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  1. This. Forcing uncomfortable situations don't sit well with me.
  2. Will Roy Moore Bring Back Stoning?

    We will gain their homes, and their wives, and their cleaning ladies. How Christian.
  3. Next up, Bill Clinton!

    Less than 50 years ago, you couldn't rape your wife. Now you get 20 years in prison. Attitudes change. Comparing instances from now and then is a fools errand.
  4. This is an example of why we don't trust Gun Grabberz

    Apparently, the air force can determine who has a black heart, they just forget to tell others.....
  5. Health care sticker shock

    This family of three in Australia pays $2200 for single payer. And an extra $3500 in private insurance. Per year. You guys are either stupid or fucked.....
  6. This is an example of why we don't trust Gun Grabberz

    You can't fix the crazy problem. Isn't that obvious? Crazy is a human flaw that, after 100,000 years hasn't been bred out. If you can't fix it, best you can do is limit the damage.
  7. Rich and Power A$$holes

    I'm conflicted on historical stuff. What was accepted 20 years ago is now unacceptable. I definitely prefer now to then, but I'm conflicted in judging yesterday's actions with today's morals.
  8. Uber for babysitters?

  9. I'm waiting for 1950 to return.

    Excellent work mikey. Post of the thread....
  10. Just Give Me A Lawyer Dog

    Wtf isn't access to a lawyer the default option? It's not hard to understand why your cops are treated with contempt when bad apples like these exist.
  11. Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill Removing Penalty for Using Gun in Crime

    It's not like the tool is responsible....
  12. Trunk or Treat

    Lawyers have a field day with parents all emotional over little johnny's broken nail.
  13. Hillsy and rapists

    32 million? 2 mil for the assault, 30 mil for his inability to maintain an erection?