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  1. willsailforfood

    stormy petrel

    The Saudi's have 79 BILLION barrels of the cheapest oil on earth, all of which we cannot burn without cooking the planet. It's about $9USD a barrel to put it in a tanker and ship it to any port on the planet. Consider that the market cap for ALL of the big oil multinationals still engaged in exploration is largely tied to proven reserves (and growth is tied to expansion of those reserves, regardless of extraction cost) and you begin to see how and why the game is being played like it is. It's simple for anyone with a couple of functioning brain cells to do the math. This ends badly for a lot of big oil companies.
  2. willsailforfood


    Foils, rudders, rig tension.. trifecta of wrong. I wonder if the engineers in SF are forgetting that people in BER need to sail this thing. Nothing about the boat today looked like the boat they sailed yesterday.
  3. willsailforfood

    Instrumentation wireless/bluetooth

    The iKommunicate gateway is great, and if you want one, we have one we used for testing for sale now in the classifieds.
  4. willsailforfood

    The Perfect AIS Transceiver?

    See the Vesper docs. We've tested direct wired vs using the splitter. We get substantially better performance with Vesper's splitter.
  5. willsailforfood

    The Perfect AIS Transceiver?

    No internal antenna splitter I think? No, they suck, we use the Vesper unit with the matched antenna and I hit Block Island from Sommerset, MA clear as a bell on the VHF with it installed. It raises the price a touch to add the splitter, but you need an antenna anyway and that splitter is amazing in terms of signal quality. https://www2.vespermarine.com/antenna-splitter-sp160.html Note that this is the ONLY splitter on the market which adds signal gain, not signal loss. It has a built-in low noise amplifier which actually makes VHF and AIS reception & transmission BETTER than without the splitter. We tested it inline and it really does what it claims. I'd want this on any AIS/VHF install.
  6. willsailforfood

    The Perfect AIS Transceiver?

    Just bought an NKE Class B unit and it is fantastic. Not only does it output 0183 and 2000, it has 0183 input and serves as a 0183/2000 multiplexer as well. It's about the same in cost as all the others but in terms of networking, connecting to 0183 DSC on radios, etc, it's a dream come true. Contact Mike at Euro Marine Trading for info. http://nkedisplay-watch.com/project/ais-transponder/?lang=en
  7. willsailforfood

    Un-Sound Boatworks...

    Bigger question is, why is "Cruising Anarchy" still, "Brought to you by our friends at Sound Boatworks?" You'd think they would pull the ads and forum sponsorship and send them a check and a 'no thank you' letter.