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  1. Lifted Tack

    Roger Stone sentence commuted by Trump??

    LMFAO! Another Joker backfire!
  2. What I meant was that Doggy would raise hell if an Obama official acted in such a way, but gives him a big pass because Team R. can do no wrong.
  3. Well, it would be different if Barr worked for Obama. Then there would be hell to pay.
  4. Dog's losing the Flynn argument, so he needs to change the subject.
  5. Lifted Tack

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    But, but but... Bullshit is so much easier.
  6. Lifted Tack

    59 years ago today

    Hit dog always barks...
  7. Lifted Tack

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Seriously, what did anyone expect?
  8. I think the original line was supposed to be an insult. Do you remember Lou Gosset in An Officer and a Gentleman? Only two things come out of Oklahoma! Steers and Queers! Which are you? The whole point was to give the recruit a no-win beat down. If anyone put that slogan on their pickup truck and was proud of it, they were a true moran.
  9. Yes, same picture but with Trump in orange prison overalls.
  10. Lifted Tack

    Not generally speaking unruly

    Doggy shits-on-the-floor thinks that is funny. Tells you all you need to know about him.
  11. Lifted Tack

    I an constantly amazed

    at just how much tRump dick the bullshitters are willing to suck.They can joke, they can doggy style, they can sling a single and over-used pun, they can shout bravo to the stage, they can even pretend they didn't vote for him, but it a;ll amounts to the same thing. TDS = Trump Dick Suckers
  12. Funny, you're one of the many sucking his cock. Do you wait in a line, or do you pay by the minute? What is your obsession with his ass? You still haven't explained how you reach around it. Let me guess, Drone technology. The F35 finally proves it's worth.
  13. Lifted Tack

    Greta Thunberg Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

    How many does it take for our resident moron to make a fur coat? Guess what? The answer is zero. He's too fucking stupid to know the difference between a harp seal jacket and a polypropylene fleece liner.
  14. You must have the longest arms in the universe. How else can you type on your keyboard while deepthroating the orange one and reaching around that huge fat ass to post this shit. Of course, while the ass is huge (if the shoe fits, wear it) that mushroom dick would seem to fit in your mouth and give you ample opportunity to dicktate to your smartphone/speaker at the same time. Since you and pun fucker share the same IP addressees, see how many puns you can find in the above.