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  1. Leeroy Jenkins

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Pretty sure it'll get snatched up before then.
  2. Leeroy Jenkins

    "What is Canada doing right?"

    Hey, you'd fit right in up here!
  3. Leeroy Jenkins

    Guitar Player Anarchy

    Thanks. But I don't think it's what I'm after. It also looks way above my pay grade too.
  4. Leeroy Jenkins

    Guitar Player Anarchy

    Question for the experienced - when tabbing something, or describing a chord progression when would you say G# and when would you use Ab? I'm sure the answer is "it depends on the scale you're in" or something like that. So then two questions! First - which one of these is correct - Ab A E or G# A E (I'm pretty sure it's the first one, just want clarification). And second what's a good beginner music theory study guide/YouTube source. There's too many to choose from.
  5. Leeroy Jenkins

    Friday Tension Gauges

    Well don't I feel silly. I didn't even know. And I like to think I know how things work around here. Thanks.
  6. Leeroy Jenkins

    LONQR 2

    I think Peanuts was way more progressive than it gets credit for. Has Patty's (Pat's) gender ever been established? Linus has his thumb in his mouth all the time. Pioneers, really.
  7. Leeroy Jenkins

    Friday Tension Gauges

    I love how this thread hasn't been around for a single Friday.
  8. Leeroy Jenkins

    Mysterious monolith found in Utah desert

    And release them in periods of metric time
  9. Leeroy Jenkins


  10. Leeroy Jenkins

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    That pose and that caption.....
  11. Leeroy Jenkins

    ID this cabin light please

    Are Caca and Borax the same person?
  12. Leeroy Jenkins

    Sun baked - faded instrument case

    ^ Thin and watery, I thought it was a joke. Used it on my old motorcycle hard bags and they looked better than new.
  13. Leeroy Jenkins

    Mysterious monolith found in Utah desert

    It's being covered on As It Happens.
  14. Leeroy Jenkins


    Actually it just didn't kill you.