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  1. Ease the sheet.

    WTF Australia

    A red head with a gun.........
  2. Ease the sheet.

    I still call Australia home

    And you like a woman who either wont speak up or if she does, can take a punch. And you're ugly, to boot.
  3. Ease the sheet.

    I still call Australia home

    Not grumpy, an altogether worse dwarf.
  4. Ease the sheet.

    Cali rep would rather nuke the US then allow AR 15s

    I don't think he means what you think it means. ...
  5. Ease the sheet.


    Losing some anonymity here, my birth year. That wine, and all the others, have seen some things. Wars, peace, social movements, natural disasters etc. And lets not forget those involved at vintage time. Those 47's were from a vineyard and community recovering from war. History in a bottle.
  6. Ease the sheet.

    I still call Australia home

    To be fair to meli, as she is talking about remarriage, they are older men. My only experience is some younger men at work have chosen to marry Vietnamese women. Age it not a factor here. By and large, they are ugly men with the personality of a cow pat. No self respecting first world woman would touch them. A green card is a strong motivator, no matter what
  7. Ease the sheet.

    I still call Australia home

    "Her right to only have sex when she felt like it" Really? That's is offensive. If I can't tell my missus to fuck off in the middle of the night, how else can I get something that resembles revenge for my poor choices?
  8. Ease the sheet.

    Scrap F-35 buy J-20

    You're correct. Im not sure you can override stall correction, especially the stick movements. Its seems it's not in the manual either......
  9. Ease the sheet.

    Brexit, and all it entails

    Rees mogg is a fuckwit. Just look at what he named his poor kids....
  10. Ease the sheet.

    Brexit, and all it entails

    The British government is in coalition with NI politicians. Without a deal that is acceptable to those politicians, no May government. ....
  11. Ease the sheet.

    First Step Act

    Like the one you ran?
  12. Ease the sheet.

    Scrap F-35 buy J-20

    Its not an auto pilot issue. Its part of the stall warning and prevention program.
  13. Ease the sheet.


    Before drinking old wines, I like to some historical research. Having some idea where the wine fits in the context of the world can be interesting. Knowing that something important was brewing why some poor peasant was toiling in the fields during vintage adds to the enjoyment.
  14. Ease the sheet.

    well I'm glad I'll live only 20 -30 years longer if that

    The last 100 years has seen lowering of participant casualties and increasing non participant casualties. We need civilian robots.......
  15. Ease the sheet.

    I Happen To Agree With Her About AMAZON

    I can offer beer and conversation.