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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    pole halfway back would put it off center by what, maybe 3 or 4 inches? would that really make much difference in performance from one tack to the other? I wouldn't think so. my sailmaker doesn't think so. I'd like to keep the boat as simple as possible and not have to worry about attaching/removing bobstay's all the time. Agree that 3 - 4" won't make much of a difference - but when you deploy a 0 you want to grind it up w/o backstay, then pump the backstay to set the luff. Without a bobstay even the retracted pole will bend, defeating the purpose of the 0. The boat is simple as shit, and if all you have to worry about is removing the bobstay for class racing - doesn't seem too harsh. By the way - another 111 with a fully extended pole / bobstay designed 0 will be faster than a half extended pole design. Interesting comments about the C0. On hull 22 (MENTAL), we have a Code 0 that is set up to work about 18" to 24" extended. I figured a fully extended sprit would be be faster in some conditions, but not all. Anyone have any comments about why a fully extended sprit would work better/worse? My feeling is that it would produce more helm especially when going to weather.
  2. edwinmontano

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Preference is to bring the headsail down as fast as you can once the kite is up. What Mental did in the Chicago Noods this weekend was... Hoist chute Ease jib completely Then when kite fills roll jib up. BTW: we have the collapsible horizontal battens on the jib (Doyle). They work really well. Much better than the horizontal battens we had on the J109 5 years ago. Those sucked.
  3. edwinmontano

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    J/111 Fleet #1 (Chicago) had our first races on Saturday with 4 J/111s in our own one-design section. We sailed 2 races in about 5-10 knots of breeze with relatively flat water. At the end of the day 3 boats were tied for the lead with 4 points each. The racing was pretty tight for our first time out on the water together.
  4. edwinmontano

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    The J/111 will be coming in this weekend. We are going with the Tacktick Micronet system and was wondering where other boats had placed their transducers. Is there a good spot to mount the transducer? is anyone unhappy with where they mounted the speedometer? Found this on tackticks FAQ... Where do I mount my transducers? We do not recommend locations or methods for installations for speed or depth tansducers however most boats find that in front of the keel by at least 400mm and as close to the centre line works well. The depth transducer can be mounted in hull or through hull but you will find for best performance through hull is required. Do not mount the depth transducer directly behind the speed transducer as turbulence caused by the paddle wheel may effect depth performance. Compass transducers should be mounted as close to the centre of the boat as possible but keeping them in an area where there is little or no local magnetic material. Keep clear of ferrous metals, pumps and motors, loud speakers and tools. If the compass transducer is hidden from view then mark the area with a warning to prevent people storing metalic material close by. Found this too, but it looks like they added a bulge to the hull to make it fit.
  5. edwinmontano

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    See picture of the setup attached. It was built by a frequent contributor to this forum. We just completed it this week, and flew the code zero a lot during the 3BF race. It has a bobstay as you can see. It is a great setup in light breeze, boat powers up rapidly with the big sail. The carbon fiber prod is affectionately known as the strap-on. It can come off for OD sailing if need be. Ragbag, I see the bobstay connects to the port side of the bow... What did you use as an attachment there? A pad eye? a through hull bushing into the anchor compartment? Also, if the guy who built this would be willing to produce these for other J/111s I am thinking we would buy a strap on as well. Have him post his contact info or username.