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  1. Leeroy Jenkins

    Armchair Retirement Plan

    In the meantime if you haven't already, check out www.abordtheworld.com When I saw it last year they were docked in Prince Rupert, and about to head to Haida Gwaii. If you are able to get more info first let us know. I'm not sure when I'll be able to ask around as I am being moved to another vessel.
  2. Leeroy Jenkins

    Armchair Retirement Plan

    I'll ask around on my ship once I crew change. The captain seemed to know quite a bit about her.
  3. Leeroy Jenkins

    Armchair Retirement Plan

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_The_World Saw it in Prince Rupert last summer. Neat concept.
  4. Leeroy Jenkins

    Boat sling design-help!

    600# shouldn't be a problem, a couple of off the rack flat stops or round slings from a reputable dealer such as Acklands (if you have them in the states), joined with a large shackle or 2' strop or sling and you're good to go. Wood spreader bars will be more than enough to handle compression loads. Just mind the angles as Two Legged pointed out. The problem is the amount of drift the derrick has - the max clearance from the hook at the top to the trailer.
  5. Leeroy Jenkins

    Teak deck..how difficult to strip off

    Has anyone stood/walked on cork decks? A friend of mine whose boat is on the hard (and will be for a while), installed them last year but has no Idea how they will perform. Looks great but kind of looks like it'll 'chunk out' easily but who knows? No idea what if any sealer was used.
  6. And now it's a homicide investigation.
  7. Leeroy Jenkins

    Babe or Boat?

    There was a guy on here a few months back, similar attitude, username started with K, I think. Sounds like the same guy. Same ego, gets his back up super quick.... If he starts telling us how much he makes in a year and posts pictures of the car he claims he drives then it's a sock for sure. Anybody else remember that one?
  8. Leeroy Jenkins

    Custom mixing elbow failure

    Update: after changing my username from cameron to leeroy jenkins, the exhaust system is now in good working order. More than adequate support and no leaks. It may be my imagination but there seems to be more water pressure and volume at the exit. Thanks to everyone who offered advice.
  9. conditions are 'suspicious'...
  10. Leeroy Jenkins

    Coming back from a serious disaster...

    12 years! Now 7 doesn't seem too bad.
  11. Leeroy Jenkins

    The Zombie Fleet

    I can think of a few specimens at Shelter Island....will report back.
  12. Leeroy Jenkins

    Drag behind speed sensor

    Don't forget the hourglass.
  13. Leeroy Jenkins

    Best paint-safe water-based degreaser?

    Pink Solution lol
  14. Leeroy Jenkins

    Custom mixing elbow failure

    It's not the waterlift, it's all about location. And gravity. Zonker, I went with the bellows. I see you're in Vancouver too; if you're ever in the same jam, Flex Tech in Langley was pretty helpful and does credit card sales without needing an account. Thanks.
  15. Leeroy Jenkins

    Containers at sea

    Here's an idea: Instead of reporting unlit hazards, put lights on them (isolated danger perhaps?), and report them.