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  1. Potter

    New imoca boats

    Yeah, I knew one pair had failed. Thanks for the info.
  2. Potter

    New imoca boats

    I think the VG foils were Mk2, not sure what they are using now. Heard somewhere that Mk1 barely made it past a few hours Sailing... Can't remember where I heard that, so could be complete bollocks
  3. There is normally a technical program, and a wider sport of Sailing program. It generally works, but sometimes you just have to choose. I have gone to a few and always found them useful... but I have always been in a program or company where someone else pays for the ticket, though I have had to sing for my supper on a couple of occasions.
  4. Potter

    New imoca boats

    Not that shit, Mich Desj lost wind data to his pilot 5 days into his Vendee Globe win...
  5. Not sure that one has finished playing out yet.
  6. Potter

    Figaro solo

    I believe he is, didn't JLC manage another competitor in his last VG? Whether he is actively managing or his company is, I dont know.
  7. Potter

    Figaro solo

    Yep. He has the same PRB, but with foils added, though I understand he has had to be conservative on the foils because of structure and widtg.
  8. 65s are in the next race, so doubt there will be any rapid buyers. Condition of sale would include being made available for the next edition. With the right venues and enough teams they don't need the title sponsor...they can pare down to being a sailing race rather than a corporate monster. Though that is not normally the Atlant model.
  9. I am merely commenting that this is the result of stuff that Red Bull Media House were producing during the last race. It is not part of a new deal or new direction, but the conclusion of what was agreed prior to the last edition. That does not mean that there is no future deal, just that this is not something new. I probably was not very clear before.
  10. Red Bull media house were putting stuff out back in 2016/17, so I think this is more the end of that contract than anything else.
  11. Potter

    Team NYYC

    Surely that is at least an improvement on the numbers from Oracle USA?
  12. Potter

    shit show (front page)

    Could that not be compared to the way in which, following on from San Francisco, there has been a flurry of activity in foiling multis? GC32s, Phantoms, ETF, F101 etc. The majority of sailors in these classes are not pros, though obviously some are.
  13. Ummm, that is a VO70 (movistar?), and the clip at that point is not from this last race, or even the one before that... That said, the with boats getting faster there will no doubt be more consideration for crew protection, but water over the deck was not a factor in Fish' death. So whilst your argument is understood, you still don't seem to be able to back it up properly.
  14. Potter

    New imoca boats

    Someone said 5 or 6 earlier this year. They were correcting me, as I had only heard of 3, so it sounds as though it is still healthy. Not sure how many are actually in build at the moment.
  15. Potter

    Figaro solo