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  1. Leeroy Jenkins

    Countdown to Hawaii 2020 - prep?

    And when you see a deep sea on AIS, (or by eye), it's not a bad idea to call them up on 16 and make sure they see you. Especially if you're not transmitting.
  2. Leeroy Jenkins

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Looks like it was left in a warm place to rise a little too long.
  3. Leeroy Jenkins

    Coolboats to admire

    I've been meaning to start doing that...
  4. Leeroy Jenkins

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Oh yeah? I don't really know anything about them. Had heard the 26 has a good rep and right now as I type this I think I confused the name with the Aloha 26. Whoopsies. Still looks like a fun other person's boat.
  5. Leeroy Jenkins

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    @Vaeredil There's a San Juan 28 in Gibson's. Looks like a very fun boat. According to friends it's been for sale for a while. I'm sure the price is negotiable. Pics are from a month ago.
  6. Leeroy Jenkins

    The Zombie Fleet

    I should just start a Fraser River thread....
  7. Leeroy Jenkins

    The Zombie Fleet

    This thing sat neglected at anchor for months. Nobody would tow/haul it because there is no no insurance. It had to finally ground, flop and become a hazard before anything was done.
  8. Leeroy Jenkins

    In an effort to be even handed

    Call me old fashioned, but a diluted bleach enema will fix all your problems.
  9. Leeroy Jenkins

    sourcing long brass bolts

    Definitely not for bronze. Or service with a smile!
  10. Leeroy Jenkins

    sourcing long brass bolts

    Not sure where you're located but I get bronze fasteners from K2 Fasteners in Burnaby, BC. No account needed, just a $50 minimum purchase which is pretty easy since "5/16 flathead machine screws are about $1.00/inch. Never needed something that long but you may get lucky as they've always had what I needed in stock.
  11. Leeroy Jenkins

    Birthright Citizenship

    Sounds like a mascot for Buy Nothing Day/Black Friday
  12. Leeroy Jenkins

    Boats collide off San Diego

    @Zonker, have you ever worked with ABD Aluminium Yachts in North Van?
  13. Leeroy Jenkins

    Prop Cutters

    I know a few salmon / halibut fishermen on the west coast who have told me about a neat practice. When the guys want crab for dinner, they'll pull up a commercial trap, take just enough crab for a meal, and leave a case of beer in their place. Nobody has ever heard of the crab guys having a problem with it. Does anything like that happen out east?
  14. Leeroy Jenkins


    You left out Spain. At one time they had the largest fleet in the world. And no fish.