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  1. Mr. Ed

    Disappearances at sea

    My brother in law did a disappearing act a few years ago on his scruffy steel junk rigged thing. Old, poor, and sick he probably set out from the Canaries with his last bottle of scotch and opened the seacocks. Boat was called Roamer - he wrote quite a good book about his circumnavigation.
  2. Mr. Ed

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    What’s the baby seal’s favourite cocktail? Canadian Club, on the rocks. Tadaa!
  3. Mr. Ed

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    The closest we came to a fuckup (a serious one I mean) was when I released the wrong halyard and the main was stuck up, wouldn’t come down. Rushing all over the place in the dark we were. Tired makes you stupid. I didn’t know I was tired.
  4. Mr. Ed

    Feasibility to refit a big, old boat?

    If the boat has pedigree and history she is more likely to maintain value: I don’t think Enchanta was even a legend in her own lunchtime. Tallyho and Ilen (for example) owe their survival to the number of good stories that have gathered around them.
  5. Mr. Ed

    The blight of generators

    Sorry everyone for my smug “come to Donegal for quiet anchorages” rant for we’ve just had a vexing evening at Mullaghmore - delightful otherwise - with speedboats water skiers and jet skis disturbing our evening. Topped off with microlight aircraft making a racket from above. OK, it’s in Sligo, but still....
  6. Mr. Ed

    What's Cruising to you?

    What’s Cruising to me? Right now a fantasy that taunts me!
  7. Nope. Proper priorities: 1 Watch lots of videos first 2 Write about them later er... but I do worry about your soul watching all that shite
  8. I’ve sometimes noticed a similar angry self righteousness from people who choose an “easier” boat than our big wooden gaff ketch. One or two of the responses here sound as if they feel threatened by Taleisin (couldn’t the Pardy’s spell?). Eh? Good grief, but a big up to everyone who goes sailing, whether on a gadget laden boat show queen, an old racing boat, the scruffy old thing that you can afford, or a self-consciously fine boat like Tally-up. As to pooing in a bucket, they’re lucky. We used to dream of having a bucket when I were a boy.
  9. Mr. Ed

    Coolboats to admire

    Is the boom overtrimmed relative to the mast rotation?
  10. Mr. Ed

    The blight of generators

    Oh, you've been to Derrynane then? Wallace Clark complained about the water-ski boats there in 1975.
  11. Mr. Ed

    The blight of generators

    For your pleasure, in the first of photographs of genset free anchorages. The Farne Islands, off North East England, near Lindisfarne. Above at low water, below at high - the tripper boats take people to the famous light house, and when they go in the evening, you are on your own, at low water seemingly in a large rock-pool in the middle of the sea. Absolutely remarkable place. And not much call for air-conditioning, either!
  12. Mr. Ed

    The blight of generators

    I could just say come sailing in the West of Ireland. Crowded anchorages? I don’t think so.
  13. Mr. Ed

    The blight of generators

    Bagpipes can play in tune?
  14. Mr. Ed

    Coolboats to admire

    Nice boat - would love to see what his idea of an “Ideal anchor wench” looks like.
  15. Mr. Ed

    Coolboats to admire

    Well done that man. Must be a big cost to ship and import?