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  1. Ed Lada


    I'll see your country rock and raise you some modern jazz music. The photographer Ela Tomczak is a friend of ours, and the music was composed and performed by a local as well and he put the video together. Some very nice Polish women modeling. Polish women tend to have a large breasts. Okna is the Polish word for 'window'. Ela does photography for a living. Our town has about 20,000 people in town and the surrounding area. We have a truly amazing amount of talented artists. Musicians, singers, photographers, you name it we have them, and many of them are incredibly talented. I love living here.
  2. Ed Lada

    If you like Uni...

    Urchins can be painful but so can fish dorsal fins. I was walking on a beach on Padre Island, Texas and a a shit ton of smallish catfish type things had washed up the beach. I was carefully stepping over one and my left foot shifted on the sand and I reflexively planted my right foot. Right on the spike on the dorsal fin. A barbed bone. I buried it about 3/4" into the soft part of the bottom of the foot where the arch is. The fish wasn't freshly dead and the bone separated from the fish, firmly lodged in the bottom of my foot. That was probably a good thing because otherwise I would have had to drive with an 18" fish stuck to the bottom of my foot. My girlfriend was freaking out, so I hobbled a few hundred yards to the car. I tried to pull the bone out, but I quickly realized it was stuck in well. Since my lady was too freaked out to drive, I carefully used my toes to press the gas peddle, drove off the island and to a nearby hospital. The doc in the ER cleaned up my foot and then tried to pull the bone out. It didn't budge. So he numbed my, got a big hemostat and clamped it o to the bone. He held my foot with one hand, pulled with the other. The bone didn't budge. A nurse held my lower leg, the doctor gripped the hemostat in both hand, he put one foot up on the gurney to brace himself and gave a mighty pull. I'll never forget the sound of those barbs ripping out of the bottom of my foot. We all had a good chuckle over that, he cleaned the wound well, gave me some antibiotics and I was on my way. You can see the serrations on the bone. It was in my foot as far as you can see the blackish traces on the top of the bone, the bone is about 2" long. The black is the remnants of my dried blood 26 years later. Those damned fish would often wash ashore in huge amounts. You can drive on the beach on most of north Padre Island and the sand is pretty firm. I used to go there a lot and one day, with the beach littered with these fish, although I was trying to avoid them, I had three punctures in one tire from those things. When I went to a garage on the island to get the tire repaired, they guy said that happens all of the time and he patches a lot of holes from those dorsal fin bones. I wonder if sea urchin spines are tough enough to puncture a tire.
  3. Ed Lada

    If you like Uni...

    Heathen! Sorry, that just slipped out. Everyone has different tastes. I love almost any sushi or sashimi and I've tried most of them. Uni is fabulous, fugu is interesting and o toro, fat marbled tuna belly is the best. Good o toro just melts in your mouth. Just my opinion of course. Cooked fish is very good too as long as it isn't overcooked or overly seasoned. Why ruin the delicate flavor of fish with overwhelming spices? I never could understand the 'blackened' fish craze. It's probably a good way to get rid of not so fresh fish because you sure can't taste the fish when it's prepared that way. . When I lived in Japan, the Japanese couldn't pronounce my last name. So I was Rada.
  4. Ed Lada

    If You Love dogs......

    Honestly, that girl has no shame, none! I really need to talk to Bella again about the concept of modesty!
  5. Ed Lada

    LONQR 2

    I thicke there are some of each. I'm with PB but I do love that cartoon.
  6. Ed Lada

    "I Got A Guy..."

    My wife's son isn't quite that guy, but he is the local fixer. He must know a few dozen 'That guys' at least. If I need anything, and I mean anything I call him and explain and he says, OK, I'll call you back. Next thing I know he calls me back, and tells me where to go, mention his name and tell them what I want. And it happens. Every time. I could walk into the Polish version of a biker bar, have everybody stare at me with suspicion. I could just tell them that I'm married to Marcin's mother and I probably wouldn't have to buy a drink there the rest of the night and I'd have 17 new badass friends watching my back for the rest of my life. He knows everybody in town including all of the cops. When I wanted a used car, I told him what I needed, and how much I wanted to pay. A week later I had my car and it wasn't at all expensive, around $3,000. Ten years later, I'm still driving it and I've only had to make a few minor repairs to it. The guy can open more doors than an expert lockpicker. He could probably get me floor seats for a Knicks or Lakers game or 50 yard line seats at the Superbowl and he's never been in the US! He probably knows where the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant are, but nobody's ever asked him to get them yet. He likes my Italian cooking and I often make extra and tell my wife to call her son to see if he wants a bowl of pasta, or whatever to to take home. It's good to stay in his good graces. He usually appears at our door shortly after the call. The only drawback is he occasionally borrows a tool from me and doesn't return it, but he lives about 100 yards from us, so I just go over and ask if I can 'borrow' my tool. I can always buy another hammer or ax if I have to. It's a small price to pay really. A resource like that is a rare find indeed.
  7. Ed Lada

