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  1. Foils, rudders, rig tension.. trifecta of wrong. I wonder if the engineers in SF are forgetting that people in BER need to sail this thing. Nothing about the boat today looked like the boat they sailed yesterday.
  2. However, with the way penalties are assessed, the decision has to be made fast enough to allow the penalized boat sufficient time to 'shed' the penalty. Your simulations need to run in real time from the current position. Think the live boat display in Expedition with additional data projected from that, Maybe something like that already exists for the umpires. It would make for an interesting featurette in the next "About the Cup" episode that doesn't exist :/ Perhaps one step in the right direction would be to add additional aerial coverage and get the umpire boats off the water? Trying to make those calls from a bouncing RIB at 40 knots can not be easy. I've umpired plenty of practice matches over the years, and honestly it's tough with J80's let alone foiling cats with closing speeds of 60 knots.
  3. Yeah, but that's not Match Racing. It sucks, and I'm pulling for ART on this, but they should have gone even wider anticipating NZ was going to force the starboard issue, I certainly would have if I was NZ's shoes. Bad call or not, I think you have to leave room for that kind of umpire error as there will always remain some subjectivity in the 'on the water' calls, and you have zero recourse after the fact.
  4. Because NMEA 2000 is chatty as hell and all the DSC enabled radios use 0183 anyway so you may as well just send 1083 to the plotter and be done with it. The NKE stuff uses a proprietary bus (because it's fast and highly efficient) and only outputs 0183 to outside devices. Maybe that will change when they come up with the next WiFi generation, but for now you can essentially get away with outputting 0183 to the plotter and do everything else Topline or 0183 off the Topline bus. Keep it simple.
  5. The iKommunicate gateway is great, and if you want one, we have one we used for testing for sale now in the classifieds.
  6. This has been my experience with all the L&S setups I've sailed on.. SUPER bueno. B&G relabels rams made by Hypro. Not bad, but the L&S are much nicer in my book.
  7. So usethe same system the Mini 650's use, a mini 120 ram mounted on deck and attached directly to the tiller. I will check it out, i assume it is NKE ram, it's still work on 33 feet? Looks good, I will research the spec. How about Pelagic actuator? I heard a lot of good things. NKE uses Lecombe & Schmidt rams, they are by far the best rams you can get for this application (check on PYI's site for tech details), and they have a solenoid on them that reduces power draw significantly. The NKE Gyropilot itself is very power efficient, in fact it's about half the power of the B&G ones I've used. In combination they provide the best power efficiency your going to get in a hydraulic solution with sufficient ram force. All that said, your below deck issue may be the determining issue. You can drive a host of different units with the pilot, so once again, I'd call Mike at Euro Marine Trading and ask him what your options are. The Minis have used a host of solutions (as earlier noted), he'll be able to guide you.
  8. See the Vesper docs. We've tested direct wired vs using the splitter. We get substantially better performance with Vesper's splitter.
  9. It actually doesn't because both Parallels and VMWare support stone age versions of OpenGL and your SOL if you're using the 4D maps. You kinda need a working modern version of OpenGL for all that to work. I'm running it using Bootcamp on a new MBP, using native drivers on Win 10 and it works awesome. Just remember to set all your wireless connections to metered on Win 10 to keep all of the Windows crap from phoning home all the time. I've tried it on a host of virtualization tools and they all suck compared to just running it on a proper windows install.
  10. In addition to what Mike said, the Gyropilot2 communicates with the instruments over the topline bus, not NMEA, so you're gunna need a way to get all the nmea data onto the topline bus, and fast, accurate, high rate compass data is critical to the pilot's performance. It's so important that I have upgraded to the Regatta Compass for EVERY NKE install I've done that has a pilot. It makes a huge difference. The pilot on a sailboat is only as good as the data it's fed. NKE feeds the pilot is VERY, very good data. Honestly, if you're going to cheap out on the components of a system and expect the NKE pilot to perform, you're going to be frustrated and ultimately disappointed. The NKE system is top of the line kit. If you're going to try and cobble it together just buy a cheap raymarine pilot. It'll perform just as well as a cobbled together system with a couple NKE bits. Why? Garbage in, garbage out.
  11. No they interface with an NKE box, have different connectors. It'll be far more pain to deal with that than to just pay the $400 for the two NKE ones. Just do it correctly or you'll regret it. Besides, the NKE ones are VERY nice for the price.
  12. There's always Adrena.. How's your French? I have both. Nick's is better.
  13. Still up there if someone wants it, last person fell through.
  14. One gyrographic pilot system with wind/speed/depth and a Regatta compass should not be much more than $8k on that boat. We just put 4 SL50's three Multi's, a vertical HR wand, all the sensors, true wind updates, wireless remotes, wifi, all the high end bells and whistles on the 60 footer and we were well within reason compared to any of the other real instrument/pilot vendors. I've won a lot of races on the very make ot boat he's talking about, a type 32 gyropilot2 setup with wind is going to do him just fine. Well calibrated it'll outperform even the B&G right up until you get into WTP land, and I'd argue that with equivalent sensors & the regatta processor, the NKE does better. At that price point it's a bargain.
  15. Just call Mike at EMT, who is the importer. They sell a basic Gyropilot2 setup which sounds like the exact kit you're looking for.