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  1. I'll give you that last one. Other than that, you are full of shit. As per usual.
  2. Lifted Tack

    Tale of two terrorists

    OOh. One sock defending another.
  3. Lifted Tack

    The ministry of truth

    Putin taking a page out of Trump's book, now that's refreshing. Of course, Trump borrowed it from Mein Kamph.
  4. Lifted Tack

    Radical White Wing Terrorists

    You vastly underestimate them. Such a bonfire would make Burning Man look like a 4 yr. old's birthday party.
  5. Definitely. Two aircraft and less than 400 casualties. Nostradumbass, Dog and that other sock J/28 will be along to explain that these losses are well within the actuarial norms that smart businesses use to decide these things.
  6. Lifted Tack

    To Beto or not to Beto

    How so? Threatening action again Nostradumbass?
  7. Lifted Tack

    To Beto or not to Beto

    The real campaign hasn't even started and the Right Wing Noise Machine is already in full voice. How much did you get paid to start this thread?
  8. Too be fair, Trump is an expert on technologies that are too complex for ordinary people to master: Like umbrellas:
  9. Lifted Tack

    Mass Tourism Killing Venice

    If you look closely, you can see Lying Malarkey stumbling about the Lido Deck.
  10. Lifted Tack

    Drip Drip Drip

    Trump "could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" and you wouldn't find that legitimate grounds.
  11. Lifted Tack

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words
  12. Lifted Tack

    Interesting article that outlines 2 perspectives - can both be OK?

    Somebody who actually sails. I'm glad of that.
  13. Lifted Tack

    National Popular Vote

    Agree. I've never been a fan of the Electoral College, but this is a terrible idea.
  14. Lifted Tack

    Interesting article that outlines 2 perspectives - can both be OK?

    Oh, he's right. I see you've Gone Drinking. Come back when you are sober and rational.
  15. Lifted Tack

    100% guilty but we can't impeach till we get the facts

    Who commissioned the Dossier Jack? Who started that whole ball rolling? Who Jack?