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  1. I've been looking for a new race watch and decided to see if any of the newer smart watches had apps that would meet the requirement. The Gear S3 doesn't seem to have anything, but I came across a relatively new app for the Garmin vivoactive HR that offers almost everything I was looking for. Does anyone have experience with the RaceQs app (http://raceqs.com/smart-watch/)? It's in Beta, but the glossy brochure looks good. Is it as good as advertised? Any significant issues or hardware limitations that affect its usability?
  2. Rating won't matter if we can get our own starts. These boats are a hoot, and very low cost to own operate. Hopefully WRaceboats will get enough orders to build local fleets, and with the trailerability, boats are very mobile to travel to where there are enough boats to have their own fleet. It's going to have to viable as a local racer if the fleets are going to have the chance to build. I'd be interested to see how it will rate relative to boats like the Antrim 27, M24, etc.
  3. Great looking boat. Somewhat concerned with the race report though; is it only possible to be competitive if the skipper weighs 160 lbs? Bubbas invited to drive for fun, but not to race?
  4. What's it rate?
  5. Typo, really. Damn. And there I was thinking there was hope for the NW passage after all . . .
  6. Looks like a picnic area for a Black/Brown Bear But Pretty !!!!!!!!! That looks like the Gunnison River and a lot of fun...Fu@k I hate the weather in Minnesota... Yampa just above Duffy Mountain take out. Never saw another boater. Giant cooler and dry box full of goodies. Yes it was a lot of fun. 107 N? Really??
  7. Fixed it for you. They can probably remember the hangover though . . . +1000 on the outstanding work done by the LYRA organizers and race committees. Very rarely in 20+ years of racing have I seen race management as flexible and well run as we had for the regatta this year.
  8. We use a 4 Hp 2-stroke on the Olson. Plenty of power to get the boat in and out of the slip for racing, and to move it at hull speed in flat water. It's a bit unfair to compare our motor with the propane one, but they don't make anything between 2.5 and 5 Hp, so nothing in the right weight/power band for comparison. Either way, remember that unless it's extremely efficient, you'll have to haul a 20lb propane bottle with you to meet minimum run-time limits for distance racing. A plastic can of gas is easier to deal with than a steel propane cylinder in my opinion. DJL
  9. Looked at your engine link. 53lbs for 5Hp - without fuel. Ouch, not on our boat. Interesting link though, thanks. Nice pic Jim! Thanks for the great thread.
  10. From a standing position Rob can pull about 1,000 with his legs through the 500 meter course, if that force is directed towards the finish, he will be able to withstand about 3 and a half G's worth of acceleration more force than the space shuttle launching. The human is not the weak link here. The problem is that the kite at 50 knots is all drag, so we just end up plowing up a huge rooster tail and not getting any more speed. With a better kite (a wing), I think this record is in reach. But, I don't think Cabrinha is interested in building one because there's no money in it. We are stuck at something like 1.2x wind speed. Our lite wind kites and race boards by contrast can get 2x or more wind speed in 10 knots. That's where the R&D is. That's like arguing that a M32 or Moth isn't fast enough to break the record, so sailboats should have been stuck too. How badly do you want to break the record? Do you think that Sailrocket was bought off-the-shelf? To advance the state-of-the-art in any discipline takes dedication, ingenuity, perseverance, funding, and any number of other qualities. Showing up at a ditch once a year and trying to go really fast with someone else's equipment is impressive, but isn't going to get it done. The entire Sailrocket team has been at this for a long time and have had to overcome some significant challenges along the way. You are right - the kite manufacturers aren't likely to spend the R&D money required to drastically improve the efficiency of their designs. That said, there are engineers and builders out there who would relish the chance to push the limits, and I'm sure they will if/when given the time and opportunity.
  11. How were the winds at the other end of the lake? 12-15 G20 for four days in a row in Kingston for CORK. Great weather!
  12. One month out from the start of CORK and the entries are starting to pick up (http://www.cork.org/reg_list.php?eid=OFF10). The O30, J105 and Viper fleets should all be strong, and the PHRF fleet always has a good turn out. Have a Laser 28? Show up and win your North American Championships! Registration information is available from the link and early-bird prices are still in effect. See you there! DJL
  13. A certain J80 sucked in the LD but did better in the courses. Good sailing Scot, see you at CORK. Nice score lines gents. Sorry we couldn't make it for the fun. Looking forward to CORK though; if the sportboats come out in the same numbers as last year, and the J105s also show up, we have the potential to have the largest offshore fleet in years. See you then. DJL
  14. Has anyone seen the results for EYC? (For the Toronto crowd EYC is a regatta at the end of the lake where Main Duck is just a jibe mark in a club LD)
  15. I was being nice to the original poster. The Olsons will always be first when it counts!