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  1. Ed Lada

    COVID-19 Price gouging

    I lived in Asia for 6 years total, I love rice. I eat a lot of it. I buy medium grain rice which is the closest I can get to what I was used to eating in Japan and Korea. Not a lot of Asian food stores in small Polish towns! I was just going with the authenticity angle. People in Italy don't eat a lot of rice unless it's a nice risotto. Not in Rome anyway. Polish people don't eat a lot of rice either and when they do, it's that awful long grain stuff. I like my rice to stick together.
  2. Ed Lada

    Captain of USS Roosevelt fired.

    How times have changed. Nowadays, something like that wouldn't even raise an eyebrow.
  3. Ed Lada

    Captain of USS Roosevelt fired.

    Thanks, I was confused too.
  4. Ed Lada

    COVID-19 Price gouging

    Very un-Polish anyway. But since there are several hundred kinds of sausage in Poland, and I doubt yours was like any of them, you make your sausage any way you like. We won't tell anyone how you eat your sausage. Now Italian sausage with peppers and onions, that's a real thing. Not with rice though.
  5. Ed Lada

    Trump Right Now on TV

    You thought that was bad, this is unbelievable. Very presidential. (The video cued to the starting point of the outburst.)
  6. Ed Lada

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    These are strange times indeed.
  7. Ed Lada

    Boris in intensive care

    Too many wits to pick!
  8. Ed Lada

    COVID-19 Price gouging

    Winery supply houses sell all kinds of alcohol tolerant yeast varieties specialized for fermentation. I would hate to see you suffer.
  9. Are you sure the sheep rental outfit was renting them out only for the use of bored border collies? We are talking about Florida...
  10. Ed Lada

    COVID-19 Price gouging

    The answer is yes to both questions. Unless the humor involves violently abusing women. That's funny to Jeff
  11. Ed Lada

    Captain of USS Roosevelt fired.

    Modly has apparently forgotten one of the fundamental tenets of leadership. Praise in public, reprimand in private.
  12. And we are very grateful for that restraint Len. I don't think anybody here thinks you would ever cross that line. Now some YouTubers...
  13. Ed Lada

    ' chief of staff ' : next >>>

    You gotta admit Mulvaney shot himself in the foot when he said of course there was a quid pro quo. Kelly was the only one that was worth anything. That was certainly his downfall. With the current chaos in the WH, there's a good chance that Meadows will make it until November if he just keeps his mouth shut.
  14. Thanks for sharing that Len. Sheesh, and people say I share too much! Aw hell, we're just one big dysfunctional family here anyway.