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  1. I keep saying this, but it never seems to get noticed by those asking for a return to maxis of any ilk, Chay Blyth tried to set this kind of race up about a decade ago. Corinthian and Professional entries, fewer stops, southern ocean. Corinthian entries had restrictions on the number of 'pros'. Looking at Swan 68s or similar type of racer/cruiser as well as having a racing division with privately owned Maxis. There was just not enough interest in entries to get it off the ground. Private owners now do not have the time to take away from their businesses, and sponsors are not lining up to pay for someone's 'dream' (and why should they). So as much as people on here may wish to hark back to the good old days as a format for success...it is not likely to work in the modern world. Sorry.
  2. Three of the 5 teams announced so far are repeat sponsors...Dongfeng, Vestas, and Mapfre; whilst I agree that the OD aspect removes a lot of the pre race interest, as well as a huge amount of interest during the race (due to a lack of design sweet spots), I also understand that the initiation of OD has meant a controlling of costs. I think one of the issues with being more open design would be the stated desire to have a shorter cycle.
  3. The GC32 is on the GC32 Racing TOur and the Extreme Sailing Series. On the Extreme Sailing Series they carry VIP guests in every race that conditions permit. The Great Cup is not an event, but the company that supplies the boats So carrying guests is not an issue for the GC32 THe VOR is using M32s for this time round. Lets be honest there are plenty of them around not being used very muc.
  4. Agree with a lot of that. Clipper, is not highly competitive (due to budget rather than desire of the sailors) but does enough to give an inexperienced but knowledgeable sailor enough for the race of a lifetime. My only other point is one of history ; Hans was on ABN AMRO 2. Chay Blithe tried to start a corinthian race around the world, but there just wasn't the interest from the private owners at the time (2006?). There are very few business men in the modern world that can take that amount of time away. So those harping for days gone past need to know it has been tried.
  5. Holland Composites I think
  6. Three is a fictional one about the VG called 'En Solitaire'. Fiction, but surprisingly good on the detail. A lot of it was filmed at the start of the 2012 VG in order to get the feel. There is also 'Beyond 360' on iTunes, YouTube etc., which is about Dee and Anna on the Barcelona World Race. Not sure of any other movie quality films.
  7. It finished SAP 286 Alinghi 270 Oman Air 270
  8. Mark Turner wrote on this about a decade ago, and he knows a thing or two about what can work.
  9. According to the PHaedo crew there are conditions where Maserati are blisteringly quick, but not all round enough, and it is not just related to which board it is on.
  10. Not one but two adjustable wrenches ? That is Ferri, an absolute legend, provides the high grade tent structures for VOR, AC and anyone else who wants them. Grew up in a circus, used to run a reptile house, and has more stories than anyone else I have met.
  11. You just don't seem to understand just how hard this race is or just how well Sam Davies' crew did in the last VOR. None of the girls had ever done a long ocean race together before joining SCA. Sam was not permitted to choose or train her crew until after the actual event started. Before the SCA project started up I think some of the girls had never even raced at night in the oceans! Few of them had ever sailed high perfomance canting keel boats before. Ask youself if any of the other crews had the same situations to deal with? What did you expect to see? Under the circumstances it was obvious to anyone who knows anything about ocean racing that they would generally come last. Any male crew put together the same way with the same level of experience would have done the same. Their performance in the event was actually spectacular. They improved steadily, leg by leg, as they got more and more ocean miles under their belts, and they scored a fantastic triumph by winning in the leg to Lorient. Winning a leg means beating all other crews, i.e beating all the men in the event!! If you have forgotten, check out the weather for that leg, check out the tactics and check out the lead at the finish. The girls sailed the tough upwind leg better and more agressively than all the male crews and basically p*****d all over them! If you followed that and you still feel you own sex is inherently inferior at ocean racing I just think you are missing something! Whilst, to a certain degree, I agree that the management of SCA was bad; the truth is that they were always fast upwind, and that leg was completely upwind. My biggest disappointment is that they followed it up with another last. They did not sail the boat any harder than the other teams, they just made no mistakes tactically. They, also had a handicap downwind for the whole race, by sticking to the maximum crew they constantly had the heaviest 'stack', obviously a benefit to righting moment upwind, but it meant they were the heaviest boat for the whole race. I am a little confused by the argument you have been making. You like the all-female crew, but not the idea of mixed. Is that right? One of the arguments for the mixed rule is that the lack of experience cannot be overcome unless the women are able to race within a more experienced mens team. Surely the aim is to increase the level of experience in under 30s and women until we get to the stage that the rules are not required, but the danger, and likelihood, is that without this rule there would be no women in the next race. So are you saying that you would prefer there to be no rule, and therefore by extension possibly no women?
  12. Yep, should have just said 'rain forest'.
  13. Had to laugh a little... I reckon by serious problems, you mean harm to the sailors themselves... as plenty of boats had serious problems. But agreed - GREAT to have the humans all past Cape Horn without serious harm. Any news on Kito's boat? Do they know if it's still afloat? The survivor locator onboard the boat (who trigger with water) went online only few hours after Kito's rescue, and the most likely is that the ram finally broke releasing the keel, then the boat went upside down and eventually sank. There were no try to rescue the boat, to far from ashore, too damaged and bad weather on location. That is what everyone assumed happened to the Hugo Boss that turned up in the amazon...
  14. Looks like Elodie Mettraux, but not 100% sure. http://teamsca.com/squad/elodie-mettraux Marie Riou
  15. I'll go on record to say you won't see any new boats from those teams except perhaps SMA. There is basically no precident for replacing a new boat after only one Vendee. BP is the only exception that I can think of and I don't see them back next time. The big question there is will we see Vincent back again? He'll need a new boat next time. I'm doubtful the sponsor is up for it. Maybe he gets a new sponsor assuming he even wants to go again after two huge disappointments. No precedent? Gitana, BP and HB have had a new boat for every VG they have done.