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  1. Can you elaborate more - The finish line wasn't setup when the race started so don't understand what you are implying...
  2. You sure ? Looks like that's the stern closest to land/marina, not the bow. It looks like it was forward thrust from the screws that broke the dock This one from onboard. -
  3. Valid points above However..... This race is around Fishers Island, it's not point to point. Start and finish are in the same general vicinity - most participants are coming from their own clubs and return to their club after racing, drive over to the party. no big deal... Race is also on Sunday, so we working stiffs need to get home a little before the wee hours... And while there is better chance of a sea breeze developing in the afternoon, it's not a given. I think the majority of competitors that race in this are well versed in light air sailing, understanding currents and playing the hand thats dealt. There is more to this then meets the eye...
  4. So if the race wasn't shortened at Lord's Passage, and the time limit expired before you finished, that's a better solution for you ? Where do you keep a boat that takes you 45 mins driving time to RIYC ? At 5:45 when we left, the bar was still pouring and the the food was still out in abundance. They had not started any reading of results And trying to tie the start time to having volunteers actually bringing plates of food around just makes you sound silly.
  5. Your right - that was defined in the NOR. The main could not be replaced with one of the 4 spare cards
  6. Plus, it would not be hard to fix the top of the sail, you just have to know how. Now 5 of 7 sails? crap, how many do you think they had? Not just one set I'm guessing. New sail at each stop? Well maybe not all, but they didn't sail all the way with one set of sails. Actually they did go all the way around (40000+miles) on one set http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/boat/10_The-sails.html http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/presszone/en/3459_North-Sails-flying-high.html And how the 3Di sails are made is no big secret.. http://www.northsails.com/us/innovation/manufacturing-and-materials/spread-filament-tape/ http://www.northsails.com/us/innovation/manufacturing-and-materials/3di
  7. Finot-Conq 53
  8. Yes, the first Numbers with Risley and RC was a red Taylor 42 built by Concordia. When sold it became "Hot Numbers" and then "Cabady"
  9. Fair winds Bob, I will miss our snorkeling adventures. GULOMB, ROBERT ALLEN Robert Allen Gulomb age 63 of Milford, the beloved husband of Livia DeFilippis Barndollar Gulomb, passed away peacefully at home on Monday, August 24, 2015 with his family by his side. Born in Norwich to the late Stanley and Nettie Gulomb, Bob was a lifelong Connecticut resident. He graduated from Norwich Free Academy and later from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Bob spent a lifetime creating. His work included sculpture, building a boat from a reclaimed hull, and designing commercial and personal spaces. He worked many years for Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and before that for Connecticut Savings Bank. From when he was in his 20's to recent years, Bob fostered his work through his company, Artificial Red Unlimited, alluding to his favorite color, which he incorporated into most of his sculptures. Bob was a gifted artist and designer, and his vision for the abstract was apparent. His artwork has been installed publicly across Connecticut and as far as Maryland and Florida, and his many sculptural creations continue to grace the homes of his family and friends. His creativity was pervasive, and those who knew him or viewed his work will always remember his uniquely spirited artistic talent. Whether he was building metal sculpture, constructing art that transitioned or was consumed, designing commercial and household furnishings, helping his sons with school projects, dreaming up imaginative Halloween costumes for his and the neighborhood children, or decorating his house for the holidays, Bob's work was always exceptional and emblematic of his signature style. Bob never shied away from impermanence, particularly in his sculpture, and his warm humor permeated all of his creations. Beyond abstract fine art and design, Bob's other passion was sailing. He was a longtime member of the Milford Yacht Club and the Sachem's Head Yacht Club, and he spent many of his happiest (and most stressful) moments in competitive sailboat racing. He sailed in countless races and regattas around the world. He was proud to be the overall winner of the 1987 Marion-Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race. Most of all, Bob had boundless energy and authentic interest in everyone and everything around him. He developed textured relationships with countless people and loved to celebrate others' happiness. He had a gift and a thirst for thinking outside of the box, resolving thorny technical issues, always with a dedication to the origin and authenticity of whatever came before. His curiosity and generosity of spirit were unflagging. In addition to his wife, he is survived by his loving sons, Todd Andrew Barndollar of Brooklyn and Kyle Braden Barndollar of Manhattan. He will also be missed by his sister, Judy Pettini and her husband, Fred of Ledyard; his father-in-law, Anthony C. DeFilippis, Sr. formerly of Stamford; his brothers-in-law, Anthony C. DeFilippis, Jr. and his wife, Sarah Conrod DeFilippis of West Hartford, and David J. DeFilippis, M.D. and his wife, Jeannie Kelly DeFilippis of Richboro, PA; his sister-in-law, Lucia DeFilippis Dressel and her husband, John of Middlebury; and many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends, as well as his beloved cats, George and Melissa. In addition to his parents, Bob was preceded in death by his mother-in-law, Mae Anne Agostino DeFilippis. Friends are invited to greet his family on Friday, August 28, 2015 from 4:00-8:00 p.m. at the Shaughnessey Banks Funeral Home, 50 Reef Rd. in Fairfield Center. On Saturday, August 29, 2015, a Mass will be held in his honor at 11:00 a.m. directly at St. Gabriel Church, 26 Broadway in Milford. Interment will be private. Memorial donations can be made to Hopital Albert Schweitzer, www.hashaiti.org, or to Beth-El Center, 90 New Haven Avenue, Milford, CT 06460. Sail on Sailor. We love you! To send an online condolence, please visit www.shaughnesseybanks.com. - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/nhregister/obituary.aspx?n=robert-allen-gulomb&pid=175635069&fhid=20390#sthash.3EeDG0x1.dpuf
  10. Lawyers and testosterone ? Estrogen more likely
  11. I may be reading the contracts incorrectly, but I read it as the wholesale price that the 2% is based on includes everything needed to go sailing, not just the bare hull. So BK gets a little (very little) slice of the original sail, spars/blades etc. I agree that building in one location should in theory ensure a more uniform product, as long as controls/specs are in place to ensure that the "ingredients" don't get "watered" down for inferior substitutes (ie a purchasing manager trying to save money on a "similar" but cheaper resin or a supplier not telling the builder about a change in material composition. Not that that ever happens )
  12. The 2% that BK Inc collects is based on the wholesale price of each new boat built, not retail. A rough guess on wholesale price for a 6K package would be 4K - that's $80. There is no additional BK fee for spares (ie additional sails/spars, other parts) Everyone whinging about the sail price - Again, that is set by the builders, not the sailmakers (And hopefully none of you really think the builders would buy the sails from anyone but the lowest cost supplier, which means they are buying the sails for some number less than what the replica sails sell for retail ) Anyone that races in the class knows the sails are a cash cow for the builder and dealers, it's why the members have been demanding a sail that last longer (because the members know the builders are never going to lower the price) and IMHO exactly why the builders have been dragging their feet approving the new sail design (because for them to realize the same year end $ales totals, they are going to have to raise the price of new boats)
  13. German Laser Radial Sailor More here http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport...5.ece?nid=47933