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  1. Oracle Team USA

    Did that count as the defender's second boat?
  2. Oracle Team USA

    TNZ was simply in a class by themselves in the light air. Artemis was great in the heavy air but would have been behind OR in the light stuff.
  3. Oracle Team USA

    Spithill has nothing to be ashamed of - massive budget my arse - Larry wouldn't pay for two boats, two crews, etc....that was a huge difference maker.
  4. Oracle Team USA

    Protest them....for something? Congrats to TNZ!
  5. Oracle Team USA

    This is funny but someone needs to create the Hitler one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR5q0ajW8Ko
  6. Oracle Team USA

    I think today's conditions were perfect for TNZ, they really sailed well and deserved to win both races. If it is lighter there should be more tactics and chances to catch a shift, give them a punchers chance. Reminds me of '87 when Stars and Stripes was sinking during the 2nd round robin while they were waiting for the Doctor. Unfortunately I don't think the weather will cooperate to get it up into 15+ where USA would have a much better chance. Both our round robin wins over TNZ were in heavier air.
  7. Oracle Team USA

    All that is true, but it is setting up exactly like '13. In '13 USA won race 9, lost 10 & 11, then won 8 straight
  8. Oracle Team USA

    Larry did that to Chris Dickson when Jimmy was on the other side. I can't see him doing it to Jimmy, there would always be questions if he could have done what he did in '13.
  9. What is being changed between races

    Why do they wait & find out they are slow to do these things? Why not do all this before the AC finals. Are they really just copying the faster boat?
  10. Team NZ

    They need to start sending Tuke to the press conferences. I liked 2013 better when they sent two people form each team
  11. Oracle Team USA

    Spithill likes to play mind games but I don't ever remember him insulting the competition.
  12. Oracle Team USA

    Reminds me of much of a genius Ray Davies was when they were up 8-1 in '13. I could have call tactics and ENTZ would have still won those first few races.
  13. Oracle Team USA

    Burling - "great to see a bit of fight out of these boys" What a wanker
  14. Team NZ

    I think they picked BAR because they are afraid of how much better they could be in one week compared to today. Take them out while they are lower on the speed/maneuver curve. Artemis & TJ are not getting any better so this week is the same as next.
  15. Team NZ

    The thing that surprised me the most was how much PB was heads down looking at something. He would go for 5+ seconds looking at what I would assume is optimum speed & VMG readouts - pretty impressive he can sail that boat @ 30 knots by feel. They need to bring that up onto the hull.