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  1. Cats in Trinidad were the Aikane 56 or the HH 90 ; Both were VPLP designs , Both companies failed because of the ultimate cost of labor
  2. pguillemin

    ClubSwan 36

    There is so many negatives comments ;;;and some a pretty f;;;;g stupid ! Looks like everything is wrong at Nautor ;; Designer , built , price , regattas , presentation OMG ; How do they stay in business without the help of the SA forum;; Swan is still building boats ; Which is good ; They are doing some outside of the box thinking and building for a high end production company ;; that is also good ; Ferragamo took a chance on buying the yard ;;; and many years later ;; it is still there in a special kind of niche; What surprised me really is the geniuses on this forum are not being hired by Nautor or Juan K ; Or may be they just run from the mouth ;; foaming like ; Must be some kind of disease :
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    Doug Holthaus

    He was a great guy and a good friend ; Hope he knows the judge up there ;