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  1. Just found this extended thread.  So what is Sopot, and where are these Z10's floating around for sale?  I have sore need of them, asap, even though an A-cat with move-forward-able trunks is looking scarce.

    I am TRYING to sail the darm thing as is. 

    1. samc99us


      Sopot is the location for A Cat worlds this summer. I can talk to Martin and see if we can get some used boards and rudder hardware in the U.S container back from worlds.

    2. dacarls


      If you please.  I live in Florida, far from where breakthroughs are emerging. Now- Hangbacks we have lots of. 

      I should be happy to avail myself/acquire a pair of these Zs, while I struggle with my Jzs placed far behind the shroud bulkhead which is too far behind front crossbar. (good A14 hull, NAs winner 2015 that won't delaminate. Moving this bulkhead up is a very expensive mod). :o:angry:

      Who is Martin?  When & where in the US will the container return?

    3. samc99us



        I sent you an email. A new pair of Z10's from Emmanuel are $1700. The biggest cost you may have is moving the trunks/installing different bearings. I'm not yet sure what Tony will end up charging me for this installation on my Flyer (ran out of time to do it myself, but had half the work done already).

      Martin is owner of catsailingnews.com, we talk regularly on all things beachcat related. No idea what the U.S container for worlds is looking like schedule wise, Bailey would know more.


  2. to samc99us,

    I noticed that the Queensland regatta in Oz with the goofy name (just over) mention short, wide bottom deck sweeper sails, also Z12 and Z15 foils, or were they Z18?  Steve Brewin killed and Landy was fast too, with the blue short, fat sail & rig. It looked like they had at least 5 of those A-cats- including AUS 4 and 15 from the video clips.

    Nobody in the USA has done either of these things, AFAIK. I tried to copy pix but had trouble.

    Got any dope on it?   

