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  1. ScowLover

    Racing rules quiz online

    Also, There is a rules course and a quiz.
  2. ScowLover

    3D Printing Anarchy

    I do CAD for a living in Inventor, which is $$$$ annually for our business. If I was doing it on my own, I'd 100% be using Fusion 360. For the printing, I used 3D sailing to print some parts for work a few years ago. They were WAY more reasonably priced than anybody we found in the US and we generally had parts in hand within a few days, even with shipping from Europe. With that said, our company recently bought an Ender 3 pro. I have probably spend $450 total after some upgrades and a few rolls of filament. I am "cutting my teeth" doing some projects for the office, but have some boat projects upcoming where it will be great. For the price, I couldn't be happier with the results of the Ender 3 pro. I am consistently getting parts that are better quality than we get locally for $$$. the 3D sailing guys are better than I am. I ordered it on special from amazon, watched some youtube videos, and can now be printing in no time. I bought: Ender 3 Pro (upgraded power supply for peace of mind not having a fire when running lights out) Upgraded bed leveling springs Capricorn Bowden tube Upgraded tubing fittings All metal extruder ($10). A couple rolls of PLA A roll of PETG After watching a bunch of youtube videos, I was up and running quickly and I am confident in my ability to run almost anything. It was much easier than I thought to be building good stuff on a budget. I haven't run any flexible filament (because I want to go direct drive extruder for $60 first) or run any exotics like carbon fiber reinforced nylon yet. I have some samples of the flexible stuff on my desk that will be making some cool boat parts as soon as I do the extruder mod. I definitely want to get some nice boat stuff off this printer.
  3. ScowLover

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    My top 2: 36mph on a wooden A Scow with the kite up in a squall. The retrofitted bowsprit broke after we hit 36mph. As Jeremy Clarkson would say, "poo came out." During a delivery back from Bermuda, I hit 32.5 knots through the water on Vanquish (storm trysail 65) in the gulf stream surfing down a wave with a double reef in the delivery main and the delivery jib. Nobody was trimming sails and it was a BIG wave. It was like a laser where the boat got going faster than the wind and the sails luffed on the way down. I now firmly believe in the havoc created by rogue waves. That wave face was at least 3x the length of the boat. I wish I had video of those moments.
  4. ScowLover

    3D iso Rotomoulding?

    Like Rotomolding, it takes more weight in plastic to get equivalent strength to an ideal fiber reinforced composite laminate. The material strength can't be optimized to the loading like directional composites in a classic laminate.
  5. Industrial E-Stop buttons are a continuous circuit that is broken when the button is pressed. IE, they are a normally closed circuit. This is safer than a normally closed circuit because it is always being monitored that the connections are good. Someone mentioned that each time you push the button, the H5000 will record a new GPS location. An E-stop would need to actively be reset after a press.
  6. ScowLover

    World Sailing - doing their bit...

    As staff of the organizing committee, you get your all expenses paid vacation to the destination of your choice. This is not solely a World Sailing problem. US Sailing generally holds their symposiums at venues close to water (resorts). It has been stated that they need the sponsorship from boat manufacturers to defray the costs of the symposium. Without water, manufacturers wouldn't bring the boats. I humbly suggest that if you had your symposium at a meeting room in a hotel adjacent an airline hub, the decreased costs would negate loss of sponsorship dollars. Furthermore, the cost to attend would be far more reasonable for the average participant. Participation would increase and more valuable knowledge would be shared. Maybe you should go to the resort every third year after you built it up with the reasonable cost and great content. But, having said all of that, which organizer wants to go to the Atlanta suburbs in January? The Bahia resort in San Diego is SO much more attractive when someone else is footing the bill.
  7. ScowLover


    We sailed with ours for the first time on Saturday. The race was from the pier at Lake Geneva Yacht Club to the end of the lake and back. In the pre-start, we used both the Vakaros and the Prostart, one above the other on the mast. The numbers on the Vakaros were far more believable. I was trimming jib, so after the start, I didn't have a good view of it upwind. Downwind, the numbers were readable where the prostart wasn't. I sit just behind the mast. Hiking, I couldn't read it, but not hiking, I could. The next guy back in the boat could read it upwind. I'm looking forward to using it more. We have one more point-point race this weekend, then the season is over. Maybe I'll get to play with it on my boats this fall after the A Scow season is wrapped this weekend. I'm looking forward to the app when it drops, but all in all, it is solid today. Basically, I think of this as it sits as a prostart combined with a prism (though I'd like the split screen). It certainly seems to be a quality device. When more functions arrive, I think the price will be justified.
  8. ScowLover

    Sunfish drawing/CAD file

    But, with that, I would call Dynamic Dollies....Everyone I've seen try to design their own dolly has been disappointed with the result. Dynamic is sharp enough to accomplish your goals, and they know the sunfish shape plenty well.
  9. ScowLover


    We just got shipping notification on order #339.
  10. ScowLover


    Has anyone heard anything from the Vakaros guys? I've inquired about the order for our boat via email and facebook. Our order number is in the 300's and the silence is deafening. Our sailing season is fundamentally over, but we hope to see the device we paid for. We really hope they are still chugging along slowly producing units.
  11. ScowLover

    Port Starboard crossing - how close is too close?

    The definition of keep clear includes room for both boats to change direction, in either direction, without immediately making contact. That has some relevance here. If there is 1mm between boats, you haven't kept clear. If your boat's steering and your skill doesn't lend itself to turning to close a 4" gap to a 1" gap, then you haven't kept clear. If you are racing a high performance boat in medium breeze, an inch might be enough because you can reasonably close that gap to 1/2". Dick Rose once said "thou shalt not scare" at a rules seminar I attended. His example was that in a Laser fleet on a lake, a clean cross might be 1", but in J105's in a San Francisco bay blow with opposing current, a boat length might not be enough. In racing scows at the front of fleets, we play with inches regularly. The point about knowing your opponent is very wise. In my fleet, I know the one guy who won't allow me to cross by 4" without being scared and bearing away. In college Laser racing at my first nationals in 2001, the crosses were well inside of an inch. All of this grey area is hard to quantify, which isn't ideal, but the advice to know the skill set around you and know the personalities in your fleet is the best advice I've seen. We are fortunate that the people on our courses generally don't "take a dive" to force a protest in a close call. I've had a legendary sailor tell me "I put the tiller extension on the deck, and if you cross, you cross." Maybe that doesn't meet the burden of rule 14, but it certainly gives you the fair shake to cross his bow when it is close and you know you will make it.
  12. ScowLover

    Pine sap removal

    Try scrubbing bubbles. A friend who worked for SC Johnson suggested it to get pine sap off of a car. It worked quite well. Worst case, you're out $4. Since it is pretty gentle, you won't damage the boat.
  13. ScowLover

    Colored vs white sails

    Not every cloth is available in colors. Most colored cloth is stretchy and heavy compared to most "racing" dacron for small boats. In your application, it should be just fine and will probably last longer than racing dacron. If you are racing, check your class rules.
  14. ScowLover

    What's Going On Up There?

    Indeed I have used those. Yes, they are caveman tools, but they are good at breaking up the dissimilar metals corrosion. Alternatively, I often put the phillips into the screw and hammer on it without turning because that inline impact really makes a difference. Either way, removing old stainless screws from aluminum without ruining the screw and/or threads is a challenge.
  15. ScowLover

    What's Going On Up There?

    Respectfully, the hand one is a good first try because it is so easy to simply spin the head off with an electric tool. The hammering action down helps break up the corrosion more than the impact of simply turning. Also, yes, the rig should be on the ground. Doing this up the rig is a fool's errand.