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  1. VOR Man Overboard

    Give it up random. The tribe has spoken and they are happy with the way the race is progressing. Why should a death or two be considered anything other than collateral damage?
  2. The pivot to Asia

    An expensive irrelevance. ....
  3. The pivot to Asia

    Probably explains why darwin has so many uniformed visitors. ....
  4. E-Bikes

    That looks like hard work. Does it come with a seat?
  5. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Can always sleep on the trip home.
  6. The pivot to Asia

    How is the position weakened? Just like the f35, tripwires are irrelevant when you have nukes.
  7. Drip Drip Drip

    Those stuck at the front?
  8. What is a Libertarian?

    I did the test a while ago. Lefty with a touch of authoritarian. Sometimes, people need to be encouraged to work for the common good........
  9. Drip Drip Drip

    And dog. You're a party hack. You don't speak for the right, you speak for the Republicans. There's a difference.
  10. Drip Drip Drip

    Dnc case is a civil case. Different rules regarding evidence and doubt. It worked for oj's 'victims'.
  11. The recycling house of cards collapses.

    People aren't smart enough to connect their actions to consequences. Recycling is a wasted opportunity.
  12. The recycling house of cards collapses.

    Abc website saying logan council mentioned in op has reversed their decision.
  13. The recycling house of cards collapses.

    China recently changed their laws regarding the quality of imported recycling product. There's much more to the story than lb's op suggests.....
  14. Drip Drip Drip

    Foreign affairs? Know any eastern European ladies?