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  1. amphib44

    Freedom Of and Freedom From Religion

    Beyond learning math/science/literature/etc., what is the objective of sending children to school? Is part of it encouraging civic participation, or maybe critical thinking? You seem to be equating religious proselytizing to social engagement. Is making a public statement calling for a social remedy the same as reciting the lords prayer?
  2. amphib44

    Drip Drip Drip

    You must be exhausted. Why not take a break for a while.
  3. amphib44

    Drip Drip Drip

    But the "Russia connection" was not fiction. Read the report. The Russia connection was the impetus for FBI scrutiny.
  4. amphib44

    Drip Drip Drip

    I was incomplete in my post. What I meant was that, in this instance, the FBI didn't spy autonomously. It had reasonable cause to open an investigation into the Trump campaign, given information they had. (Papadopolous/Aus., etc) My wife's first what?
  5. amphib44

    Drip Drip Drip

    The FBI doesn't spy, it conducts investigations with due cause.
  6. amphib44

    The Dishonesty of Mr. Barr

    Christine Blasey Ford wasn't questioned by committee members. She was questioned by an outside lawyer.
  7. amphib44

    Luke perry dts

    I had a stroke at 46 years old. Vertebral artery dissection caused a cerebellar stroke. No drug use, excessive alcohol, sleep apnea, etc. The left artery blew apart and totally blocked blood flow. I had been sick and coughing quite a bit...
  8. amphib44

    It's that time....

    Colon cancer when I was 44 (13 years ago), and I've had more colonoscopy's than I can remember. Prep can be a bit grim, but not too bad. I was awake for all but one of them and it's actually pretty interesting to watch on a monitor, if that's an option. Good Luck.
  9. amphib44

    Drip Drip Drip

    For the sake of argument, why not substitute the word "conspiracy" whenever you feel like writing "collusion". Would that change anyone's verbiage when they are talking about the Trump Campaign and Russia? Asking for a friend...
  10. amphib44

    Drip Drip Drip

    Is conspiracy a crime?
  11. amphib44

    Drip Drip Drip

    But that isn't what the mic picked up. You added "it'll help my re-election". Why did you add verbiage that wasn't part of the original conversation?
  12. amphib44

    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    You're a struggling boat designer, aren't you. Bad review, I right?
  13. amphib44


    You must be exhausted. Why not take a few days off?
  14. amphib44

    Migrant Caravan

    Who's going to pay for that?
  15. amphib44

    Dorcas Reilly DTS

    I shall dance on her grave. Terrible childhood memories...