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  1. Hillsy and rapists

    32 million? 2 mil for the assault, 30 mil for his inability to maintain an erection?
  2. 4 hr working day

    Like you don't already know.....
  3. 4 hr working day

    If only meli's job came with a 6 figure salary and a place of residence.....
  4. He knew what he signed up for

    Tm has gotten a promotion from waterboy, he's accepted the role of fluffer. He has finally reached the position that a man of his God given gifts deserves
  5. Why Trump Won't Talk About Niger

    So soldiers from Chad have been fighting boko haram, and soldiers from Qatar have been fighting Isis and now Chad and Qatar are now persona non grata?
  6. He knew what he signed up for

  7. Eggshell rant

    Authentic Jamaican? I assumed it would be bigger.
  8. OK, I'm convinced

    Fixed. And it seems yes
  9. Where's the Male Porn on the Sailing Anarchy website?

    That's 2 pics of lifebouy in this thread, taken 30 years apart. He has aged well.
  10. Trump ups his battle with the First Amendment

    It's tme Sessions beefed up those libel and slander laws.
  11. Oh it's twoo! It's twoo!

    Smartest man in the gop. I'm starting to believe that's true.
  12. Trump vs Media

    If only printing press's could hold a gun.
  13. Oh it's twoo! It's twoo!

    Americans and their things......
  14. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    Interesting thoughts. Suggests things could have been a lot worse. Which just makes things even more unfathomable.
  15. Hillsy and rapists

    What would anyone think pussy grabbing is the domain of just one side of politics.