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  1. riracer

    J27 vs J22

    Just saw this post. I've owned both (and now a Laser 28) and loved them both. I didn't have roller furler and mostly just raced. I'd say the A sail would be an advantage on the 27 for SH. There was/is a 27 here totally set up to single hand and it seems to work well. So where were you when I was selling my 27?! Good luck on the boat hunt!
  2. riracer

    J27 predomonent sailmaker?

    All my sails come from Doyle RI. And you can buy all the sails and a lovely J27 to go with them! Yes, I DID buy an ad!
  3. riracer

    Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

    Wow. Taps. That sent a huge chill down my spine. Jeez... Me, too. I'm going to go putter with my boat, which I don't do this year without thinking of Catherine, and figuring she'd think it was a good idea.
  4. riracer

    Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

    lmfao! Me, too! MSS, I guess SA is sort of quick study! Thank you for all the posts.
  5. riracer

    Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

    So right, BJ! That IS Catherine, and what I'll remember! Thank you for posting that
  6. riracer

    Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

    Fair winds, following seas and good times in your next life! You will be much missed by all those you touched along the way.
  7. riracer

    Defender's Warehouse Sale

    I was going to head down this AM. Not to be first in line, but I have a long list... Was the trip a success? I might end up making a foray through the Jamestown Distributors sale in a couple of weeks. I need to gather a couple of the crew and go wash the hull, check the winches and take inventory first.
  8. riracer

    Defender's Warehouse Sale

    So who is standing in line to be first in? Wish I could be there (have a standing Thursday meeting on a project for a while). On the other hand, without knowing exactly what the what the new boat really needs .... I could end up owning the store on stuff! God forbid I should have been clear headed enough to take a good inventory when I bought the boat (stored in another state) .... I was too shell shocked after handing over a check!
  9. riracer

    Defender's Warehouse Sale

    Great deals on foulies, but you have to get there early the first day for the best bargains. True that! Stand in line, shiver, hope they open the doors before all the coffee runs through you!
  10. riracer

    women of sa calendar

    I got nothing today. I finally got to my mailbox today. Jackpot! Sorry, BJ: guess your side of town gets mail later... Good job, everyone!
  11. riracer

    women of sa calendar

    I got nothing today. I haven't been out to the mail box yet. I'll look on Xmas morn.
  12. riracer

    women of sa calendar

    Not here either ... maybe they are holding them at the Warwick Post Office?
  13. Go to SLC?

    Want a Harris Hill Ski Jump T shirt? If so, what size?


  14. ...just added you as a friend, riracer ~ bella