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  1. It is a private museum. There is a 2nd one on the other side of Heidelberg, to the west, in Speyer with a 747 as the featured aircraft Sinsheim is south east of Heidelberg. As you head west on autobahn 6, you come over a hill and you can see the 2 SSTs . as though they are drag racing, right next to the autobahn. Inside the museum there is a huge collection of F1 cars, quite a few Ferraris (The owner of the museum has an Enzo as his personal ride, I saw it parked outside of a doner kebab stand in town one day ), stunning examples from just about every German car maker's most famous rides, locomotives, tanks, and all manner of really cool stuff and also a lot of just plain junk. And an Imax theater.
  2. Be careful what you wish for. I live in Poland where beautiful women are a dime a dozen. I am not tired of it yet after 9 years living here but that's because we are right across the river from the eastern edge of Germany and well, to be charitable, the women are not necessarily stunning (they are better on the western side). You know, without pain we wouldn't know pleasure, life is meaningful because we die, in order to appreciate beauty, we must have ugly. Of course I heard hell is full of nothing but the most beautiful women you have ever seen. All of them redheads.
  3. CA is the rhythm section of SA!
  4. I read a while ago that another group was trying to save her, but who knows. So many worthy causes, so little money, it's always about the money. Everything has to die some time.
  5. I agree. I am a disabled veteran (non-combat) and I am a bit tired of the veneration of vets, they are all heroes, etc. Most of it from people who have never served, the same idiots that wine about taking a knee during the national anthem. Faux patriotism, slacktivism, faux outrage, it's all bull shit. If every woman was drop dead gorgeous, the world would be a boring place. If every vet is a hero, how do we honor the true heroes? I loved my time in the Army, I did well, I really loved the camaraderie and teamwork but to be honest, I served with a few complete assholes.
  6. The Concorde is a beautiful airplane but it sure is cramped inside.
  7. Have you ever seen a grown man naked? (Sorry, somebody had to go there.)
  8. That is the Auto-Technic museum in Sinsheim, Germany. They added a Concorde next to the TU144 a few years ago. I lived in that town for 7 years the museum is huge and has quite an array of cars, aircraft, military vehicles and much more. It is about 20 miles from Heidelberg and well worth a visit if in the area.
  9. I have 2 Labs. They love road trips.
  10. I saw this thread was active again and I got excited. Finally ,I thought, they found Li'l Murray. Now I am disappointed.
  11. There is actually another, good reason. Pit Bulls are abused and abandoned regularly and there are people out there with compassion that take these dogs and give them a loving home. Many pit Bulls are very sweet dogs.
  12. So far it is under the radar but someday the Labrador threat will become public. I know if you get your face within a foot of my 2 Labs, they will cover you with so many slobbery dog kisses, you will wish you were dead.
  13. Yes, the old liners were built to sail almost anywhere at any time. When we were on the SS United States, I don't remember the sea state exactly except that the wind was really blowing and the nearly 1,000' long ship was going up and down like an elevator, so the seas were quite large. I guess the captain had a hot date in NYC because he didn't slow down any. The first day we were violently sea sick (the first and last time in my life), then we got our sea legs, got out in the fresh air and were fine the rest of the trip. Those floating high rise ships nowadays avoid bad weather, I think not only for passenger comfort , but because they look like in the wrong kind of heavy seas they could roll over quickly. The once proud and beautiful SS United States is now quietly deteriorating in Philadelphia. On my last trip to the US, on the way back to Europe we flew over her shortly after taking off. It was a sad sight.
  14. I crossed on the SS United States (the ship being nudge into the berth) in October of 1963 from Lehavre, France to NYC. The trip to Europe was from NYC to Naples, Italy on the Italian lines Cristofro Colombo. Passage time to was 7 days going, 4 1/2 on the way back.
  15. Shame on KDH for putting porn in this thread.