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  1. “In fraud we trust”

    In the Army we had mandatory HIV testing every year, so after the first year, I wasn't too worried anymore. I still worry about Hep C. When I started in the ER, it was the same, getting covered with blood on occasion. One time we had a kid that had lacerated is lip pretty bad and a little artery was pumping away. I was holding direct pressure on the lip for a time, and the doc told me to take my hand away and see if the bleeding had stopped. I took my hand off and a nice arc of arterial blood went about 2 feet through the air and right down the front of my nicely starched medic whites. The doc ended up tying off the artery. A few years later when I worked in a trauma center, we were in full battle rattle. Gowns, mask, full face shield, gloves, shoe covers. We wore scrubs instead of medic whites or BDUs. Sometimes after the patient either went to the OR or the morgue (Or in the rare case, out into a normal ER bed.), the trauma room looked like a slaughterhouse. You had to kind of shuffle walk, otherwise you would slip on the blood and fall on your ass.
  2. “In fraud we trust”

    When I first worked in the ER, We never wore gloves unless it was a sterile procedure. Then they came out with the 'universal precautions', which required gloves at a minimum if you were going to come in contact with body fluids. After a while. gloving up became routine, but I always hated the lack of sensitivity from the glove, even surgical gloves which are tighter and thinner than the exam gloves. Forget the nitrile gloves, (because nowadays it's cool to have a latex allergy to go with your gluten intolerance). Those things feel like you have garbage bags on your hands.
  3. Just Another High School Shooting

    That's because America is exceptional. And soon it will be great again! Little Donnie promised us.
  4. “In fraud we trust”

    Maybe a little TMI at the end there, but a great story! By the way, do you remember the days before universal precautions when you were a paramedic? I have a good touch and I hated the feeling of the gloves when I was trying to find a vein to start an IV, so back in the day, it was bare hands. Blood washes off, right? I had a friend that was a medic back then and he ended up with a medical retirement for hepatitis C after some years.
  5. The only thing that is perfect about you is you are a perfect idiot.
  6. Just Another High School Shooting

    You are truly pathetic. People who abuse drugs make a conscious choice. People who die of cancer succumb to a natural, however ugly, process. The 17 dead children in Florida and the equally dead kids across the country that perished in various mass shootings didn't die a natural death, they didn't chose to have their little skulls shattered by a high velocity bullet. Even someone as truly ignorant as you knows what a false equivalence is, so once again you reveal yourself to be a Happy, Fappy troll, as Eva Dent. Just keep on being a cheerleader for more dead kids, Moroni isn't going to like that.
  7. Just Another High School Shooting

    Shit, that was an awfully generous assessment of Fappy Jack. I wouldn't have been so charitable.
  8. Just Another High School Shooting

    The NRA will never come to the table, they are to blinded by their ideology, and drunk on their power. It won't be pretty when they crash and burn, the very victim of their success convincing American's that they need more and more guns. Hubris, it happens to organizations as well as individuals. When they go down, they will go down hard.
  9. “In fraud we trust”

    When I was building commuter rail cars at the local GE plant, we just used MEK to clean everything, no MDS, no gloves, etc. Probably explains a lot of my behavior more than 40 years later. That shit gives a great buzz but the monster headache afterward always sucked. By the way, never weld near an open container of it. Just don't, OK?
  10. Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    The 74' origami boat, SV Seeker is using light poles for the masts. Junk rig.
  11. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Actually, it was probably inevitable that this would happen.
  12. Fast "safe" boat....

    Oh shit!!!!!!!!
  13. Fast "safe" boat....

    Thanks, modesty prohibits me from saying that myself.
  14. Google & Babel Yacht Brokers

    I am willing to be quite forgiving for a beauty like that. One picture is worth a thousand mangled words.