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  1. Rimas is alive

    Are we sure he's not being beamed up and probed, and then set back down again?
  2. Coolboats to admire

    That's nice. What boat?
  3. Coolboats to admire

    That bottom one is for sale in France. It has a baffling name - Rollon- which sounds like a deodorant but otherwise looks well sorted. Yves-Marie, is there much history of soggy cores on them?
  4. Coolboats to admire

    I've got interested in the Tanton 43 recently (I'd love the perversity of going from a maximalist to a minimalist boat) and have been amused by various keyboard warriors' arguments as to whether it's a ketch or schooner. The dispute is the sort that would keep rabbis busy for centuries, as both masts are the same size but the aft one is buried deeper in the boat. Clearly a rig designed by a cheesemaker.
  5. Coolboats to admire

    It was in that email, you know, the one you didn't read, with the subject title "DBNA Update"? The De-regulation of Boat Nomenclature Act was passed earlier this year, as has been evidenced by the increasing numbers of "dingys", "wenches" and Erikssons seen here. The Act may turn out to be the greatest achievement of the current administration, and it is also driving the Brexit movement over here.
  6. My newest project

    What was the design brief Bob? Did they specify the clipper bow and faux planking and all, or was that stuff just, sort of, in the air then?
  7. Spirit-33' s&s

    Thank you Olaf! What a fun ten minutes chasing her round the internet. I haven't got beyond her being restored in Mallorca c. 2010, but lacking the house. I won't bore those who know, but for any other ignoramuses, googling John Spencer and Buccaneer will lead you to a load of fun, including the wonderful phrase from Gary Baigent that Uffa Fox was an overrated designer. At last! The truth will out ...
  8. Opinions on basic/cheap wind instruments ?

    Ta da! Well plaid (as the piper said).
  9. Boat Burning

    I thought this was going to be about Viking funerals. When our club burned an abandoned plywood cruiser old Brian was heartbroken at the death of a boat, and I remember him mournfully gathering fastenings out of the ashes. I read somewhere that Western settlers burned their cabins down to get the nails out of the ashes as they moved West each spring.
  10. Spirit-33' s&s

    Anyone know what that big boat with the ungainly pilot house backing out at 6.30 in to the film is?
  11. My newest project

    Just back from there myself. Good photo site. Are you more reconciled to the matte Stainless finish now Bob? I thought it looked quite slick and sophisticated in the photos.
  12. My newest project

    Ok, I have a bit to learn but here's the first 2 Facebook posts I landed on
  13. My newest project

    I'm off there right now. Thx.
  14. My newest project

    I'd ask questions but "What the fuck am I going to add?" I've always hated people who ask questions just to be heard. But what a lovely boat, and thanks for sharing the process with us. Revelatory in many ways, but especially in your reflections on the relationship between designer and client. Do I really have to go to Facebook to get more boat dirt?
  15. Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend

    Yeah, like Chinese who think they know Bach. Phhhhtttt.