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  1. This guy is interesting, he freely admits he doesn't know much about boats. Mostly he makes it up as he goes along. I have no idea if plans exist anywhere but in his head. He is persistent and patient though! He is calling it the SV Rusty Junk, although I thing SV Bumpy Lump would work too. I'm pretty sure his guiding principle is "Don't force it, get a bigger hammer." SV Rusty Junk
  2. “In fraud we trust”

    I just had a flashback!
  3. Fast "safe" boat....

    Eh, be careful what you wish for. You may get it.
  4. Fast "safe" boat....

    You're welcome.
  5. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Drunken Australians? What are the chances?
  6. Just Another High School Shooting

    My grandchildren could grow up in a crack house and be in better company than the gun nutters group.
  7. Number of School Shootings Decreased

    And this ladies and gentlemen is why I have trouble referring to the gun nutters with anything but angry disdain. What kind of callous, ignorant, insecure, selfish fuck could even write such drivel? "Ha, ha, ha, 17 children died, you lose, ha, ha, ha. There were only 17 school shootings, not 18, ha, ha, ha, you lose!" Likely Fappy Jack quote. What a sick mother fucker.
  8. as a mathmatishion, i find this interdasting

    Looks like a pretty typical Polish woman to me. Something in the water here, I don't know...
  9. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I had a friend that had a beautiful Irish Setter named Shannon, a wonderful example of the breed. Although her name was Shannon, she was more commonly known as Shit for Brains, she was a nut.
  10. Just Another High School Shooting

    I am beyond angry. My daughter just gave birth to wins less than a month ago. This horrible gun homicide problem made me angry before, now it's personal. I might or might not be alive by the time my grandchildren graduate from high school, but I sure as shit want them to live long enough to do so. I want them to grow up in a world free of the worry that they will be mowed down in their school because a bunch of selfish, short sighted motherfuckers refuse to give up their toys, which serve no real purpose in their life except to bolster their obviously very fragile self image. Why don't you assholes grow some balls. Am I being an unreasonable, insulting prick? Should I be nice and act reasonable? Fuck no. The time for being reasonable passed after the usual inaction and thoughts and prayers following Columbine, or Sandy Hook, or Las Vegas, or...
  11. Hmm, what a choice. Eliminating an obstinate mother fucker that won't be sensible about giving up a deadly weapon, an instrument of terror, or an innocent child that isn't even old enough to vote of have much of a say in their future. Collateral damage indeed. I would reframe that choice as a logical, sensible action vs the murder of an innocent.
  12. “In fraud we trust”

    Shit, you are old! My first enlistment in the Army was in 1974-'76, 94D, baker, and also did 94B, diet cook and 91F, diet cook . I went back in in 1988 in mental health 91G (now 68X), and I spent a lot of my free time in the ER doing medical work.
  13. Just Another High School Shooting

    Claiming that more mental health screening will solve the mass killing problem is about as meaningful and effective as 'thoughts and prayers'. It sounds great but it won't do shit about the problem. The shameless, selfish gun nutters will grasp at any straw rather than save the lives of our children. Fuck you! I don't want to hear the ludicrous argument that an armed citizenry is going to take down a totalitarian government. I have news for you, read some history! The last time the people took down a totalitarian government was 1989 with the fall of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc countries. Not a shot was fired. Think about that. Millions of people gained their freedom after 45 years of tyranny and subjugation, and it all fell apart without a shot fired. If the gun nutters were truly patriots, truly loved their country and its people, then they would be lining up at police stations everywhere, voluntarily giving up their guns for the good of all. Instead they have doubled down on selfishness by deflecting constantly and stubbornly defending the indefensible. These miserable individuals hands are stained with the blood of our children. They are all complicit in the murder of innocents. Deny it all you want, get your fake outrage on, if you aren't part of the solution then you are definitely part of the problem. Murderers! I am encouraged by the actions of the students in Florida. It is their world now, they will have to live in it long after we are gone. I am overjoyed to see them recognize the problem and focus on the obvious place to make a change, by dealing with the scourge of unfettered gun ownership. I have stated many times, for a long time that if we don't do anything, then events will take their course and things will change anyway. I see the voices of the students as the first step in this process. Perhaps the deaths of the 17 Florida students won't be in vain. Perhaps someday, 14 February will be marked in the history of the US as the day that started the movement to rid the US of guns forever.
  14. The text below is taken from a Facebook post. It was written by a teacher. This is what the dogmatic, selfish attitude of the 2A defenders have brought upon us. What the fuck is wrong with you people? The other amendments to the Constitution are universal values, treasured and necessary to any freedom loving people. The 2A sticks out like like a MAC 26 at a classic wooden boat regatta. What a bunch of selfish fucks you are. Earlier I shared a post from my friend, Mr. B. Well now I have my own. In 7th period, out of nowhere today, the fire alarms at my school went off. My students stood up as they always do when the alarm goes off for drills. My brain immediately went into robot mode. I recalled the incident from yesterday like a mathematician calculating a problem on a whiteboard. Zero emotions. Zero fear. “Wait,” I said, holding up my hand. The kids froze. “Let’s sit for now,” I said calmly. They sat, looking at me in terror. “What if it’s like—!!!” One child cried out, but I turned, shook my head, and kept my hand held out. “It’s not. Probably someone pulled the alarm. It’s okay. Let’s just wait.” We waited. I kept eye contact with the teacher in the classroom across the hall from me. We both shook our heads. Then I waited to hear gunshots. Do you hear me? I stood in front of your children and I waited to hear gunshots. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT???? I didn’t want to put them in lockdown just yet. Calmness and control is the only defense I have against a room of panicked teenagers. I turned and I looked every single one of them in the eyes and I nodded my head reassuringly. You are my babies. I have you. I have you. I kept glancing across at the teacher across from me. He shook his head. We stayed still. Suddenly, I saw our guidance counselor in the hallway. She beckoned for us to come out. I stuck my head out and said “it’s safe?” She said “Yes, let’s go out.” “Come on, guys,” I said. “It’s all right. We can go outside.” They behaved wonderfully. They followed me out calmly, we evacuated, and then we stood outside for 30 minutes while fire trucks and police cars checked out our building. It was a faulty alarm. Everyone was safe. I took my children back inside. We had a successful drill. Everyone was safe. I even made a point to update parents and community that we were all safe. School dismissed. The kids left, chatting excitedly how they missed half a class period. I sat at my desk. My little sister came in to say goodbye for the day and I lost it. Sobbing, snot coming out, face burning, nauseated. I was waiting to hear gunshots. I was waiting to hide my kids. I was waiting for the shots. Keep your opinions off my post. I’m home and I’m angry. I stood in front of your kids and waited to die for them. I STOOD IN FRONT OF YOUR KIDS AND WAITED TO DIE FOR THEM!
  15. “In fraud we trust”

