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  1. "It looks like you blew a seal." "Nah, it's just ice cream."
  2. Yeah, M16 is 5.56 x 45 mm and AK47 is 7.62 x 39 mm. Maybe they were thinking of the 7.62 round fired from the M60 machine gun vs the AK 47 7.62 round.
  3. I think BTL is off his meds again.
  4. Given this project, I was kind of thinking it was a Château Cheval Blanc dispenser if it wasn't the sea chest.
  5. You nailed it.
  6. I prefer an old Bordeaux or Burgundy if you don't mind. I really don't care for any vodka.
  7. In the aftermath of WWII the fear of the spread of communism was very real. It was a very close thing in France and Italy and the Communist Party is still active in Italy. The reason the US helped France regain Vietnam as their colony was in part to bolster the French democratic government after the demise of a lot of the French empire during WWII and the capitulation of the Vichy French to the Nazis. My own personal opinion is by the time the US entered the war, the threat of communism spreading over the world was much diminished. We will never know what Kennedy would have done but I believe LBJ felt he had good motives for the escalation of the war and then he got sucked in to the quagmire. After the experience in Korea, there was no way the US would ever invade North Viet Nam and as always, the Air Force promised they could win the war by dropping bombs in spite of ample evidence that you need to occupy the enemy country at some point if you want to win. In addition, the Vietnamese have endured occupiers, invasions and wars for centuries, they are stubborn devils and the war with the US was just business as usual to them. To some point, the US involvement in Viet Nam was based on noble principles. There were many, many mistakes made, culminating in the less than glorious withdrawal from Saigon. The biggest mistake, obvious with hindsight, was getting involved there in the first place. Given the situation today, strategically speaking, the US learned nothing from the Viet Nam War. Personal note: I turned 18 about 5 months after the draft ended. I enlisted in the Army in 1974 with a guarantee to go to Germany. There were still support troops in Viet Nam at the time but no combat troops. I can still remember being in Germany and reading the Stars and Stripes newspaper about the end of the war in April 1975. I was discharged in 1976 at the end of my contract and I went back in the Army 12 years later.
  8. When I read Pano's posts I think; "There are none so blind as those who cannot see." I have an idea Pano, why don't you get a great big big cup of STFU.
  9. Hiking boots on a sailboat? Really?? Nice video and nice teamwork there.
  10. On the one hand whatever made Pano so bitter makes me want to feel empathetic toward him. Then I think, what for? Fuck him. A wise person once said; "Bitterness is the highest form of flattery."
  11. Beautiful Bob. That boat just looks right from any angle.
  12. I guess you wouldn't like the leather bound iPad menus they had their either (Or the bill at the end of the meal!). If you ever go to Paris, just avoid the place, there are other restaurants there. Eating oysters any other way than raw is heresy, a travesty and absolutely unforgivable.
  13. What is more simple than a basic assortment of seafood ?
  14. That reminds me of an experience I had. After several years as an NCO in the Army, I worked as a civilian for the Army after my medical discharge. There was some function at the community club and I was at a urinal and the post commander, a lieutenant colonel, came to the next urinal over. We kind of knew each other but not well. As I finished up, I looked over at him and said "Sir, we have to stop meeting like this, people are starting to talk." Then I zipped up, turned around and walked out.
  15. I am excited to be a cohort. That's a step up from a minion isn't it?