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  1. tendegreealex

    Port Townsend Dash

    I did it a little before Neffy on my SC 27. Made it from Shilshole to Pt No Point in 40 min. That is 14 miles? We ended up rounding down and breaking the boom off useless bay somewhere, finished the 2nd half with #3 only and were only 12 min shy of Nefarious. This is a hard one to get right with the tides and wind direction. We waited too long and got a bunch of westerly component. Not good. Was an awesome ride for awhile. Saw 20.2 kts on the GPS on the SC 27. We flew a J29 frac kite and sent it. Way too much power. Picture below was us off of shilshole. Photo was taken from the dismasted Pocket Rocket motoring back to the marina Current times Little blue Dune Buggy 2hrs 57min Nefarious 2 hrs 45min. We keep the times at Ballard Sails. Anyone wanting to attempt shoot me a note at alex@ballardsails.com. We will come start you. Poke& Destroy will make another attempt this fall. Start between STYC Ball and white rock on the breakwater, finish between Pt Hudson buoy and Marina entrance. Take pic of GPS time as you finish. TDA
  2. tendegreealex

    Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    Ed, the sc33 is a good boat. Odd but good. Looks like the sailplan is a bit off. Keep working on setup.
  3. tendegreealex

    East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Ian, When I was watching the tracker, you an Bueno Sera were in the same water one day. you only sailed like 15 less miles! Maybe the tracker was doing weird things, but it was close.
  4. tendegreealex

    East Coast version of a Moore 24

    I like to Point out that a Moore 24 won the Pacific Cup overall last summer. Did the trip in a shade over 10 days! They had a 24 hr Average one day of only 10 miles less than a SC 70 in the same water. Bottom line is, the Moore 24 is one of the best small offshore boats ever built. Like Ballard Sailor said, you sail on a Moore not in one. I dont think i would want to sail around the world in one, but I would not feel unsafe. As far as an Evelyn 26 goes....With the poor build quality of my 32, I would want to make sure the 26 was up to snuff.
  5. tendegreealex

    Santa Cruz 33

    We went fast that day. Many great miles on the SC33.
  6. tendegreealex

    Santa Cruz 33

  7. tendegreealex

    Santa Cruz 33

    Yes, I have an E32-2. I have done the Interior mods. It is a monster. The 33 is very similar in many ways. Needs the rail weight. When Muffin got the ring frame and keel structure done, the oil canning went away. She still bends like a banana with all the backstay on, but much better. The boat will light up downwind, but it takes a fair amount of wind. I will also say that the new rudder really helps downhill.
  8. tendegreealex

    Santa Cruz 33

    The 33 is a great boat. Muffin has a longer boom @12.3'. I think the stock boat was around 11. This makes a much better mainsail and helps with rolling around downwind. Like the Evelyn 32-2, there are definitely some internal structure issues to deal with. Once those are sorted, you can get some real rig tension. I have been with Mach 5 from the beginning on Muffin. We have had much success in the PNW. Id say the boats biggest achilles heel is short shop uphill. They are not as tippy as you might think. you definitely need to stack the rail. Happy to chat rig setup etc.
  9. tendegreealex

    J27 vs Evelyn 32

    cool! Lets see some pics. Make sure to get after the keel sump.
  10. tendegreealex

    J27 vs Evelyn 32

    So? Did you buy a boat??
  11. tendegreealex

    J27 vs Evelyn 32

    You guys kicked ass that day. Are you flying the tack of the kite inside the pulpit? Yeah, we were reaching hard, Tacked inside pulpit. Shortly after, we put the pole on and puller her back as the breeze went aft. The E32-2 is a killer boat distance racing. We are able to hang with much bigger boats in the moderate breeze.
  12. tendegreealex

    J27 vs Evelyn 32

    I have a 32-2. It is a wonderful, fun, responsive, fast boat. As Musicman said, they were not built great, so either find one with the keel sump job done, or figure on doing that mod. Musicman was a great resource for me when I rebuilt my sump and did some other interior mods. Now my boat is strong, stiff, and super enjoyable to sail. J 27 is great as well. I have a few customers with them. Much smaller boat and the sails are cheaper. I would say the E32 is more fun to sail. Feel free to send me a PM as well for any further info. I own a loft here in seattle, and the sail program for the E32 is definitely a little more involved than the J27. Cheers, TDA
  13. tendegreealex

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    I didn't know Farrah Fawcett was into sailing........ What was Circus Maximus? looks Bill Lee-ish, but have never seen.