even during normal times. You can request an advance pay if you like but if he was already in the process of moving, he would have received that money before he left. Also, the per diem rate for govt. travel is quite generous, during several PCS moves and many Temporary Duty (TDY) assignments, I never overspent my per diem and I wasn't trying to minimize my expenses. Almost any major hotel chains know exactly what the per diem rate is for their area and charge exactly the allowance rate for lodging. 30 years ago the daily food rate while on TDY or PCSing was around $40.00 a day, it is based on the cost of living in the area, so it varies but it's generous. And I might add, I didn't cut corners. Maybe it took a little longer because of the shutdown but I guarantee he was reimbursed for any and all expenses, the normal ones as well as the extras incurred by the shutdown because he was on official orders to travel. As far as working, In the 8 years total I spent in the Army I often worked my ass off under normal conditions, day after day, week after week. In my first time in the Army, my normal schedule was 12 days on, 2 days off and a minimum of 10 hours a day, 14-16 on the weekend we worked. In my second stint, I had a 8-5 office job mostly but I also spent a lot of of duty time working in the ER of my own choice and I had to do a week of emergency on call coverage about every 4-5 weeks. Having said that, I also had more paid time off while I was in the military between annual leave (30 days a year), some, not all weekends, some holidays, training holidays, medical convalescent leave, and nice bosses that occasionally gave me time off just because. The military is just not like a normal job. Ever. So I think he is whining a little, which surprises me. I also believe that the shutdown will not last long, one side or the other will blink. I am just getting tired of the scare tactics and misleading stories, that's all. YMMV.
  14. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    Have you ever been here? The women are quite wonderful, other than that it is a little rough around the edges. In some places, very rough. I don't mind honest criticism at all, I have never claimed Poland is heaven on earth. Except for the women, of course. I lived in Texas, I would never live there again. I would go back to San Antonio to visit friends and the Riverwalk though, that's unique and one of the nicest urban attractions I have ever seen in the US. The Alamo, not so much. If only the Riverwalk weren't deep in the heart of Texas...
  15. Tom Petty DTS

    Oh yeah, that rush right before the lights go out is wonderful! I used to work in the medical field so I usually negotiate my anesthesia with the doctor, they don't mind so much if you are in the businesses. I can understand Michael Jackson's OD death, Propofol is pretty sweet too. If there were some way to get a doctor to prescribe it easily, I have a feeling that would be killing a lot of people nowadays as well as the opiates. It is the sedative of choice for short procedures like colonoscopy, etc, it isn't a general anesthetic.