    In the Army we had mandatory HIV testing every year, so after the first year, I wasn't too worried anymore. I still worry about Hep C. When I started in the ER, it was the same, getting covered with blood on occasion. One time we had a kid that had lacerated is lip pretty bad and a little artery was pumping away. I was holding direct pressure on the lip for a time, and the doc told me to take my hand away and see if the bleeding had stopped. I took my hand off and a nice arc of arterial blood went about 2 feet through the air and right down the front of my nicely starched medic whites. The doc ended up tying off the artery. A few years later when I worked in a trauma center, we were in full battle rattle. Gowns, mask, full face shield, gloves, shoe covers. We wore scrubs instead of medic whites or BDUs. Sometimes after the patient either went to the OR or the morgue (Or in the rare case, out into a normal ER bed.), the trauma room looked like a slaughterhouse. You had to kind of shuffle walk, otherwise you would slip on the blood and fall on your ass.
  16. “In fraud we trust”

    When I first worked in the ER, We never wore gloves unless it was a sterile procedure. Then they came out with the 'universal precautions', which required gloves at a minimum if you were going to come in contact with body fluids. After a while. gloving up became routine, but I always hated the lack of sensitivity from the glove, even surgical gloves which are tighter and thinner than the exam gloves. Forget the nitrile gloves, (because nowadays it's cool to have a latex allergy to go with your gluten intolerance). Those things feel like you have garbage bags on your hands.
  17. Just Another High School Shooting

    That's because America is exceptional. And soon it will be great again! Little Donnie promised us.
  18. “In fraud we trust”

    Maybe a little TMI at the end there, but a great story! By the way, do you remember the days before universal precautions when you were a paramedic? I have a good touch and I hated the feeling of the gloves when I was trying to find a vein to start an IV, so back in the day, it was bare hands. Blood washes off, right? I had a friend that was a medic back then and he ended up with a medical retirement for hepatitis C after some years.
  19. The only thing that is perfect about you is you are a perfect idiot.
  20. Just Another High School Shooting

    You are truly pathetic. People who abuse drugs make a conscious choice. People who die of cancer succumb to a natural, however ugly, process. The 17 dead children in Florida and the equally dead kids across the country that perished in various mass shootings didn't die a natural death, they didn't chose to have their little skulls shattered by a high velocity bullet. Even someone as truly ignorant as you knows what a false equivalence is, so once again you reveal yourself to be a Happy, Fappy troll, as Eva Dent. Just keep on being a cheerleader for more dead kids, Moroni isn't going to like that.
  21. Just Another High School Shooting

    Shit, that was an awfully generous assessment of Fappy Jack. I wouldn't have been so charitable.
  22. Just Another High School Shooting

    The NRA will never come to the table, they are to blinded by their ideology, and drunk on their power. It won't be pretty when they crash and burn, the very victim of their success convincing American's that they need more and more guns. Hubris, it happens to organizations as well as individuals. When they go down, they will go down hard.
  23. “In fraud we trust”

    When I was building commuter rail cars at the local GE plant, we just used MEK to clean everything, no MDS, no gloves, etc. Probably explains a lot of my behavior more than 40 years later. That shit gives a great buzz but the monster headache afterward always sucked. By the way, never weld near an open container of it. Just don't, OK?