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  1. Ed Lada

    LONQR 2

    A drunk squirrel! I immediately thought of PB, but it appears to have happened in Minnesota.
  2. Ed Lada

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    The first snow of the season here. In the last few years we haven't had any real winter. Snow accumulation for the entire season averages about 6-10 inches total. Temps are rarely lower than the mid 20s, and that's in the middle of the night. I am not a big fan of winter, I saw more than enough snow growing up in Erie, PA. I felt inspired to to express my feelings today by composing a little haiku after looking at my Japanese garden . Snow falls on bamboo Delicate leaves shiver from cold Where are you summer?
  3. Ed Lada

    Ignore please

    I normally abhor ignorance but I'll make an exception and continue to ignore this thread. We are living in difficult times and we all need to step up our game. For all of you resisting the urge, go ahead and take on for the team. Ignorance is bliss! Y'all want to be happy don't you?
  4. Ed Lada


    About 73 Australian dollar cents.
  5. Ed Lada

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Depending how many blows and what weapon is used to inflict the fatal head wound, it could inadvertently look like a Jackson Pollock, heavy on the red.
  6. Ed Lada

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    I was thinking more along the lines of a Ouija board. A metric Ouija board.
  7. Ed Lada

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Not much to learn there except that they're old and they're racist. The old bastard is unlikely to change at age 73.
  8. Ed Lada

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    I'll have to think about that. I pretty much have nothing but time free anyway. This thread certainly has gone all over the place. I never thought it would get here.
  9. Ed Lada

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Not being a smart ass, I contemplate this kind of stuff all of the time, but what if the universe just doesn't give a shit about us? We can only view things from a human perspective, no matter how hard we try to think beyond this limitation. Perhaps the answer is that there is no answer. Or conversely, because none of it really means anything and it's all subjective, any answer will do.
  10. Ed Lada

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Yes, that's what I alluded to in my earlier post. King Jan Sobieski, the hero of Vienna. Poland has had a long, complicated, and often terrible history. Poland didn't exist on any map twice in it's existence. The first was the time which is referred to as the 3rd partition occurred in 1795. Russia took the east, Germany the west and Austria the south. From that time until he end of WW I there was no country called Poland. It didn't become Poland again until it was brought back into existence by the treaty of Versailles, in 1918. My paternal grandfather emigrated from eastern Poland to the US in 1907, he was 16 years old. On the document at Ellis Island he was listed as country-Russia, nationality Polish. The second time Poland ceased to exist was in 1939. A month after Hitler invaded Poland setting of WW II , the Soviets in accordance with a secret pact with Hitler invaded their old enemy Poland. The Soviets took a good chunk of eastern Poland and made it theirs, Germany took the western portion and incorporated it into the Reich and a small part in the center became a sort of territory known as the General Government. This was where all of the death camps were located. Again, Poland didn't become a country again until the end of WW II country. In every other country that the Nazis overran one way or another in WWII, Poland was the only one that they completely dismantled. There are many kingdoms, principalities and duchies and the like that existed in Europe over the centuries that have disappeared. The well known British historian Norman Davies wrote and interesting book about that called Vanished Kingdoms, The history of half forgotten Europe. However there isn't a case of a well established country in Europe that disappeared twice and still exists today. Even under the USSR, the 'Soviet Socialist Republics' at least retained their names and boundaries and culture for the most part. Davies has also written one of the definitive histories of Poland appropriately entitled God's Playground. Davies has also written other books about Poland and is married to a Polish woman. Like I said, Poles are tough people. Like the old Timex watches, "They take a licking and keep on ticking".
  11. Ed Lada

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    So true! Especially in Poland, Poles hate any kind of government. Stubborn, independent people. That's been Poland's greatest strength and greatest weakness since Poland existed.
  12. Ed Lada

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    You're welcome. There are a few Poles I know that think the whole Covid thing is a hoax, but not many. I think part of the Poles experience is due to the effects of communism, but there is an entire generation of adults now that either weren't born or were to young to remember the communist time. And these same young adults watch a lot of movies and have internet, so they are becoming much more materialistic than prior generations. But Poland is still developing economically and most Poles are quite used to a simple, low cost life because they just don't have a lot of money in many cases. We have a McDonald's in our town of `20,000 people but no other fast food chain restaurants. And the McDonald's does a steady business but it's rarely crowded. There are 2 pretty good restaurants in town with moderate prices by US standards, but expensive for most locals. They stay in business from the Germans across the river that come to town to buy some products cheaper and cheap restaurants as they get better pay. The Germans come from as far as Berlin, about 65 miles away. To the Berliners, eating a good meal in our town costs them much less than what it would cost them in Berlin. Folks don't eat out a lot here and if they do, it's in restaurants that feature Polish food, roast pork, pierogi, etc., and it's pretty inexpensive. And bars aren't popular in Poland except in big cities, most folks drink at home or at a restaurant with their meal. You kind of get the picture. In short, many of the restrictions don't have too much effect on the locals. The ones that are really hurting are the places that count on German customers. Takeaway food is possible but most Germans don't do that. Polish people have always enjoyed going to the forest to walk or collect mushrooms, even many young people. So as long as they can do that, and even at the height of the lock down during the first wave they could, they are reasonably happy.
  13. Ed Lada

    Not Quite Building a Boat

    That guy has some amazing skills. To be able to do hand engraving like that alone takes years to master. Maybe he worked for the US mint engraving plates for paper currency. There aren't many folks that do hand engraving nowadays. I am willing to wager he spent almost as much time grinding those specially shaped cutting tools for the lathe work as he did making the card press. That's one way to avoid buying an expensive CNC machine. I would like to see his shop; a lathe, a milling machine, extensive electroplating equipment and who knows what else. A lot of money there. I spent a lot of years at my father's jewelry shop doing engraving on a manual pantograph engraving machine (exactly like the one below) which takes some skill but nothing like the skills that the guy in the video has. I spent so much time on that machine that I could reach each adjustment knob I needed without looking for it. The motor and pulley connects with a belt to the pulley in the middle of the photo where the cutting tip is. A diamond cutting tip is used on metal, and the diamond tip can be replaced with a carbide cutter to be used with the motor for engraving plastic. Quite a variety of type font sets made of brass were available. The engraving business has largely moved on from the old manual pantograph machines nowadays, and the demand for engraved jewelry; charms, ID bracelets, watch bracelets and backs, etc., has largely gone away as well. There is still a big demand for all kinds of other applications for engraving.