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  1. Leeroy Jenkins

    Sailing solo from Neah Bay down to San Fran

    I have a shipmate who takes bonnie (aka bonamine, meclazine) the way Valis describes and swears by it. He says he has to get it in the states though. I've had other guys who like the scopalomine patch, and some who feel like they're "on something" and go without. One thing to be aware of with the patch is not to be thrifty and cut it in half. This ruins the time release and rams the entire dose right into you. Then you're fucked. Some common symptoms of scopalomine overdose is a headache on one side that radiates down into the shoulder. Also a throbbing in the ear. Ishmael has the best answer though. And stay hydrated.
  2. Leeroy Jenkins

    Freaking Raccoons

    There's a female coyote with two pups living in the cemetery off Fraser street between 41st and 33rd avenue in Vancouver. They seem pretty relaxed and well fed.
  3. Leeroy Jenkins

    Freaking Raccoons

    A former client in West Vancouver once told me that the solution to raccoons was to live trap them and then release them on Bowen Island. Ever heard that one SJB?
  4. Leeroy Jenkins

    Sea Monsters

    You're lucky if your hook makes it to the bottom. Underwater seagulls.
  5. Leeroy Jenkins

    canister gas stoves - how do people deal with safety ?

    Along the same lines as the OP, there is a regulator available to run a Dickinson Newport propane heater off of 450g bottles. Anybody ever used this inside the cabin? Kept in its own small locker a safe distance away from sources of ignition with a sniffer inside? Seems like a reasonable idea if there's no other propane devices on the boat. Sniffer goes off, just disconnect and move everything outside. Thoughts?
  6. Leeroy Jenkins

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Ten bucks says she starts to drag anchor and the front falls off.
  7. Leeroy Jenkins

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    He should be looking in the Fraser... In the yard at Shelter Island or the 'marina' a mile or so further up the south arm. There's a good chance something has been anchored and abandoned in the north arm too.
  8. Leeroy Jenkins

    Two weeks without politics

    Was just in Copenhagen / Landskrona at the beginning of the month. Did you go to the museum of design? My view:
  9. Leeroy Jenkins

    Captain Licence Course

    LB 15, how did you get a 5 year renewal? Is it just a larger fee? Never heard of that here in Canada.
  10. Leeroy Jenkins

    Alternatives for teak for structural wood?

    I think it's iroko.... Poor man's teak. Same rot resistance as teak, but a lot harder and denser. Perhaps slightly less oily, but can have a lot of tension that is released once you cut into it. Nice stuff if you can find it.
  11. Leeroy Jenkins

    Armchair Retirement Plan

    In the meantime if you haven't already, check out www.abordtheworld.com When I saw it last year they were docked in Prince Rupert, and about to head to Haida Gwaii. If you are able to get more info first let us know. I'm not sure when I'll be able to ask around as I am being moved to another vessel.
  12. Leeroy Jenkins

    Armchair Retirement Plan

    I'll ask around on my ship once I crew change. The captain seemed to know quite a bit about her.
  13. Leeroy Jenkins

    Armchair Retirement Plan

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_The_World Saw it in Prince Rupert last summer. Neat concept.
  14. Leeroy Jenkins

    Boat sling design-help!

    600# shouldn't be a problem, a couple of off the rack flat stops or round slings from a reputable dealer such as Acklands (if you have them in the states), joined with a large shackle or 2' strop or sling and you're good to go. Wood spreader bars will be more than enough to handle compression loads. Just mind the angles as Two Legged pointed out. The problem is the amount of drift the derrick has - the max clearance from the hook at the top to the trailer.
  15. Leeroy Jenkins

    Teak deck..how difficult to strip off

    Has anyone stood/walked on cork decks? A friend of mine whose boat is on the hard (and will be for a while), installed them last year but has no Idea how they will perform. Looks great but kind of looks like it'll 'chunk out' easily but who knows? No idea what if any sealer was used.