  3. Estevie... OK got it. How about Z15 and Z18 boards? Wazzit? DNA? eXploder? Carbonics? ANybody? Thanks.
  4. Quote: Estevie Norman was well ahead in all races. He is using Z15's because the 18's aren't here yet. Also using a different rig. Foiling upwind VERY effectively. It was breeze on with big waves yesterday and only 8 out of 22 went out. Quote: Short rig? Where are some details for this system. Pix/ videoplease. ----------------------------------------------------- Thanks for any of the latest news from Oz..Why is Estvie Norman not on the results page?
  5. Yes this was Ben Hall's wing, 2012. I thought it looked heavy, and rather thick-looking. Racing showed no advantage- it was draggy thus mid fleet. Nowadays we see the accomplished foilers blast off from the weather mark, but this wingmast did not show sudden coherent, manageable power on some leg or direction. It was 10% chord maybe 12%, but we are used to seeing half an airfoil when looking up at A-cat rigs. Randy Smyth was not much impressed. And I watched Randy trying to adjust his sloop rigged A-cat there at Islamorada too. Randy's mast was maybe too bendy fore and aft, so the little standoff sprit on the mast's leading edge (to hold his jib out in front of the mast) did not work properly, and the slot would close off. Again there was no particular advantage, expected while watching RS race-- no blinding speed on some leg. It just didn't happen, not unexpected since the straight-board and straight rudder experts were there in force and tuned to their max potential.
  6. PERT chart! MiGod- I haven't heard of a PERT chart since 1962.
  7. I tried several times to get some pro painter to put PU finish coat on my A-class racer (75 kilos) , over a pretty good smooth base/gelcoat polyester. NOBODY would do it. "Naw- It comes off when you put it into the water". Tried this for years. I explained that I was day-sailing a race boat. It would never be left in the water. No go. Made no difference. I didn't want to put epoxy primer on it first either- at 10 pounds total.
  8. An American problem with our boats and motors: mixed American (English) standard nuts and bolts...vs Metric. Because Stupid Ronald Reagan blew our conversion from Obsolete to Metric. It was well underway...until he decided his horse-riding grandfather's habits going to rule us forever. DUMB! I have built up a separate compartmented & LABELLED boxes of fasteners of each. Paint the sockets red and blue...and keep them separate. Jeez. Plus Ronstan is metric like my new eXploder foiler, Harken is not. Thanks Ronnie- we still have your legacy. Thus US non-metric machine tools then failed forever on the world market. I am a chemist, and think polyurethane adhesives are really good (Sikaflex) and 3M 4200 or 5200 are too. NOTE- Clean your hands of epoxy and/or polyester/ vinylester with liquid soap/ paper towels then water (NO more acetone. please). Silicone sealant sucks.
  9. From CPMayer, above "Light air foiling is important, and the Trifoiler and Rave took almost no skill. I sailed the Trifoiler in normally very windy Texas City, Texas many years ago. It was a pita to assemble and move around, and we could not get it to foil in the lighter wind. I sailed the Rave in Rockport, Texas on a very windy day. It foiled effortlessly, but it too was a pita to assemble, launch, and retrieve, especially with the shallow water and on-shore chop. The "fun factor" of both boats was ruined by their near-shore logistics. I was not surprised when they didn't sell very well". I pretty much agree: I was present as the PRO for the first big race of Raves in N. Florida. Several of the 10 boats never got on the water, as pita was everywhere. One skipper was taken to the hospital for foot stitches after kicking his rudder. One Rave pitchpoled on the racecourse and the PRO boat was the only heavy equipment that could right it--needed asap since it was just below my finish line. We did finish the event ok- but never repeated. The class had a few races in Florida, one in Canada the next year. One Rave sat in shallow water in the lake for 4 years until it was given to me to dispose of. Early on I went to 2 Rave demos, but never got to sail a Rave- they broke a foil (Miami YC) or became stuck on a sandbank miles away (Dunedin)= no rides. Heavy- 3 men and a boy to assemble, launch, and recover- & overengineered IMHO.
  10. I rode up the Atlantic coast twice in 'The Bus" with Rick White as he "reported" on the Worrell 1000 for his publication with Mary who did most of the work for Catamaran Sailor. I managed to survive the gallons of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice and vodka, and the trip was a total hoot. After covering the Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida start, we nursed the "Totally Brakeless Wonder" very slowly over a big bridge, then spent 7 hours replacing all of the brake pads, and I did half of them myself, the mechanic the other half. Rick was not a person who deeply believed in boat, vehicle-- or motor- maintainance. But somehow we made the next stop and all of the other launches. I learned how to finagle a free beachside bus-parking spot as "The Press". Back in the day there was terrible internet access, and it never worked well, but we tried. We were present on the Melbourne (?) beach for the start in big surf: at least 4 boats got sideways, capsized and came sliding in sideways. One crew, Dave, was on the beach side of a boat that slid into the beach break, and he got caught under the hull and disappeared underwater as I was running down there to grab and lift the bow. Somebody else grabbed Dave's arm and pulled him out, spluttering sea water but mostly ok. Several boats were seriously busted up. Rick got the action pix, but I never got to see them, as posting was awful. That year was not the Randy Smyth win. Sorry but I get the years mixed up. Rick said he had been a millionaire 3 different times. Ok, got it. But here is a True Statement---If you haven't been in a Worrell 1000, you haven't really sailed. Thanks to Mike Worrell, and thanks Rick. The mold is truly broken.
  11. This is work in progress: 1. I see lots of excess weight- the crew. 2. Not much bow...A-cats have long ones...even the S2 and newer toys have some effective bow length. 3. Consequence of 1 & 2 - Rudder loses lift easily. John Ilett of Perth had a similar result problem back in the early foiling Moth designs-- whenever he added 2 bow outboard foils to the first foiling Moths: reaching was ok, tacking not bad, but jibing meant capsizing every time the bow lift went away. Consequence for Moths- singlehanding, single foil, rudder moved aft on a support.
  12. Holy crap. I'm freaking out. I had no idea this existed!!! In Texas you can't order prescription glasses from an eyeglass store unless you have your original optometrist prescription w/ you. It's a total racket to force you to pay for an optometrist visit whenever you want to order new glasses (b/c who doesn't lose the original prescription from over a year ago!!!). So, that makes it super inconvenient. But the prices on that site are INSANE. Like literally a tenth of what I would ordinarily spend on prescriWork ption sunglasses. So, I have to ask: does it actually work? Do they actually get the prescription right? Because nothing sucks more than the special kind of headache caused by wearing the wrong prescription glasses. Wife got a pair of Zennis last week= Bifocals. Good job. Work just fine. By the way- back in the day, I wore $$$ heavy prescription glasses for 60 years before a WONDERFUL cataract lens replacement. I used a string around my neck and tied to each to each temple for surfing - (ocean- Hawaii- surfboard). Never lost any. But I lost 2 pairs using a foamie strap at Makaha. Stupid me.. They washed over my head in a wipeout. NOW- For Cheap or $$ Sunglasses- 7 inch long knotted string thru hole drilled in each temple... never lost ANY racing A-cats, Prindles, Nacras or Hobie cats in big waves.
  13. "OK, which of you clowns put on 4 forestays and zero sidestays?"
  14. Maybe it was a double wibble-wobble housewife knot!
  15. I see "Bull Gator" mentioned in this thread. In years gone by, sailing all kinds of racing Hobies in Gator territory, I have nearly run over gators at speed. Nearly...at 12 knots I would see a big splash and maybe a tail 10 feet in front of the bow, no contact ever. (10 times- over 20 years). Sailing at 16-18 knots it is usually rough and bumpy, and the gators are back in the swamp not out in the lake- no contact ever. Foiling cats at flying speed may squeal or hum-- gator contact unknown so far. However my eXploder was hit and damaged in May 2016 by a attack-trained manatee. The Rudder Club, Jacksonville, FL has one of these lurking in its muddy shallow mooring area. The creature suddenly attacked my foiler that was being pushed to a mooring, and a rudder fin was broken off by contact with the unseen mammal which immediately fled in a cowardly manner. I saved the remnant carbon foil half for DNA analysis of manatee cellular residue, if proof becomes necessary.