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  1. Irma, Soma, and making a difference

    I saw the drone vid. I have heard from the yard. The mono next to me fell over, hit stbd ama bow and knocked my boat sideways about four feet. The port ama hit the pole at the yard entrance and made a crack/dent in ama. Mast has some holes, dents, scratches. Some damage to deck, bow pulpit broken. I've put in a claim to insurance. Hope to get down pretty soon to assess for myself. Guess I'll have to fix damage myself if I can. Should start in Nov. if it's feasible to go stay on boat at the yard. The yard is just starting to clear up the mess, want to move the boat next to me. Hopefully will pick mine up and set it back on blocks where it was, out the way of yard entrance. I read that the St M airport is open for commercial flights as of tomorrow.
  2. Irma, Soma, and making a difference

    Ask Tommy Gonzales. And check out the cat he's building in Bristol R.I. Article in the new "Seahorse" mag.
  3. Irma, Soma, and making a difference

    He has a phone, but probably no service for awhile. And yes, that was a Bill production. He is indeed living up at the top of Bourdeau. I can send you his #. He'll probably have no shortage of work rebuilding.
  4. Irma, Soma, and making a difference

    No, can't see the mast . Should be under the boat. Dingy too. No it's not Bobbie's, it's St Maarten Shipyard, just down the road a few hundred yards. Check the video on youtube: sea madness Virgin Fire, for a look at their operation. They have a huge Sealift for hauling big charter cats. They tie the multi's to 55 gal drums full of cement. I had four of them strapped to the big padeyes on the ama bows and sterns. Guess it worked. About the looting: yeah, hope so too. Nothing I can do. Waiting for things to settle down and the yard to get online to get a report. Nice folks at the yard. Hope they're OK.
  5. Irma, Soma, and making a difference

    Yes, that's the Fire. Not me in the pic. I'm on the helm.
  6. Irma

    Yep, that's my boat!
  7. Irma, Soma, and making a difference

    She is lashed to four 55 gal drums of concrete at the bows and sterns of the amas. Mast should be under the boat.
  8. Irma, Soma, and making a difference

    Yes, that's the right spot, where she's always put. I can even see the daggerb'd and rudder lashed to the nets. It's certainly her. Thanks Rasp.
  9. Irma, Soma, and making a difference

    Yeah, I looked at that helo shot as well. Too far away for detail, but she's there at SMSY. I'm up north in Newport. A lot of boats destroyed on St John, not to mention all the houses. I'm hopeful. The Fire is in a good spot in the yard. I saw a lot of cats in that yard still right side up and looking OK from a distance.
  10. Irma, Soma, and making a difference

    No Word on Virgin Fire. I email the yard daily, but so far they've been undeliverable. You probably know it's a disaster down there. Literally!
  11. Grainger Raider 302

    I've sailed a Raider a few times. Unfortunately it was one with a (very) short rig. They originally were offered with either a 42' (short) mast or the racing rig of 46'. The guy who bought this one was very timid and got a 40' mast. (It also fit in a 40' container.) I loved the boat but it needed 18 kts of wind to get powered up. The one you're looking at has the tall rig and I'd love to have a sail on it. I've been following this one for awhile and would consider buying it myself if I could sell the boat I have now. It's been listed for awhile. F31 would be a good choice too. They're definitely fast. If you buy it and you're near Newport give me a shout. Like I say I'd love to go for a sail.
  12. Stiletto vs Warrior vs Viva?

    I owned a Warrior cat and It was a sweet boat. Easy to singlehand and really fun to sail. It was a lot of work to put together and take apart, not something to do frequently. Heavier than the Stiletto or Viva, but more rugged I think. Did some pretty long cruises and lived aboard. Slept on the tramp mostly. It looks a bit under canvased by today's standards, but did sail well in light air. I guess you could add a square-top main. Saw one for sale in Florida, just did a web search. $17,500 I think it was, about what one cost new in the '70's.
  13. F4 Foiler-Bermuda to Antigua

    Didn't see anything about them racing the Caribbean regattas. What happened?
  14. Odd Weather/Lee Helm

    Did you try a bridle for towing? Most tri's tack back 'n forth like crazy at anchor without a bridle.
  15. Thanks for the plug Soma and Rasp. I'll be splashing the Fire in a couple of weeks in St Maarten and saiing back to St John if anyone wants a ride.