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  1. Lovely boat. The pram hood is a bit criminal though. Soon get rid of it. Hull needs fairing as well - that'll take a bit longer.
  2. What are we looking at there? Baffled (by baffles).
  3. May all your engine problems be so resolvable! How long are you going to be away for?
  4. No, the tides out and the boat's sitting in the mud.
  5. What struck me was how much the uniforms made them look like nurses .... colon, bracket.
  6. We had a lovely ballasting moment with our new to us big baby, which of course had a bit of a history. If I've told the story before, forgive me. I'm of that age. Anyway my son is pulling furniture apart in the saloon looking for someone's phone that has fallen behind the furniture. He's a bit of a comedian, and shouts up with perfect timing "Dad, I've found the drugs!". Quick thinking from me - "hundreds of kilos of coke" "but I'm a regular law-abiding fellow" "but it's going to be very valuable" "what sort of discount do you have to sell at in bulk" and so on, before we realise that these nice rectangular hessian packages, looking for all the world like something from the French Connection, are lead shot, placed there to counter-balance the genset put in a cockpit locker. Lovely funny moment.
  7. just out of interest, what's the particular problem with the turnbuckles?
  8. Nice work! Where do we send photos of our boats for you to paint, Bull?
  9. In London there actually is or was something called the "Jack the Ripper Experience." Right.
  10. I've just been invited to a do in Vancouver at the end of October so I might call your bluff Kim!
  11. Blessed are the cheesemakers.
  12. Bastards! Keep England for the, er, Angles...
  13. Keep it coming. Very nice reportage. I know and understand dinghy anxiety - how we curse our idleness for towing not stowing!
  14. gotcha
  15. I'd like to protest this tendency to glorify the Vikings - they invaded my country, raped the women, kidnapped priests, drank and murdered their way all around our coastline. Frankly they were as bad as the Saxons and the Angles, and don't start me on the Romans. They didn't give a damn about the wellbeing of us natives, we were here just as a source of gold and slaves. We've been put upon sorely, and the last thing we need to is admire their naval architecture.