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    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Looks like the news article on has been sanitized to remove Kenny's comments about the fact the racing "ain't a cautious world now" It used to say this.... (
  2. resalsail

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage Some insight
  3. North and Hyde are not setting the sail price that sailors have to pay, that's all done by the builders (LPE, PSA etc) One doesn't need to be a genius to figure out that the builders are buying the sails from North and Hyde at a price slightly less than what the non class legal sails are selling on the street for.
  4. resalsail

    North 3Di vs Quantum Fusion M 9000

    While storing rolled is preferred only for less fold marks/creases, they can be stored flaked/folded with no damage..
  5. resalsail

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Can you elaborate more - The finish line wasn't setup when the race started so don't understand what you are implying...
  6. resalsail

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Lawyers and testosterone ? Estrogen more likely
  7. resalsail

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    I may be reading the contracts incorrectly, but I read it as the wholesale price that the 2% is based on includes everything needed to go sailing, not just the bare hull. So BK gets a little (very little) slice of the original sail, spars/blades etc. I agree that building in one location should in theory ensure a more uniform product, as long as controls/specs are in place to ensure that the "ingredients" don't get "watered" down for inferior substitutes (ie a purchasing manager trying to save money on a "similar" but cheaper resin or a supplier not telling the builder about a change in material composition. Not that that ever happens )
  8. resalsail

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    The 2% that BK Inc collects is based on the wholesale price of each new boat built, not retail. A rough guess on wholesale price for a 6K package would be 4K - that's $80. There is no additional BK fee for spares (ie additional sails/spars, other parts) Everyone whinging about the sail price - Again, that is set by the builders, not the sailmakers (And hopefully none of you really think the builders would buy the sails from anyone but the lowest cost supplier, which means they are buying the sails for some number less than what the replica sails sell for retail ) Anyone that races in the class knows the sails are a cash cow for the builder and dealers, it's why the members have been demanding a sail that last longer (because the members know the builders are never going to lower the price) and IMHO exactly why the builders have been dragging their feet approving the new sail design (because for them to realize the same year end $ales totals, they are going to have to raise the price of new boats)