    LONQR 2

  8. Ed Lada

    LONQR 2

    At your age, even thinking about it could be dangerous. Just sayin'. Because you know, I care about you. You will thank me later.
  9. Ed Lada

    Piano Tuners

    He spent quite a bit of time working on it. I didn't watch the entire time. When he was finished with the tuning and the tinkering, the piano sounded better than ever. My wife hasn't had any complaints so I think he did a good job. You are welcome to drop in anytime and give it a test drive. We know a bunch of musicians, we can even have a little concert if you like. Whenever we have a party it usually devolves into some kind of spontaneous performance. People around here have music in their blood.
  10. Ed Lada

    Piano Tuners

    A little more piano porn for @Amati The last time we had the piano tuned this past summer, the tuner (the coffee drinker) thoroughly cleaned everything and smoothed off the hammers a touch.
  11. Ed Lada

    Piano Tuners

    Yes, if you look on the frame near the serial number you can see Rud. Ibach cast into the metal. My wife says she likes the action on the keys very much and she has played a lot of pianos. I never played the piano but I played the violin starting at age 9 and I have a very good ear. I was quite good at the violin but in my teen years I decided I had other priorities. My violin teacher almost cried when I told him I didn't want to play anymore. I haven't played the violin in years, but I can still tune one by ear. I love the sound of our piano. I studied theater in college, and I have heard a lot of music of all kinds over the years. My mother took me to a classical concert when I was around 5 and I've loved music ever since.
  12. Ed Lada

    Piano Tuners

    My wife's father was a local musician that had a big band back in the day, he was quite popular in our town and now and then an older person will stop my wife and tell her how much they enjoyed her father's music. He played clarinet and saxophone. My wife and her younger twin sisters followed in their fathers footsteps and they all studied music at university. Hania, the grand daughter told my wife about a year ago that she wanted to play the harp, so my wife got the harp for her. Hania's older brother is 12 and he has been playing the saxophone for a couple of years now. My wife's one sister's son is studying saxophone at a music academy in a larger city about 100 miles from our town and is quite good, and my wife's other sister's teenaged daughter is an accomplished singer. Four generations of musicians!
  13. Ed Lada

    Piano Tuners

    I was surprised to find that they are still in business. They were established in 1794! My wife has played the piano most of her life, and she plays quite well. I love it when she puts on a little concert for me. Especially when it's Chopin, because Poland! The little harp was made by a Polish woman that makes them for a living, my wife's 5 year old grand daughter is taking harp lessons.
  14. Ed Lada

    Piano Tuners

    Over the years we've had 2 different people tune our piano here, they both tune by ear. Neither one is blind. One prefers tea and the other coffee as they tune. I think the coffee drinker is better. You can see the serial number in the photo, on the frame below the tuning posts a little right of the center, 75006. I looked it up on the web and it was built in 1914. It was restored sometime in the early 1990s. The guy that restored it, the tea drinking tuner and friend of my wife, paid about $300.00 for it many years ago, it was in poor condition. My wife did a bit of a favor for him some years ago and took the restored piano in payment when we moved into our house 12 years ago. It's a nice sounding piano. I finally bought her a nice bench for it a few months ago, she was using one of those round 3 legged ones with the threaded post to adjust it, prior to that.
  15. Ed Lada

    Piano Tuners

    I lived in Erie and we had a piano and the piano tuner was a blind guy. I seem to remember that his first name was Tony. Did you know that there is a company in Erie that is North America's largest and most complete wholesale manufacturer and supplier of pipe organ related parts and materials? So says their website. A girl that I went to high school with works there. So if you want to keep your organs in tip to shape, they are the folks to call.