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  1. Since almost anything, how about Anime?

    Love Miyazaki.
  2. Anyone used Kiwigrip and removed it?

    OOps. Yeah, what he said.
  3. Anyone used Kiwigrip and removed it?

    Make sure to mask higher than you normally would. That large diameter roller really throws the paint around.
  4. Islands and island culture

    I think it has to do more with development. Some successful businesses that built their brand on Saltspring have had to leave the island in order to grow. The one time I anchored in Ganges, we went to the pub to watch playoff hockey. The kitchen was closed but they gave us some takeout menus from other local restaurants. We ordered two medium pizzas ($45), plus a $6 fuel charge. We got our pizzas after the Canucks lost. When we left we noticed that the pizza joint was right across the street from the pub. We were marks the second we walked in. I'd probably have done the same thing.
  5. Islands and island culture

    I've heard Saltspring Island referred to as 'an argument surrounded by water'.
  6. Blue water cruising books

    Whoops. Thanks. "After 50,000 Miles" is another good one.
  7. Blue water cruising books

    Anyone mention Hal Roth yet?
  8. 30 Ft. Solid Cruiser

    Oh my god, what he said. I could be jerking off on an Express 37 right now but instead I decided to "save" a classic. fml.
  9. Hey PNWers, talk to me about Barkley Sound

    Hank's in Ucluelet has awesome food and a well stocked bar.
  10. beheading?

    how many turnips does it take to put the 'o ' in north?
  11. Explorers

    The River of Doubt, by Candice Millard. Theodore Roosevelt explores a tributary of the Amazon River in 1913-14 in dugout canoes. They brought live cattle to slaughter just for the hike in. Some of the 'necessities' they brought with them blew me away.
  12. Battery Terminals what's best to seal them

    Vaseline.....If you could open up the guts of any nav aid you'd see vaseline smeared all over everything.
  13. Bits n pieces n superglue vs medical stuff

    AED's shock a ventricular brady? Things must have really changed since my last ACLS course.......admittedly a while ago...... As far as I know AED's shock V Fib and V Tach....period. In fact I don't remember a "shock" being in the treatment algorithm for any bradycardia. Has something changed? You're right, my bad. Either way, no way to tell that in the field, you put the pads on and it'll decide if it will be of use or not. There is no shock for bradycardia.