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    How much chain?

    Olin Stephens once explained to me, a couple years before his death, that the practice of extremely long lengths of chain was ridiculous. He chose softer language, but his point was that once the chain is off the bottom the chain has done it's job and the rest should be rode. Having myself sat out 70+ knot winds since, with 75 feet of chain and the rest in nylon rode, riding out a tropical storm, I'm glad I listened and had the elasticity of nylon in the gusts to take load off the deck hardware. There is no snubber that would have survived past the first gust. At it's worst loads were so high that the moisture in the rode was turning to vapor when the rode took full load. I'm betting that the shock loading from chain would have ripped the hardware right out of the deck when gusts were high, but wind speeds were relatively benign. The surge was pretty incredible. These are yachts, not container ships. You might read this article: https://www.petersmith.net.nz/boat-anchors/catenary.php
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    My guess is the center hull on some new French tri