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  1. I do love it when you go on a tear. Cellists!
  2. Anyone have backyard chickens?

    You are a guy of many talents Mr. Guy. Hot rodder, sailor, chicken farmer. Are you just going to keep doling out the surprises one by one or how about just listing everything now, I hate waiting!
  3. LONQR

    Ahh, special weapons.
  4. LONQR

    Where were you at and what years? I was at the hospital in Nuernberg from January 1975 to August 1976.
  5. Korean War to end.

    Hey, Short Meli, I was thinking about your Spanish beer dilemma. Just look at what the locals are drinking, that should help you.
  6. Tired of being called Boss

    From my experience in the military, when your former co-workers still address you as Chief, it's a sign of respect. I always saved that form of address for the ones that were really great to work for, the kind you really wanted to have as a boss. I could go on with the superlatives but you get the idea. Good on you.
  7. LONQR

    For those who don't know, in German 'gross' means 'large'.
  8. 2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    It almost makes me proud of my Pacer!
  9. Plane Engine Explodes Kills Passenger

    Somewhere in the US.
  10. Plane Engine Explodes Kills Passenger

    How about the guy in the '70s on a DC 10. Same thing happened, engine threw a blade, broke the window and the guy got sucked out of the window and into the engine! The story said they found his remains 2 years later. It sure must have sucked to be him. Edit: Here is the story from CBS Aimer said there was a similar incident in 1973, when a National Airlines DC-10 suffered an engine failure and one of the fan blades hit a window. It sucked a grown man out of the window and into the same engine on that side, Aimer said. His body was not found for about two years, Aimer said.
  11. 2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    My sister had a boyfriend that had an Opel GT. Now that was cool.
  12. Korean War to end.

    The Korean people are quite wonderful. Warm genuine, and generous in my experience. I lived about 50 miles south of Seoul, it's much quieter in the countryside. Seoul has its charms but it isn't high on my list of favorite big cities in the world.
  13. Did you think it was over when Hitler bombed Pearl Harbor???
  14. Tired of being called Boss

    I am busy collecting all of my senior citizen discounts here. A lot of them begin at age 60. There has to be some reward for growing old!
  15. Plane Engine Explodes Kills Passenger

    Thanks for the down in the weeds info IB, you don't find that kind of stuff in the news reports. If I recall correctly they keep detailed records on the metal they use for those blades, all the way back to the creation of the alloy billet. Is that the case?