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  1. Oracle Team USA

    That was my reading of it as well, although I was likening him to Bernie Ecclestone. If LE wants to run a race series like that, fine, but it won't be the America's cup.
  2. Team NYYC

    Well said on both points, that man. It does seem that the AC has lost/skipped a generation with Alinghi/CNEV and AC35 coverage debacles. All the potential competitors seem to be intent on not losing another and want to promote sailing, rather than the sad money making actions of Oracle.
  3. Team NYYC

    This bit caught my eye "With a return to a more traditional style of yacht and the windward-leeward courses with which the vast majority of racing sailors are intimately familiar, the 36th America's Cup represents a unique opportunity to re-engage the grass roots of the sport and re-energize American sailing." So return to monos may have lost some, but gained others Also "we have confidence the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, represented by Emirates Team New Zealand, will host a world-class regatta that honors the spirit, tradition and majesty of this great event." My underlining. Welcome back aboard NYYC.
  4. Team NYYC

    Now 63 minutes to go, anyone got an update on WetHog's question?
  5. AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    And I'd like to add my thanks as well. Thank gawd he's keeping a caveat back to stop Ben selling coverage to BT again.
  6. Teams?

    Sorry to say I can't see that, given that GGYC had so much hassle with San Fran. council they had to take the event to Bermuda. Why would St. Francis want to win the cup knowing it probably couldn't host a defence at home. Of course this opens up a whole new can of worms what with the Auckland Italy situation.
  7. Team France

    But at least Cammas is a real sailor, not a rich guy playing. And you can't really object to a challenge from the NYYC surely. Both are quality entries in my book.
  8. Team France

    Cool, this is what we want .
  9. Yer, I when with most 5-8 and then 4-5 and obviously 2. Shocking to see that 27% of voters don't understand the rules. Watching to see what Mr Clean knows tomorrow, although I suppose LE saying he's not going to challenge could be a US challenge announcement. Hopefully a more interesting and quality announcement
  10. AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    Yer, I think that's where TNZ / LR are coming from, sure it will be soft sails, in Auckland. They are looking at a boat for all weathers. Although the foiling cats with the wing sails looked good, they were not really seaworthy. We only saw them in San Fran bay and Bermuda Great sound, hardly ocean courses. Would not of lasted in the Hauraki Gulf or off Rhode Island in a blow, and the Freemantle Doctor would of certainly killed them. However if if did end up in Italy in the Med. who knows. Bottom line is the sail is the easiest thing to change on a boat.
  11. Team Alinghi

    See what you mean re http://www.nautique.ch doesn't translate well in chrome. Sad as I love Switzerland, the skiing is top notch and Alinghi ran a top event in 2007. But then they tried to screw the system and instead kicked their own ladder away
  12. Team Alinghi

    Just the question I had, although the DOG says 'It's annual regatta' is that any annual regatta, or the club's biggest and most well attended. Anyway it seems to me, if as had been mooted Alinghi wanted to represent NYYC, it's sailors would need to fulfil the nationality requirements of the USA, so that idea looks a no go now.. For me there was only 1 real surprise on Thursday night, when Dalts said 'If we cannot hold it in Auckland, it will be in Italy.' Huge statement IMO.
  13. Teams?

    Yes, Dutch, French and British teams. Lets turn the clock back 3 or 4 hundred years, before the USA, Aus & NZ were around. Maybe the Portuguese could join and Spain could build a new armada. Yes, I'm being silly, I know.
  14. Teams?

    Such aggression from such a newbie, I don't know. Must issue the traditional SA greeting. 'Fuck off and show us your tits.'
  15. Teams?

    Hello everyone I thought you'd left us, started enough threads stating you were leaving. I don't know can't trust anyone these days. However it is a good point you make that BAR are not officially in. As there is no announced protocol only the defender and challenger can possibly be in at this stage. IMHO the move away from multis is a good thing, it will stimulate interest and development in a different area of our sport. Run a couple of cups in monos and then try multis again. And for those who whinge about the cost, it's about winning the America's Cup, not biggest cucumber at a summer fete.